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Kenji Hiroshi Kenji Hiroshi 6 June 2021

Bleach: War for the King's Seal

Hey there, everyone! It's been a while since I was around, my last serious activity being in 2019. I've recently created the Bleach: War for the King's Seal page, which is essentially an arc that serves as a continuation of the old FC with my own characters and whoever wants to draw their characters in. I've several stories finished that were set during the Renascence Beginning period that built up Hotaru Hiroshi and his witches as an antagonistic force whose ultimate goal is to obtain the King's Seal, with Akira Hiroshi being built up as my protagonist and counterforce. Furthermore, I also made a few references to a force in Hueco Mundo -- Averian -- separate to the Espada and Wandenreich that was wiping the resident Hollow population int…

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Tycio Tycio 29 December 2020

white sword and Star Wars

The tactical benefit here to which Rukia uses it seems to kind of resemble w:c:StarWars:Trakata in that by just holding a handle a foe is unable to parry the sword: indeed in this instance he doesn't even know the handle can become a sword.

Here it seems less versatile though since Rukia takes longer to make the sword than it does to ignite a lightsaber: with accompanying warning signs like her chanting the name of the dance and seeing ice crystals form in the air prior to the sword.

Chapter 268 and Chapter 300 are the two listed uses of the ability (were there any others?) but manga doesn't always give a clear sense of "activation timing" of an ability so I'd need to check the anime adaptations for that: episode 160 and episode 197.

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AlurWolf AlurWolf 4 September 2018

How Do I Come Up with Shinigami Names?

Hey everybody. I just wanna ask you guys, how do I come up with Shinigami names for my characters? If you got any ideas or tips, please comment about it.

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AlurWolf AlurWolf 26 July 2018

Creating Kidō spells

Hey guys, it's me again. Aside from me creating the Gotei 13 for my series, I'm also currently working on my Kidō article. I would really love for you guys to give me ideas for Kidō I could use. So, later guys.

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AlurWolf AlurWolf 18 July 2018

Working on my own Bleach Universe

Hey everyone. This is going to be my first-ever blog post I'll be doing for this site. So for this blog post, I'm going to be talking about my plans for my own Bleach Universe. Now before we get to tbe characters and other groups, I will say that my universe will have completely new characters and plot aspects (Such as the Bounts not created by the Shinigami, but rather accidentally created by Quincy Priests centuries ago). All continuity errors will have to be accepted.

Now for my plans on the series as a whole. I'm currently planning out the Gotei 13's Captains and Lieutenants. The only things I've underlined in mind is that the Captain-Commander poses the most powerful Earth-Type Zanpakutō and his Lieutenant (Who happens to be his grandd…

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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 26 June 2013

Phresh Prince of Vandenreich

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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 14 February 2013

Byakuya's Tips for Beautiful Hair

Look at your hair in the mirror. Now look at mine. Now back to the mirror, now back to mine. Sadly, your hair isn’t like mine. But if you listen carefully to the following tips for how to have beautiful hair, then maybe it’ll get slightly better. You peasant.

Tip #1: Be Noble

Noble hair glistens. It shines from within. It is sleek and luxurious and silky and other adjectives that you want to apply to hair. If you don't believe me, then look no further than me - for I am noble, and my hair looks like this.

Tip #2: Use Your Zanpakutō To Cut It

Peasants go to hair salons and rely on other strange peasants to cut their hair. But people who really care about their hair use their Zanpakutō to cut it. Your Zanpakutō is the manifestation of your soul.…
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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 14 February 2013

Byakuya's Pick-Up Lines

Byakuya Kuchiki's pick-up lines for peasant females.

1. "You are as beautiful as ten thousand cherry blossoms."

2. "I want to let you into my safe zone... the one around my heart."

3. "I'm rich, I'm noble, and my hair does this when I turn my head quickly. Be honest - how much of that turns you on?"

4. "I'm having a flower viewing at my mansion tonight. Maybe you could stop by and we could view some... flowers."

