The Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki equality policy is an official policy on the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki. The policy discusses the equality of users on this wiki.


Equality on a wiki is the idea that all users are equal despite any special circumstances. While the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki recognizes and accepts the fact that certain individuals do have special needs, are of younger and differing ages, and vary in the quality of writing skills, these individuals cannot and will not be considered exempt from the standards of conduct and the policies that all members of this wiki are required to abide by.

To that end, no physical or mental condition, age, or difference in writing skills will be considered cause to suspend the enforcement of any Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki policy or guideline. This includes the blocking policy.


Although this is not a policy with traditional violation consequences, administrators can and will enforce the disruption policy and any other applicable policy should an aforementioned user or their family/friends disrupt the wiki by demanding differing treatment.

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