Below is a listing of must-read blogs that have been posted onto the Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia by various users.

Recommended Advisory Blogs

Character & Combat Blogs

Combat Blogs
Blog Title Description Author
Nanja's Intermediate Roleplaying GuideLearn more advanced ways to engage in roleplaying, .User:Njalm2
Nanja's Classroom: WeaknessesLearn the various intricacies of weaknesses, and why you need them.User:Njalm2
Nanja's Guide to Immersion: Shinigami EditionCome to understand some more obscure elements behind the culture and lifestyle of the Shinigami.User:Njalm2
The Beauty of ZanjutsuA look into the finer points of the Zanjutsu combat art!User:Njalm2
The Beauty of KidōLearn a more intricate and well thought-out system of the Kido field! Not just random ki blasts, after all.User:Njalm2
The Nanami PrincipleStockpiling your character with various unfitting and random abilities is more of a problem than you might believe!User:Njalm2
Zanpakutō Creation GuideA good blog for those who need help designing a Zanpakutō.User:Njalm2
Reiatsu ColorsEver wonder what color might be a good fit for your character's spiritual pressure?User:Njalm2
Guide to CombatAs the name suggests, this will give you an idea of how to proceed with the creation of your fighting techniques.User:AbysmalShadows
Revisiting HakudaA brief look into the inner mechanisms of the soul's unarmed style of Hakuda.User:Silver-Haired Seireitou
Guide to TrainingWriting out training stories can be an enjoyable experience if you know how to do them right!User:Silver-Haired Seireitou
Guide to Characters: FullbringersContrary to its actual title, this is an excellent look into what goes into designing a Fullbringer character.User:Zf6hellion
Guide to Characters: QuincyContrary to its actual title, this is an excellent look into what goes into designing a Quincy.User:Zf6hellion

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Sake Time with Sei

Shonen's Regimen and Tonic

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