5. "Your face makes me want to swear an oath on my parents' grave to love you forever."

6. "Baby, you make me want to break some rules."

7. "Want me to show you some of the lesser-known Kuchiki clan traditions?"

8. "Are these guys bothering you? Because I can make them... scatter."

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Razeluxe91 Razeluxe91 4 January 2012

Attention!: Raze Speaks About Character Powers, Please Read.

Hi there folks! Raze here once again with my second blog this week. This is another blog about characters, however instead of focusing on Captains and Lieutenants in this blog I will be addressing characters as a whole. Unlike Void's blog which adressed how one goes about describing the character's powers in an RP, I will be speaking about how one goes about giving their character's powers. Let's begin shall we? =D

  • 1 How It Begins
  • 2 Taking Liberties With Abilities: How Much Is Too Much?
  • 3 Placeholding Versus Copy/Pasting: What's The Difference?
  • 4 Immense Levels, Ultra-speed Combatants, And Other Labels That Have Lost Value

Let's see, upon inspection of several characters on the site I have noticed a growing trend of characters having abilities that…

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Perchan Perchan 26 June 2012

Zan Ideas

Well, I've got a look of Zanpakutos I don't want to use anymore, so I'm givin' 'em away. If you want 'em, leave a comment and whch Zan you want. I'll be sure to add more Zans in the future.

Yukianesa (ユキアネサ, "Snow Woman") is the name of Sayaka's Zanpakutō. When sealed, it takes the form of an azure katana, with the tsuba shaped like a snowflake. Despite its fragile appearance, Yukianesa is able to clash with Setsuna's Hantonghaeng in its Bankai form with little effort; Sayaka was even able to push Setsuna back several feet in their third clash. "Yukianesa", "snow woman", is a Japanese fairy.

Shikai: Unusually, Yukianesa's Shikai does not have a release command. Instead, whenever Sayaka runs her hand along the blade, it enters Shikai instantly.…

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Perchan Perchan 26 June 2012

Rising Phoenix Part I: Feathers of Emotion

Hihihihihi, it's Nika here~ Just kidding. Alright, with Part I of my storyline coming to a close and the knowledge that a few of you read my storylines *glances at Kenji and Ash before giving 'em a thumbs up*, I feel compelled to write this blog so that you guys can understand more about my storyline and the current arc. As you've noticed, I prefer character development and comedy to the typical shonen fight- and some storylines' potential is hampered by too many fight scenes, or those discommodious walls of texts that make absolutely nada sense and/or have no plot basis to them. Of course, having the image of an epic fight scene and then rarin' to write 'bout it isn't bad, but you've gotta consider how you get your storyline to that awesom…

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Illuminate Void Illuminate Void 4 November 2011

Void's Guide for Powerful Characters

  • 1 Preface
  • 2 The Definition of Power
    • 2.1 Strength
    • 2.2 Cunning
    • 2.3 Intelligence
    • 2.4 Fundamentals of Your Characters Strengths & Abilities
    • 2.5 Creating the Fundamentals of Your Powers
  • 3 How to be a Badass but not a Godmodder

I couldnt have written it better myself. The above passage is written by Less Wrong, a fanfiction author who is also a researcher in psychology and rationality thinking. The reason I have posted this, is because of its message, one I intend to cover through this article so that you may have a better understanding of your own characters. The focus of this article however is not, to tell you how to play your character, but instead to enlighten those of you who are unaware, or serve as a refresher or perhaps a new perspective on things other…

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Illuminate Void Illuminate Void 8 August 2011

Bleach Character & Story Classifications

In order to promote greater organization within the wiki, I am proposing a system in which our characters are identified based on how close they are to the actual canon. This method should organize the various universes and storylines, with the goal being to make it easier for new users and old to get an appraisal and understanding of ongoing storylines, and to read the wonderful fanfictions you the authors have written!

Mind you the names of these classifications are for reference, I'll try and come up with more appropiate names later, but for now I'd like to get all the nitty gritty worked out.

