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Bleach - Generation III (ブリーチ第3, Burīchi - Sedai Surī) is Bleach Fan Fiction Wikia's canon that takes place several decades after the events of The Winter War, as well as after the events of the Second Coming of Aizen Arc. Things are starting to rebuild after the devastating attacks of Sunryuk Asakura and his army. Central 46 has assigned Magatsuhi Sakyōnosuke Yōjirō as the new Captain-Commander of the newly rejuvenated Gotei 13. The Soul Society has began anew, with firm resolve to defend the souls of humans from vicious Hollows.


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Current Story...

Captain Fujibayashi and Lieutenant Kurohara, accompanied by former-Captain Yue Shikyo, discovered the bodies of the two members of Onmitsukidō that went missing after an investigation in the human world. They concluded that the assailant was skillful enough to ambush them and silence them while annihilating their capability to call for help. However, the reason for this attack remains uncertain.