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"A lesson without pain is meaningless. For you cannot gain something without sacrificing something else in return. But once you have withstood the pain... and made it your own by overcoming it... you will gain a heart that is stronger than everything else."
— Tagline for Bleach - The New Age

File:Bleach Arrival of Tears

Opening for Bleach - The New Age

Bleach - The New Age (ブリーチ新しい時代, Burīchi - Shinnin Nendai) is the Bleach series hosted by Seireitou and Ten Tails. Taking place after the events of the Kawahiru Brothers' Trilogy, the brothers Seireitou and Madara Kawahiru had received Seijin training under Junsui Kirei, and founded the Seijin Council in order to promote and protect their own personal justice. However, the shadows of the past quickly become known, as the Arrancar who were once under the loyal administration of Akujin, have now found a new frightening leader who has set off alarms in the minds of the Seijin.

In the hearts of our heros, trust and faith are tested as they fear the possibility of a double agent within their stronghold. As love, trust, friendship, and brotherhood are tested, our worst enemies turn into ourselves. The wheel of destiny turns, churning the water known as fate below it. Those who stand at the top, will always end once more at the bottom. There is no truth, and yet, those who declare it, seek it out nevertheless. As time and destiny begin to unravel, these truths we search end up causing nothing but tears and heartbreak. As tales of personal, worldly, and ultimately moral justice are told, you must ask yourself: "Do we search for truth, or does it... end up searching for us?"

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