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Bleach: Equilibrium
Kanji ブリーチ・エクイリブリャム
Rōmaji Burīchi: Ekuiriburiamu
Genre Action, Bangsian fantasy, Supernatural
Story Information
Created By User:LordGalvatron
Published By Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki
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Bleach: Equilibrium (ブリーチ・エクイリブリャム, Burīchi: Ekuiriburiamu) is a pseudo-canon fanfiction conceptualized and written by LordGalvatron, Stylx, and Zf6hellion. It takes place shortly after the Quincy Blood War following a Wandenreich victory. The story follows the Quincy as they seek to find a way to maintain the balance of souls.


Plot Overview

The story begins following the conclusion of the Quincy Blood War and a Wandenreich victory against the Gotei 13. Though the Soul King remains in place, the Quincy empire now has control over Soul Society. Yhwach is lost in the conflict and his successor, Uryū Ishida disappears alongside Ichigo Kurosaki. Roshan Bamshad has taken a position of regency while they search for a new king.

The Balance of Souls Arc

At the same time the Wandenreich are faced with a new issue, the balance of souls is on the brink of collapse and with no Shinigami to fix it, the Quincy are left searching for a new way to moderate the flow of Souls between worlds, all the while Soul Society and the Human World are slowly beginning to seep into each other. In the midst of this turmoil, an ancient enemy begins to move.

Chapter No. # Chapter Name Date Published Status
1.Balance of Souls: Collapse19 October, 2013Completed
2.Balance of Souls: Restitution16 December, 2013Completed
3.Balance of Souls: Incursion1 March, 2014Completed
4.Balance of Souls: Relapse14 June, 2014Completed
5.Balance of Souls: Deterioration4 July, 2014Completed
6.Balance of Souls: Ruination7 September, 2014Completed
7.Balance of Souls: Perdition25 May, 2015In Progress


(Coming Soon)


  • Equilibrium as a title is subject to change, though still serves to point out the general plot of the Quincy seeking a new form of balance.
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