Alpha-class Characters/Stories: Characters who are written into the existing storyline of bleach, using it as the basis for their character growth, …

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Illuminate Void Illuminate Void 7 October 2011

Becoming a Shinigami

Many of you may often wonder, "Why become a Shinigami?" The reasons for doing so are often overlooked, afterall this is the Bleach Universe, who wouldnt want to become a Shinigami. But I'm going to examine the state of affairs and why there are particularly motivating reasons for one to become a Shinigami. I will also examine Soul Society itself, particularly the Soul Burial, along with various events that occured in Soul Society's history and why they happened.

First and foremost, is that becoming a Shinigami is not based soley on the acquisition of power. To assume that is foolhardy, and stereotypical. I will not be basing my observation as though Bleach were an anima or manga, but in literal sense. This is a serious discussion on the aspec…

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Heishiro Maitake Heishiro Maitake 6 April 2012

Shiro's Guide to Character Creation!!!

Alright alright alright time to start this… Now! First off the majority of y’all don’t know me but quite a few of you seem to know my characters and RP’s on here or on the other Wikis (-cough- stalkers -cough-). So a sort of introduction is in order I guess -cue epic drumroll- I’m Shiro! Right then, so I’m writing this blog post thingymajigger as a guide to detailed character creation. Now this is a guide to creating characters for stories but even if you’re here simply for the RP experience this guide can help you better portray your character both on their page and during any RP’s that come. Please keep in mind that this is simply my personal process to creating characters and is not some holy doctrine handed down from the Skies written …

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Chrono Nexus Chrono Nexus 2 February 2012

Fundamentals of Spirit

This article is under construction.

This blog post has been created to help users become more educated about spirituality in Bleach (and the real world) and how these forces of the supernatural shape the spiritual worlds and the creative ideas within the series. Any section or block of text that is speculation will be written in italics.

Spirituality in bleach is a varied subject. On the surface, the "mechanics" of spiritual energy is very simple. A more thorough examination of these matters shows that the anatomy of a spirit in bleach, and the cultural/mythological ideas that inspire it, is actually very complex.

  • 1 The Basics
    • 1.1 Spiritrons
    • 1.2 Reishi
    • 1.3 Reiryoku
    • 1.4 Chain of Fate
    • 1.5 Saketsu
    • 1.6 Hakusui
    • 1.7 Zanpakuto
    • 1.8 Asauchi
    • 1.9 Mod Soul
    • 1.10 Hollow
  • 2 Speculat…

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Chrono Nexus Chrono Nexus 12 October 2011

Fundamentals of Power

It is a commonly accepted, but grossly innacurate assumption of the majority of people that extraordinary abilities make a character powerful. I'll do my best in this post to explain why this is simply not the case. In reality, the weakest of persons can do the impossible, and the strongest can be all as effective as a biting fly.

  • 1 Fundamentals of Power
    • 1.1 Knowing Your Character
      • 1.1.1 Origin
      • 1.1.2 Drive
      • 1.1.3 Capabilities
    • 1.2 Knowing Your Enemy

Power is not any single thing. It is not physical might, or skill in combat, nor is it intellect. It is not material resources, or dangerous weapons, or numerous allies. These are all simply tools, stepping stones, and a means to achieving power. It is an interesting contradiction, that to use a tool effective…

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Blankslate Blankslate 30 October 2012

The Final Blood War, Why I hate it...and why I kinda like it

Hey ya'll. How you bros and hoes doin? :3

Okay, so...yeah, some of you guys may or may not have seen this coming. If any of you have read Aha's blogs, you've all probably got the idea in your heads that I despise this new Blood War arc. And I haven't just been like this towards you guys, I've said it on several forums pages, heck, even some of my facebook stuff. I generally don't like this arc, but, i'm going to level with you guys. I admit that i've been too skeptical and critical of it, pointing out small things that shouldn't normally matter. But I'll tell you guys why I don't like it, and it may not be for the reason ya'll think it is.

