This is the official Manual of Style for Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki and must be adhered to in order to ensure clean and organized articles. Below are these guidelines so please take your time to read and follow the guidelines as closely as possible as you edit any and all pages. Articles found not to be in compliance with ALL of the following rules will have a one (1) week grace period, given to the page's author by an admin, to fix the entire article and, if no changes are made, the article will be deleted. Continuous violations of this policy by the same user will result in a block of that user for a period of time not exceeding two (2) weeks. If, after being banned, that user continues not to comply with this policy, that user will be blocked for a period of time not to exceed three (3) months. Additional violations will result in a permanent block.

Among all articles on this site, there are two distinct classes: Standard Articles and Canon Articles.

Standard Articles

On the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, Standard Articles refer to any article created by a user and contains content of a fanon and/or fanfiction nature. These are usually the articles that you yourself create and feature your own ideas. As this wiki is called Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, standard articles are, by definition, the articles possessing the Bleach-related ideas of the users themselves. This includes characters, techniques, paraphernalia, roleplays, personal stories, and everything else in-between that expand upon the Bleach universe by the user's own whim.

The information found under this section pertains to the expected standards that all articles must adhere to on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki.

Canon Articles

On the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki, Canon Articles refer to any article written in order to accurately portray content from an official Bleach source of media which can include the anime, manga, databooks, light novels, and related remarked as well as associated content made by the author. The intention behind having canon articles on a fanon-fanfiction site such as ours is to document important information that would otherwise be lost due to a refusal by other Bleach information sites to document said content. In doing so, we ensure that the entirety of Tite Kubo's Bleachverse is respected and acknowledged by the users of Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki.

With exception to the instructions that are discussed in the sub-sections that follow, Canon Articles are held to the same standard of quality as Standard Articles. Please be sure to reread Page Content, Vandalism & Language, Page Edits, Image Policy, Page Creation, and Moving Pages that are described in the above section before reading on to the next following sub-sections.

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