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"Every new story has a beginning, but this story is more than just a beginning, this story sets the stage for a new generation of characters, their eventual meetings and their destinies. "


Bleach - Chronicles of the Soul ( ブリーチ - ソウルのクロニクル, burīchi - souru no kuronikuru ) is a collection of story arcs written by Zaraikou and is based on generation 3 of the bleach story. These stories are character development stories used to introduce several character into the bleach world. Theses stories take place on both the human world as well as the soul society. The main character for these stories are Aoko Sonozaki, Miya Hana, Shiki Kurayami, Touko Sonozaki, Daichi Kazuhiro, Shiro Tomokazu, Shusui Sakimori, Kagami Kyosuke and Karin Sonozaki.

Part I: A Tale of Two Sisters[]

File:New Bleach Opening - Velonica by Aqua Timez

Bleach - Chronicles of the Soul Opening

Chapter I: The Reunion Arc

Chapter II: The Tales of Touko Sonozaki arc

Chapter III: The Third Sonozaki arc

Part II: The Wandering Shinigami[]

Chapter I: Battle of the Vizards: Kyosuke Kagami vs Kasei Fenix