Bleach is ending, possibly for good.

This depresses me each time I think about it. Now, I may not have g…

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Blankslate Blankslate 10 July 2012


I finally got around to making a blog. I hope others would approve of it

I've decided that i'm going to do reviews on certain characters at both my own behest and at the request of the author. So far, I've done one on Fiona Duvalier and Shiro Morimoto, and both of the authors approve so I figured I could make a habit of doing it. Let me know if you need someone reviewed XD

Fiona Duvalier: 8/10

Shiro Morimoto: 9/10

Rozeluxe Meitzan: 8.5/10

Niji Morimoto: 6/10

Asumu Godai: 9/10

Daite Hattori Onigokua: 9.7/10

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Blankslate Blankslate 28 February 2013

Bleach 528/Everything but the Rain Review

  • Looks around*



Okay, so since Aha didn't want to review this week's chapter over here, I decided I would step in and do it for him. I mean, this IS a Bleach Fan Fiction wiki after all, so it's only right that a Bleach chapter be reviewed here. If it isn't, then all of existance as we know it could crumble, and we certainly don't want that now do we? Time for my introduction...

Hello i'm Blankslate; I review it...because the other guy didn't! So let's dive right in! :DD

So we start off this chapter with Ichigo somehow back into his human body. Just as confused as we are, he begins to wonder how exactly this happened. Didn't he leave his body in at the Urahara shop? If he did, who brought it back to his house? So Isshin is the only viable …

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Ash9876 Ash9876 24 March 2012

Saving Ideas

Each of these five spirits manifest in the real world through the element they personify, and they play "games" with their opponent, which are basically attacks of sorts, and are combinations.&nbsp The spirits, if not playing the game in sync together, are unable to cast these attacks against an enemy, and as such, force Fumei to fight himself. Or, with his immense spiritual power, can take control of all of them and play these games, although they are severely weakened

Okay so basically, Izanami's ability is primarily the use of an unnatural and alluring scent that is emanated from Yuuki once the zanpakuto is released. Although at first this alluring scent has no properties, it actually has the potent ability to taunt the opponents into at…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 3 February 2013

Tarot Reading by N - Our Drama

Alright, I'm certain we all have noticed that during the last few months there's been a few recurring instances of drama, most of these bickerings are about pointless stuff and involve alot of different issues. At the current point in time, its become abit different for those involved to see eye to eye, as we're all so stuck up in our believes that we actively resist the other sides viewpoint, this is degenerative as we all know, and we need to fix this somehow.

However, the main problem here are that our emotional positions in all of this become more and more pronounced all the time, as we keep drawing lines in the sands and taking sides, whether we're aware of it or not. But, lets put all of this aside for the purpose of this blog, and in…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 17 November 2012

N on Stats

Hoy there everyone! I've recently found something new to bitch about, yay me! Anyhow, bad joke aside. I've noticed that hardly no one in the userbase know how to correctly gauge the stats for a characters exact strength; some of our older and more experienced users actually willfully choose not to create stats for what I believe to be the same reason. So; my dear laddies and lassies I've decided to preach to you about stats as a member of the resident cynical three.

I'm going to teach you exactly WHAT constitutes mastery and such in regards to stats, as well as provide canon characters for reference. Before I start though, I'm gonna have to put up Void for reference as he was the one who got me thinking in this particular direction; and wer…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 15 December 2012

N On Evil Characters

Hoy there everyone, I've finally decided to begin working on something I've kept procrastinating for a while now, its something I've long wanted to do, namely a blog dedicated entirely to the creation and development of some of the nastiest characters ever written by a human hand. Why do I want to do this? Well, I could give you the short version but I'm far too convuluted and excessive to do that. Besides, if I only write a single sentence then what's the point of writing a guide at all?

