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Bleach: Enduring Path
Kanji 漂白剤:不朽のパス
Rōmaji Burīchi: Fukyū no pasu
Genre Action, Supernatural
Story Information
Created By User:Stylx
Published By Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki
Original Run TBA
Arcs 1
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Bleach: Enduring Path, (漂白剤:不朽のパス, Burīchi: Fukyū no pasu) is an alternate universe/timeline fanfiction written by Stylx. The story takes place in a time of peace and follows Kei Hirata (The protagonist) and Chiyoko Mori (The deuteragonist) as they endure struggles of a Shinigami as well as their own personal hardships.


Plot Overview

The story takes place in a time of relative peace where the only threats are the occasional skirmish by low-leveled Hollows, with no major emergencies at hand, many of the higher ranked Shinigami go back to their respective jobs of mundanity while the lower ranked members are sent off to regulate the Hollows or do their own duties. With his own Division being in charge of Human Word jurisdiction, the coldhearted 6th Seat, Kei Hirata must go through the various difficulties a Shingiami of his position has to endure while also dealing with the issues caused by his attitude.

The Dawn of Hardship Arc

Despite the relative peace of the Soul Society, many hardships still face the Shinigami, such as Hollow skirmishes, aggressive Runkongai citizens, as well as problems within. However, under the veil of peace that surrounds the Shinigami, a force brews slowly and quietly.

Chapter No. # Chapter Name Date Published Status
1.Dawn of Hardship: Cold RoadJune 18, 2014Complete
2.Dawn of Hardship: Unfolding RoadJune 24, 2016In Progress


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