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The administration of Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki are the select users tasked with governance of this site. Admins on this wiki are recognized as Captains while the head administrator is known as the Captain-Commander.


Becoming an Admin

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Standard Duties

  • Enforcing the Wiki Policies.
  • Enforcing the standards of the Manual of Style.
  • Assisting in the development and progression of Site Projects.
  • Supervising articles for any signs of inappropriate content.
  • Assist users with questions and concerns.
  • Roll-back vandalism.

Specific Roles

Each of the five Captains are tasked with specific roles in addition to their standard duties on the site.

The Canon Coordinator handles all articles and content marked with the {{Canon}} template. They are responsible for deciding which canon articles should be added to the site and also supervise the content being added onto those pages. It also falls on them to recruit other users and admins in working on those canon articles.

List of Admins

Username Rank Specific Role Lieutenant(s)
Silver-Haired SeireitouCaptain-CommanderCanon CoordinatorNone
GokūBlack10CaptainIn ProgressNone
ShonenChicoBoyCaptainIn ProgressNone
Shen YiCaptainIn ProgressNone
Kenji HiroshiCaptainIn ProgressNone

Important Site Content

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