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Bleach (ブリーチ, Burīchi; romanized as BLEACH in Japan) is an ongoing manga series authored by Tite Kubo that has appeared in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine since August 2001. This particular fanon spin-off follows the tribulations and adventures of Danzo, a young and hopeful seated officer in the Gotei 13, Tsuihara, one of Danzo's best friends and Onoki, a renegade Shinigami that Danzo and Tsuihara are searching for.


As Onoki, a renegade officer from Soul Society is on the run. Two Shinigami, Danzo and Tsuihara, his best friends are instructed to pursue and capture him. However, on the way, it is revealed what Onoki's true intentions were and more allies appear to help Danzo and his friends destroy this threat.

Major Characters[]


The main protagonist of the series, he is an underconfident individual who doesn't believe in his own abilities. His best friend, has defected from Soul Society, and his mission is to bring him back with another one of his friends, now will he successfully bring his friend back, or fail?


The Heroine of this storyline, she is a hyperactive, and sort of strict individual who believes Danzo is very powerful, and should be more confident about his abilities. However, she is deeply conflicted on the inside, as the one she loves has left her.


The Anti-Hero of this story, he is a powerful Shinigami, for unknown reasons, has defected Soul Society. He is the best friend of Danzo. Is he going to fight his old friends, or return to Soul Society, and surrender open armed.

Sosuke Yatsumaru

The 'Tutor' of this storyline. As Tsuihara and Danzo face powerful enemies, Sosuke comes to help them in their cause and indirectly help himself.

Supporting Characters[]

Misao Shione: A Fullbringer, who has mastered her fullbring to the highest level attainable. She is currently a bartender, but is also helping the three 'kids' with their mission. She is also acquainted with mysterious people.

Hayato Masaru: One of the most powerful shinigami and characters in the story, and a great support to Onoki. He is indirectly involved with the events that surround the 'children' today.

Major Organisations[]

Soul Society

Soul Society is where all three protagonist characters have originated from, and they play an important role in helping Danzo and his friends.

Major Antagonists[]

Ryu Aramaki

The captain of the 3rd Division, he is the one who manipulated both Sosuke and Hayato to leave Soul Society and cause his promotion. He attempts to eradicate Danzo, Onoki and Tsuihara for unknown reasons.



Please note that not all captains and lieutenants of the Gotei 13 will be the ones in the current Canon Storyline.