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Vengeance of the Damned is a story about an exiled Shinigami who is returning to retrieve an artefact from Karakura Town. The artefact, which was long hidden by the Soul Society has the power to forcibly submit a Shinigami's zanpakuto meaning it grants the wielder instant Bankai. Using this, the Shinigami plans to create an all powerful army to overthrow Soul Society. At the same time, Kurosaki Ichigo is thrown into a mystery when a Quincy begins murdering Shinigami. Is it linked to Uryu's developing paranoia, and what does it have to do with the strange enemies appearing in Karakura? As the mystery deepens, Ichigo and his friends learn they may have less allies than they thought...

Character Types

There are many parties of characters in the story, including:

- The Gotei 13 - made up of all the Shinigami, the Gotei 13 is now being run by the Head Captain. After the murders, he has become blind to all other things and is focusing only on capturing the assailant, ignoring all evidence of the rise of the exiled Shinigami. This has put the Gotei 13 at odds with Ichigo Kurosaki and his friends as they struggle to maintain a balance of power and security.

- The Refugees - an ancient group of Quincy, the Refugees have been hiding out in Soul Society ever since they were wrongly accused of murdering Shinigami by Yamamoto. They originally are made up of five members, but since recent events in the story, Uryu Ishida has joined their ranks and they have also sided with Ichigo and his friends as they are fully aware of the threat to the worlds. They are known by Kisuke Urahara and Ryuken Ishida.

- The Damned Shinigami - a hidden group of Shinigami who are ruled by an exiled Shinigami who craves the artefact in Karakura Town. They are made up of mostly high level Shinigami, but not high enough to have legitimately achieved Bankai. There are a few members who pose even a strong threat to Shinigami like Urahara and it is presumed, due to information given by one of the Refugees, that the leader may be a former member of the Royal Guard.

Known Members

Ichigo's Friends

- Ichigo Kurosaki - locked in the Repentance Cell.

- Uryu Ishida - location currently unknown.

- Orihime Inoue - sent home to Karakura.

- Sado Yasotora - sent home to Karakura.

- Rukia Kuchiki - locked up in Seireitei.

- Renji Abarai - locked up in Seireitei.

The Refugees

- Maryn Cascada - locked up in Seireitei.

- Riko Cascada - locked up in Seireitei.

- Jin - locked up in Seireitei.

- Elderly Quincy - locked up in Seireitei.

- Stern Quincy - locked up in Seireitei.

The Damned Shinigami

- The Leader - last seen in a meeting with the high ranking members.

- Arro - facing Soroza and Gerdorer.

- Yurickh Juurigo - (Deceased) Eaten by Gerdorer.

- Shadowy Girl - preparing to torture Ouran Ishida.

- The Creature - (Deceased) killed by Ichigo Kurosaki.

- Kokato Saujo - (Deceased) killed by Rukia Kuchiki.

- Rudanba - (Deceased) killed by Ichigo Kurosaki.

- Zenra Kenobe - (Deceased) killed by Jin.

- Sira Shishki - (Deceased) killed by Maryn Cascada.

- Masked Boy - (Deceased) killed by Riko Cascada.

- Ouran Ishida - confronting the Shadowy Girl.

- Soroza - facing Arro.

- Gerdorer - facing Arro.

List of Chapters and Story Arcs

Karakura Assault Arc

1. Blue Horizon

2. Inventing the Truth

3. Concealed Anguish

4. Fight for Answers

5. Tainted Bloodline

6. Schemes in the Shadows

7. Sickening Sights

8. First of Many

9. Mysterious, Mischevious

10. Haunting Suspicions

11. Just Confide in Me

12. Stare Unto Doom

13. Take Three

14. Flowing Orange Stars

15. Worse Than Your Bark

16. Enter the Forgotten

17. Secrets of the Past

18. Don't Push It

19. Cry of Helplessness

The Refugee Revival Arc

20. Set into Motion

21. Stab in the Dark

22. Smashing the Law

23. Villainy Assembles

24. Working it Out

25. The Fourth Assault

26. Call Me Quincy Archer?

27. Drain My Hatred Dry

28. Battle in the Dark

29. Kido Beat Down

30. Pride as Shinigami, Pride as Quincy

31. Distorted Two Worlds