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Bleach: Harbinger
Harbinger cover
Genre Action
Preceding Arc Bleach Canon
Following Arc Fanon Canon: Phantom Ascent
Setting Ikeda, Osaka, Human World
Series Details
Protagonists Members of Xstence
Antagonists Rift Creatures
Notable Events Rift Appears
General Information
Creator ShonenChicoBoy
Contributors Sitewide
Roleplay Debut Fanon Canon: Harbinger

Bleach: Harbinger (ブリーチ・ハービンジャー, Burīchi: Hābinjā) is an arc in Bleach: Extinction that takes place seven months before the events of Phantom Ascent, and is primarily concerned with the Fullbringers who are members of the organization Xstence, although other organizations and races are involved.


Xstence was formed with one goal in mind: the protection of fellow humans, from both themselves and Hollows. For this reason, members train diligently in order to master their powers, relying on each other for wisdom and guidance. They are autonomous and secretive, looking out for their own interests and shunning outsiders. Currently, their active goal is to seek out Fullbringers who have received soul fragments. Although these fragments were dispersed nine years ago, the powers associated with them are just starting to emerge. It is important that the Fullbringers learn to use this newfound power effectively, although why they are intent on gathering them and training to use them in the first place remains unknown. Although Xstence seems to be unaware of the true nature of the shards and their inherent connection to Yhwach, their actions in seeking out these fragments brings them into direct conflict with a mysterious individual who is after an enigmatic dark power. Whatever the case may be, it will be up to the members of Xstence to stop this adversary... and to survive.


On May 30th a strange rift appears above the skies of Osaka Bay. Strange creatures emerge from this rift, and a small fishing barge that was caught in the sudden unleashing of power is sunk, killing all on board.[1] The monsters are believed to be Yōkai, and they make their way towards Osaka. Meanwhile, in Ikeda, the members of Xstence notice the rift and the monsters.[2] Tetsuo Momohara calls a meeting to order[3] at the organization’s headquarters[4], and from there they pair up and head out to investigate and engage the strange creatures.[5]


List all sidestories pertaining the characters that appear in Harbinger here.



Xstence: (In order of appearance)

Minor: (In order of appearance)

  • Kabuto: a navigator who was killed when his ship was attacked by Yōkai.
  • Kamiki: a guard employed at the office building where Kōhaku works.
  • Juro's Parents
  • Amaka's Parents
  • Convenience store clerk: a late night employee who sells taiyaki to Emi.


Minor: (In order of appearance)

  • Okami and Partner: two muggers who were defeated by Juro.


Xstence Headquarters
Michiyo's Flower Shop


  • A harbinger is a person or thing that announces or signals the approach of another.


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