Here on Bleach Fan Fiction, there are rules about communication, interaction, and civility, that users should follow, such as, not making racist, obscene, or demeaning comments toward other users, or being impatient with new users. Here is a list of civility rules you should follow.

  • Be patient, don't be easily annoyed with newer users who don't know as much about this wiki as you do.
  • Be calm, be slow to anger when talking with other users on forums and talk pages.
  • Don't make religious, racist, obscene, or demeaning personal comments or attacks against other users.
  • Be courteous, show manners when talking with administrators and other users.
  • Don't harass other users, be kind and fair when making decisions and compromises with others.
  • Try to be nice to someone who may have a different outlook on things than you do, such as the manual of style, or on how to deal with vandalism.
  • Don't troll-feed, try to avoid goading other users, such as putting up an offensive userbox on your page, or speaking against certain things openly.
  • Also, avoid harsh and vulgar language when communicating with other users.

And for new users, try asking an administrator for help on this subject, they should be able to help you with this.

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