The main focus of the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki is the creation of fan fiction in regards to the Bleach universe. This usually entails characters, weapons, abilities, locations, etc., however, music can also hold a large role in a fan fiction universe, just as it does in the canon universe. The Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki allows for real-world music to be included on this wiki as long as it is for a specific purpose, is properly documented, as to avoid copyright infringement, and follows certain guidelines.


The following are acceptable reasons to make an article regarding music on this site;

  • If the song is used in the "opening" or "closing" of a fan-made story or arc.
  • If the song is the theme song of a fan-made character.

Guidelines & Documentation

The following guidelines must be followed in an article involving music.

  • The song cannot have blatant sexual references in it, or strong profanity.
  • The song's article must have the music infobox placed on it with all the proper information.
  • The article must follow the following layout;
    • All songs must have "(Music)" in their page name.
    • The summary at the top, which includes the song's title and who wrote the song, as well as the purpose of the song on this site. For an example see What You Want (Music).
    • Video (if applicable)
    • Lyrics
    • References; includes a link to the band's page, and any other necessary links.
  • The page must be categorized with the music category as well as a category with the band's name for future music of the same band.

Breaching the Policy

Users caught breaching the policy will be given one warning, and a time applicable depending on the admin to correct it, and then will have their page deleted. If that user continues to breach this policy, they will receive and appropriate block.

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