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Part V (一部五, Ichibu gō) denotes the events that occur exactly three years after the second Reikai war. It is the fifth collection of events occuring in the series.


Turn Back the Pendulum arc[]

The Turn Back the Pendulum arc as written by User:Ten Tailed Fox is a back story arc that describes the events that take place one year following the Akujin Crisis. It is an arc that is meant to kick off the Jinki Fragments arc with a back story about the author's character's involvement and connections in the arc.

  1. TBTP: Alienation

Jinki Fragments arc[]


【MAD】bleach opening-Re make

Opening 1


【銀魂MAD】攘夷志士の英雄 高杉リライト

Opening 2 (Only for Volume 8)

  1. Blade of the Broken
  2. We are the Shinigami
  3. Overture of the God Vessels
  4. Overture of the God Vessels 2
  5. King's Throne
  6. Friendship isn't Quiet
  7. Blind Warfare
  8. Origins of the Yonkō
  9. World of Masters
  10. Farewell Blades (subject to change)

Legacy of Two Lineages[]

Main article: Legacy of Two Lineages Saga Note: All events that occur in Part V from this point onward will be on the aforementioned page for the Legacy of Two Lineages Saga. Volumes 11+ will occur in this Saga.

Behind the Scenes[]