So, without further ado, here is my personal reasons for wanting to do this guide, highlighted in italic for my err... your convenience (and to make my words seem more amazing of course!) Keep in mind that anything I say within this blog is my own view on things…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 11 September 2011

Guide: Anti-Heroes

Alright, being the complete nerd that I am I have decided to create an in-depth guide to the several degrees of Anti-Heroism and Anti-Villainy, because indeed, there are several grades of each. For those who don't know what one of, if not both of them are I'll include it in a short summary beneath.

Anti-Heroes: An Anti-Hero can be many different things, although the most common example is a Hero who doesn't quite fit into the norm - this being that they're highly unlikely to help old ladies across the street, save a random princess in a random tower (unless of course they already know her)- and perhaps most noteworthy of all, they can be cold, cynical and in the more extreme cases outright amoral and perhaps even cruel about how they choose …

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Njalm2 Njalm2 22 April 2012

Guide to Magic by Njal

Unlike many other animeverses, magic is fully present in the bleachverse in the form of Kido and Ginto. This enables many new plot twists and interesting endeavours -- sadly though, there are only a few users who make use of Kido in any fitting manner, most preferring rather to use it to spice up attacks and in order to attack from a long range; these are all viable but grossly narrow uses of magic. Of course, many users prefer not to make extensive use of Kido due to the great deal of detail and effort involved in this, other still don't use it because of its incombatibility with their characters; and to introduce the subject, I'll write what exactly is incompatible with magic in my point of view.

Any character which possesses an uncontrolab…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 1 October 2012

Character Templates

Alright, I've noticed that me and several other users have some noteworthy troubles in constructing new, decent characters. The primarily problem seems to be what the character is going to specialize in; in short, the most basic stuff. I'm gonna create a few "Character Templates" based off of the abilities of a few noteworthy canon characters. While these are primarily geared towards newer users, older users could probably also benefit from them, especially when making characters for their own stories.

Keep in mind that none of these Character Types are more powerful than others; and I only chose them based on the difference in their abilities. Keep in mind that its not nessecary for a character to possess very similiar abilities and powers…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 27 October 2011


Right, I've for some time now wondered whether or not to introduce alignments as an optional way to categorize ones character. Alignments are basically moral and ethical perspectives as represented by people, creatures and societies. One may of course ask what the benefit of alignments would be in the long run, other than the fact that it is to some an interesting prospect --- to start things slowly, I'll introduce the community to three alignments, Chaotic Good, Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil. I'll include more if the community likes the idea.

  • 1 Alignments
    • 1.1 Chaotic Good
      • 1.1.1 Examples
    • 1.2 Chaotic Neutral
      • 1.2.1 Examples
    • 1.3 Neutral Evil
      • 1.3.1 Examples

Chaotic Good characters are typically rebels of their respective society, they favor change for the…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 31 October 2012

2nd Issue - Top 10 Most Powerful Characters

Alright, I'm certain that a fair portion of you guys remember the previous Top 10 Guide, it was appearantly quite the success, among my more successfull blogs in terms of how many comments it got. Which reminds, me leave some comments on every damn blog of mine, please? I'm making these for the community, not for my own personal wankfest (most of the time anyway)

So, before I start, I'll announce the results of the polls I made for my previous blog; whom will dictate how this blog is gonna play out.

  • "Don't include the original top four, but otherwise consider all of the old ones": This means that the top four featured characters in my previous blog will not be accounted for in this one; meaning that the top four lists will be completely diff…
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LastationLover5000 LastationLover5000 2 May 2018

BLEACH - As Reviewed By Cracked

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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 16 January 2018

Bleach Reveals: Light Novels and Databook Translations

Been some time since I've written a blog, but after doing some research into the recent Bleach light novels, Can't Fear Your Own World and We do Knot always love you, I felt like some of this juicy information might end up lost on account of Bleach wiki not bothering to list any of this shit. There are a lot of interesting tidbits and happenings that occur in these novels, so I figured I'd make a masterpost here that lists all the interesting reveals and whatnot. Hopefully it sparks some interest in Bleach again, for those of you not following the light novels.

Now, some background on these novels.

