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Bleach: The Coven War
All Out War Poster Final
Kanji ブリーチ・コベン戦争
Rōmaji Burīchi: Koben Sensō
Genre Action
Bangsian fantasy
Story Information
Creator Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki
Contributors Sitewide
Protagonists Gotei 13
Antagonists The Coven

Bleach: The Coven War (ブリーチ・コベン戦争, Burīchi: Koben Sensō) is a fictional story that takes place within the Bleach universe, set to take place after the events of the manga's continuity. It is the official name for the Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki's Fanon Canon project.


Officially starting on the ninth year of the Sainen Period, nine full years following the end of the Quincy Blood War.

Every Captain, Lieutenant, and other numerous soldiers, had been absorbed by Yhwach before his defeat. The Captains killed during the process of the war, including those zombified, are dead. However, there are a few exceptions. Shunsui Kyōraku, the Captain-Commander who had went to the Royal Palace near the end of the war, is still alive. The only living Captain at this point is Byakuya Kuchiki, Captain of the Sixth Division; the only one that managed to survive Yhwach's soul absorption, save for Kyōraku himself, and a handful of higher-ranked officers. Beyond them, every lieutenant, third seat, all the way to fifth seats, are all dead. Not to mention several lower-ranked officers as well. If the number of the Gotei 13, as Nimaiya stated, is exactly 6000 at any normal time, then the current number is roughly 1450; give or take. The Onmitsukidō has been dealt a similarly significant blow.

Kyōraku was left with a very delicate situation. And so few solutions to choose from at this point. Furthermore, having lost his only remaining friend, Ukitake, and having already been depressed from the start, his personality has taken more of a darker turn than usual; though he was always rather dark, hidden under a veil of casual demeanor. In order to compensate for the missing ranks, he takes several bold initiatives. The first is that there is now a draft. Shinigami officers are now to patrol the Rukongai, in all four directions, and collect anybody even remotely suitable to receive instruction and ship them off to Shinō Academy. He abolishes the entrance exam to ensure that they enter the academy. This includes individuals that wouldn't normally be accepted, due to not possessing the required level of spiritual energy, but still have enough to be deemed acceptable under this era of desperation. He has also ordered a lowering of the standards required to graduate the academy so more Shinigami can be employed faster. This has caused a great fear throughout the Rukongai, for fear of being taken away from their homes to be employed as soldiers, and quite possibly, there may be talks of rebellion lurking in the shadows...

Meanwhile, Hueco Mundo was left without order. Tier Harribel is dead and conflicts between Hollows have arisen throughout the land, just as they did in the time before Barragan. However, in the middle of the chaos, a new Espada, led by the ferocious Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez, has formed to take the reigns of the unstable realm of Hollows.

The true danger, however, seems to have befallen the Human World. In a final act of defiance to the Shinigami, using his Soul Distribution power, he separates his power and unleashes it into the Human World before being finally cut down by Ichigo Kurosaki. Yhwach had spread his soul and his power throughout the Human World in the hopes that, upon his death, one day he might be able to return stronger than ever before. These pieces are known as the Soul Fragments. How many pieces his soul has been split into, nobody knows, but they have all been imparted into random human beings throughout the world. Right about now, as the Soul Society is trying to rebuild themselves, certain humans across the globe are now realizing that they have acquired strange supernatural gifts.

A sinister organization, named The Coven, is bent on collecting these fragments in the hopes of recreating a Soul King that will be used to establish a world where magic is at the center of all politics and power. Will they manage to succeed?

Main Story


  1. Dawn of the Coven

First Arc

  1. A New Chapter
  2. Ripple In a Pond

Second Arc

Third Arc

Side Stories


Blank period

  • Blank period arc

First arc

Dramatis Personae

Characters for the Fanon Canon
Gotei 13Protagonist
The CovenAntagonist
XstenceThird Party



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