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This story is about the fall of Echo, the last demon. It begins with his early life in the Soul Society up until his heart is shattered in the fog of war. Please, read and enjoy the darker side to life's experiences.

The First Tears[]

Kaosu's Return[]

"My dear hsuband, the time is nearing." Said a woman in pain, almost ready to enter labor. She was a noble in the Soul Society as well as her husband, both coming from very well known families. The woman an Aizen, and the father an Ichimaru. It was perhaps the stormiest night the Soul Society had ever had. The woman was beginning to regret choosing a private delivery, but the thought of her child in her arms reassured her.

Little did either of the two know, a spiritual entity of pure evil was descending upon their home to corrupt and feed. It gripped the man with spriitual essence, putting hanus thoughts into his mind. The man's mind could only take so much stress, it eventually collapsed. "So," He said, now no longer in control, "Which one of the captains fathered this lust child?!"

"My love, what are you speaking about?"

"I'm speaking about you, you stupid whore!"

The woman shrieked when her husband threw a mirror at her. "Please, whatever is worrying you, please just forget about it and share my happiness." She sounded worried.

"I bet you'd like that, wouldn't you?" He pulled out his zanpakuto. "Come over here!"

"Please no, please!" She didn't know what was possessing her husband's mind to do this but she was too terrified to ask questions. "Not our child!"

He ignored her.


The Society's response team quickly stormed their home minutes later. They had detected spiritual destress beyond any measure before. They assessed the room. A woman with roughly thirty-two stabs everywhere on her body, and a man still impaled with his own sword...Wait, somethign was in the woman's arms. One of the officers stepped closer, kneeling and lifting a small baby. The baby itself was impaled in the stomach, yet it was still living. Even more strange, it wasn't crying. The child stretched feebly and opened its eyes.

"Ah!" the officer stumbled backwards, he was blidned by the most terrifying eyes he had ever seen. He could practically see every soul in hell dancing within their iris'. "What in hell!" Said the officer, his veins beginning to bulge as he fell over.

His fellow officer turned him over. "What is it? Is the pain subsiding?"

"No..." He said weakly. "The agony, it just keeps echoing."


The Note[]

The Last Tears[]

Echo's Return[]

Rescuing Nome[]

Sora's Lament[]