Can't Fear Your Own World is written by Ryohgo Narita, the author of Durarara, but it was stated that he is being advised by Kubo and the stuff in t…

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Paladin78 Paladin78 20 December 2017

Making a story separate from Silver-Haired Seireitou's Fanon Canon article

Hello there everybody my name is Paladin78. And I am here to make a Side-Canon Fanon Project and make it an official tie in to the Bleach Fan Fiction wiki's.

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Njalm2 Njalm2 30 May 2017

Nanja's Reiryoku System

Greetings one and all, old-timers, newcomers and happy pumpkins! Today I've decided to bring up an important matter with you all, as well as providing the means to fix it. As is well known, Energy Expenditure is a pretty important balancing point in roleplays, and yet it is all too often brushed aside and ignored.

This is rarely a result of actual deliberate intent to powergame, but is instead done out of habit or forgetfulness, as most people do not actually pay much heed to their characters energy levels, I've been guilty of this myself. Those that do rely on their own personal system, with percentage counting being the most popular.

However, I believe this site, and many other roleplaying sites in general could be best served by a detaile…

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ShonenChicoBoy ShonenChicoBoy 21 April 2017

Complaints about Wikia in General (and Bleach Ending)

Alright. I'm not usually one to be opposed to change. Change can be a good thing. If wiki changes their design and it facilitates the flow of information, makes things easier to access and such, then I'm cool with that.

But, can I take a moment here to vent.


Yeah don't answer that. I know it will be "never." But ah, one can hope I suppose.

Anyway, while I have your attention, just kind of on a side note, with the new Bleach movie supposedly coming out or what-not, I wanted to ask you guys as a wiki as a whole: How do you think Bleach should have ended?


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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 1 January 2017

Looking Ahead: Happy New Years!

Hello everybody. Depending on where you are in the world, the first of January has either came already for you or is coming up very soon, and ultimately so, the year of 2017 has finally come. Therefore, I'd like to issue to all of you a very happy New Years. As we say goodbye to 2016, which contained its share of joy, sadness, miracles, disappointments, and so on, we look forward to the future in hopes of better tidings. Some of you are hoping to see greater success in your line of work, perhaps your field of study; personal activities, hobbies, and sports. Perhaps some of you hope that things go well for your family, or well in your relationships, or perhaps you're like me and you hope 2017 is finally the year you find someone special lon…

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Hibridragon Hibridragon 16 December 2016

Happy Holidays!

Hellooooo everyone! I know this is very strange for you all (considering the fact that this is too early, and I don't normally write blogs, and I haven't been one that's always there with you guys and the stuff that's happening at the moment) but I just wanna say happy holidays! I sincerely hope you all experience the most wondrous Christmas's magic has to offer, and the happiest new year celebration! Personally, December hasn't been my greatest time, but I'm still expecting greater things to come XD Let me just say that returning here was one of the best choices I've ever picked in my life. I also wanna say thank you all for welcoming me back and sorry to those I've wronged during my time here. So...Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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Njalm2 Njalm2 10 December 2016

Nanja's Classroom: Designing RP Characters

Alright, I've been meaning to write about this issue for a while now, which issue is that you might ask? Well, the issue of Character Design in regards to creating characters with engaging abilities, talents and a role in roleplays. It is my desire to see a wealth of great characters on this wiki, and for every user to have at least one character of good design which they can be proud of and eager to employ in roleplays.

But before we begin, what exactly do I mean when I mention Character Design? Well, I'm primarily talking about Powers & Abilities, as that is the part of the character that is most essential for the purpose of roleplay: given how personalities tend to come by themselves as the character interacts with others.

Now you may be …

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Njalm2 Njalm2 1 December 2016

Direction of the Coven

Greetings one and all, it is me, Nanja, here with an update regarding the Coven's ultimate goal and a few different scenarios we might go for. Because at this point it is pretty clear that it was a mistake of me to focus on subtlety when the need for that has long since vanished thanks to their enormous power. Usually, when I'm wondering about story directions, I consult with Void, and he gave me some pretty cool ideas for us to work with, and I've also got some ideas of my own.

