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Kensei flash stepped from building to building. He needed to stay in shape, as he made his way to Ryan's house. "Hmm...that punk always keeps me waiting." Kensei mumbled to himself.

Asuka was laying back on the roof. Shunsatsu had urgent business in the Soul Society and she said she didn't wanna go, so she'd wait here. She sighed. "I wish something interesting would happen."

Kensei leaped right over Asuka and continued flashing, almost as if he hadn't seen her.

Asuka noticed this and felt his spiritual pressure. She figured he'd be a good chance to have some fun and flashed after him.

Kensei landed in a nearby alley after noticing he was being followed. "So...what are you here for?"

Asuka smiled cutely. "I felt your spiritual pressure and I figured you'd be a good chance for some sparring fun."

"Is that so?" he asked, drawing his katana. "This better be quick." he said pulling on his hollow mask.

"Just like Ahatake." Asuka replied drawing her sword. "Fade to Black, Yamikuramashi no Shiro!" She cried and her blade became wispy and black.

"I don't have time for this: Blow it Away, Tachikaze!" he declared, his sword transforming into a combat knife. Gusts of slicing wind burst from it and roared towards Asuka.

Asuka's blade lengthened and she sliced them in half. Then the blade got longer, shooting towards Kensei like a bullet.

Kensei stopped it with the grip of his zanpakuto's shikai. He gathered raw energy into Tachikaze and fired it off at Asuka.

Asuka's Zanpakuto shrank back towards her and she swung it upward. "NAMI KAGE!" She cried and a wave of black spiritual pressure explode from it charging to meet the oncoming energy.

Kensei fired a burst of wind from Tachikaze to back up his energy wave.

Asuka responded with a Yoru Ken crescent to back up her attack.

"Damn...I dont have time for this. Better wrap it up. Bankai! Tekken Tachikaze!" he called out fully backing his attack with the energy of his bankai.

Asuka grinned and twirled her blade around, expelling more energy.

Kensei was now easily holding her off. Between his hollow mask and his bankai, he had more than enough energy to win.

A Flash of yellow was shot between the two blasts and when the smoke cleared, a glowing yellow barrier was between the two combatants and a red haeded girl was behind it, in front of Asuka.

"What were you doing?" She asked, almost shrieking. "Shunsatsu didn't say go die did he? He said wait here. And you go pick a fight."

Kensei re-sealed his sword and pulled off her mask. "Now.." he thought flashing away.

Akiko grabbed Asuka and began dragging her off.