Bleach Fan Fiction strives to maintain a sense of quality and standard in all segments of the Wiki, whether that is in articles, community efforts or any other project on the Wiki. In this strive for excellence, it has been decided by the Administration of the Wiki that clubs, member groups and clans will be forbidden on Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki. The main reason is that this Wiki is meant for writing fan fiction and fan-created stories, not for creating groups of certain members.

The definition of a clan is “a group of people, as a clique, set, society, or party, esp. as united by some common trait, characteristic, or interest”. There are many parts of this definition that are telling in terms of why this policy has been enacted. The more evident one is the final part of the definition; clans are unnecessary for bringing people with common interests together on Bleach Fan Fiction, as Bleach Fan Fiction itself is what brings people together for the common interest of Bleach and writing. The second part is the idea of a clique, which is forbidden because it alienates users from one another and factionalizes the membership rather than keeping it together as one united community.

In the past, fan clans have claimed that their purpose is to create clans so that the members of those clans can create collaborative works and work on group projects. However, this is redundant. Users do not need a clan to collaborate, so therefore clans do not have any real purpose on this Wiki. The clans were simply used for users to easily socialize, hold “ranks” above others and claim to be more helpful and better than all other clans.

There is also a criticism of other Wikia Wikis for allowing clans and other social networking tools, and while these Wikis will not be mentioned by name it is a common belief that they generally lack in quality because of the social networking. Visitors of those Wikis have found that members will spend most of their time in a social environment rather than working towards the purpose of the Wiki, which is to either document known facts or create new stories. This is one of the reasons that clans are not allowed on Bleach Fan Fiction.

In the end, for all of the reasons specified above, clans are forbidden. There is only one group on Bleach Fan Fiction that is allowed, and that is the overall community effort of Bleach Fan Fiction. Violations of this policy will first result in a warning, but if a user is persistent and continues to recreate a clan then they will be banned for an appropriate amount of time based on a case-by-case basis. Any clans or fan groups created on Bleach Fan Fiction will be deleted immediately.

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