Typically I write paragraphs upon paragraphs upon even more paragraphs when I make blogs, but this time, I'll try to be a tad more succinct. We'll see how that works out for me.

Essentially, what I realize needs to happen is that the Coven needs to make good on their…

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EmperorSigma EmperorSigma 27 November 2016

Poor Kubo

Just watch:

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ShonenChicoBoy ShonenChicoBoy 25 November 2016

Thanksgiving and the Other Turkey in the Room

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! Even if you aren't in the U.S. of A., at least you can be thankful for the glories that America has brought to the world. Such as the internet, masking tape, Twinkies, and.... hmm, yeah, we'll stop there. But happy Thanksgiving anyway.

Also, according to a very reliable source (*Google*, *cough cough*), it looks as though there might be a live action Bleach movie coming out in 2018.

Yes, I can see that your enthusiasm is practically spilling over. Please, try to contain yourselves. (>___>).

Alright, but minor (and relatively unexciting) Bleach news aside, it's now on to the real issue at hand. A.k.a., "The Other Turkey in the Room."

(And trust me, this one ain't how grandma cooks it).

It seems the FC has come to ano…

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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 18 August 2016

End of the Line

Well folks, that wraps things up.

Bleach has finally come to a close after 15 years of serialization. And while there are mixed feelings regarding the ending, the manga as a whole, and Kubo himself, it has still been a large part of our manga-reading lives; enough that we run and operate a fanfiction site for the series.

While it isn't the anniversary quite yet, BFF itself has operated since 2008 and thus we celebrate roughly 8 years of operation on this year. It was founded back then by Blackemo1, Cyberweasel89, and our resident Lewis Black and Jack Sparrow crossover, Ten.

Though ironically, if I do remember what Ten told me, I was originally the one who suggested him to check out Bleach. Bleach, in turn, many moons ago, was first introduced…

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DazzlingEmerald DazzlingEmerald 5 August 2016

Kubo's Next Project

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Bazz-Beatz Bazz-Beatz 27 July 2016

Bleach Ending and Your Thoughts on the 1,000 Year Blood War Arc

Hey everyone,

I know I haven't been on in a long time. My lack of enthusiasm for Bleach caught the best of me and I haven't really been following the manga for the majority of the arc. I finally sat down and got caught up to speed and I have to say that I'm not particularly enjoying this final arc. Seems very all over the place, inconsistent pacing and a very rushed conclusion. Though I've seen reports that Bleach is officially ending in Chapter 685, so that leaves two more chapters with the last chapter possibly being longer.

I'm writing this post because I'm wondering how the fandom is enjoying the arc or if there are any glaring issues you wished resolved. Personally, I have a few things that I thought were going to be the primary things …

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ShonenChicoBoy ShonenChicoBoy 9 July 2016

Check, Please (recent manga chapter vent)

Alright. This is the first time I've done one of these blogs. I posted this originally on Bleach Asylum (the manga discussion forum that I joined a year ago) but wanted to hear what you guys all had to say about the latest chapter as well.

That chapter was, in my opinion, historically bad for Bleach. So bad that I had to write this. I just had to get it out of my system. (And yes I wrote this instead of an FC post. You can kill me later.) But anyway.

Pros: Okay, Haschy’s death was the highlight of the chapter. The characterization in the end was nice, as other users have pointed out, because it called to attention the fact that Haschy has always been a follower (albeit a lonely one), and one who regrets his decisions yet knows he can do noth…

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BraveHeart70 BraveHeart70 25 June 2016

About my Lack of Writing....Anything

Okay, wow. Never thought I'd be making another blog pertaining to my lack of meaningful activity on the Wikia. Ah, fuck it. In doesn't need to be said but after Sei's most recent blog, I figured I'd finally speak my peace. I'm no fan of any Wikia that is overrun with an infestation of pretentious ass holes that act like they deserve a fucking Nobel Peace Prize for contributing to a fictional continuity. I've had my personal run-ins with people like that over on Powerlisting, and I don't give a fuck if any of them see this (which they probably won't) or not.

That being said, something Xilinoc wrote reminded me of something I was always trying to push deep down and ignore. Everything I write, most is a "badly written, unoriginal, plagiarizing…

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Silver-Haired Seireitou Silver-Haired Seireitou 25 June 2016

Bleach Wiki's Trash Talk

Hey guys.

So I don't know which of you keep track of the goings-on of Bleach Wiki, since they are the canon site to our fan fiction site and all, but for those of you who do tend to read Xilinoc's weekly blog reviewing the Bleach manga chapters, I'm sure you've noticed that trash-talking BFF is one of their favorite hobbies. In particular, they like to take pan shots at me and .

Now, of course, this got me riled up. Very annoyed. And perhaps it's only me getting annoyed since technically 90% of their trash-talking is directed toward me specifically, but I assure you, comments like:

04:24, June 25, 2016 (UTC)
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Bismarck-Chan Bismarck-Chan 21 June 2016

Writing for myself a bit.

Momo Toshie Ginchoumaru, Silver Bird, write it down. 銀鳥丸 When released all the slashes made previous to the release turn into silver wires the width of a hair, These wires close in on the enemy, the user could either go for a certain kill by aiming the wires at vital sports or choose to wrap them around the opponent and slowly tighten them around their body. To create more wires, if desired, the user has to simply slash the blade on the air again and they will come out automatically. 八銀鳥刃確死 Hachiginchou Jinkakushi (Eight Silver Bird Blade of Certain Death) Basically what this Bankai Does is summon seven other Katanas, eight counting the original one, that mimic the movements of the user's original Katana and attack the enemy simultaneously…

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Zf6hellion Zf6hellion 7 June 2016

Zf6hellion's Shitty Guide to Characters: Hybrids

Ready for round three, folks? No? Ha, too bad.

Today we're going to talk about one of the more complicated aspects of Bleach: the hybrids. Hybrids are a common thing in most any kind of fiction, half-elves, half-dragons, half-aliens and so on. Its an incredibly common trend, because it allows people to be "unique", after all, when everyone around is an Elf, you'd stand out for being that one woman with the Human ears. Many forms of fiction will set out to accommodate this kind of thing, like rulesets in D&D for a variety of half-and-half races, or a fairly popular example that can be found in the recent superhero series ' where 80% of the population of Earth in its universe have gained a "Quirk", in other words, super powers. The world is sp…

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Blankslate Blankslate 30 May 2016

I can't do it guys

Hey guys, I have to break some news that's been on my mind for a very long time.

Remember that last blog I made? The one where I said I was going to buckle down and make do on all my previous edits? Well... ever since then, I have been trying my best to live up to all of those promises I made but... I'm sorry, I can't write for Bleach anymore. I rarely think about the series or the characters I've made for it anymore these days, and any time I try to write for a character or for an RP, my brain and hands fall flat.

I truly have no more interest for this series, nor any of my works for this wiki or the sister wiki. I hate for this to be so short, as I know my contributions are yet to be finished here, but I'm sorry folks: I can't muster the i…

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Njalm2 Njalm2 25 May 2016

Nanja's Classroom: Weaknesses

Greetings everyone, and welcome to the first installment of a new blog series from me titled "Nanja's Classroom" where I go in detail about a number of roleplaying tips and tricks that I've picked up in my 13 years of roleplaying experience.

In this installment I'll be detailing what is probably one of the most misunderstood topics of roleplaying and character creation: weaknesses.

The common misconception is that weaknesses should be abandoned or at least grow less and less relevant the stronger your character becomes. But that is false, and in this guide I'll attempt to tell you why.

  • 1 What are Weaknesses?
  • 2 Why do I need Weaknesses?
  • 3 Character Example
  • 4 Conclusion

In simple terms, a weakness is a deficiency within your character, a flaw that migh…

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