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Bleach: Eclipse
Mistake in the name.
Genre Action, Comedy and Drama
Created by User:Paradise Paradox
Published by User:Paradise Paradox
English Publisher User:Paradise Paradox

Bleach: Eclipse, is a fanfiction made by User:Paradise Paradox, it revolves around Kanjiro Kawashima and his duties as a Lieutenant.


20 years after the actual Bleach year, all the Captains in the 13 Court Guard Squad have retired or been killed, now there is new Captains. Now new things has happened in the Bleach World. Arrancars are returning, the 13 Core Guard Squads test their strength against the last generation and two Lieutenants are sucked into a thing called Nux and for all off them a strange power takes place.


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Squad Changes

All of the lieutenants have become Captains. Also, some of the canons characters may not be on those positions, because I either I don't have intrest in them or I don't like them.

Squad Captain Lieutenant
Squad 1 Matsuo Asai Akio Kuno
Squad 2 Marechiyo Ōmaeda Ken Mahashi
Squad 3 Izuru Kira Takiji Koyama
Squad 4 Isane Kotetsu Hanataro Yamada
Squad 5 Momo Hinamori Tatsui Ikoma
Squad 6 Renji Abarai Mashiro Kawashima
Squad 7 Tetsuzaemon Iba Satu Matsuki
Squad 8 Nanao Ise Kanjiro Kawashima
Squad 9 Shūhei Hisagi Naizen Kodama
Squad 10 Rangiku Matsumoto Shina Kawabata
Squad 11 Yachiru Kusajishi Ikkaku Madarame
Squad 12 Nemu Kurotsuchi Haruhi Kitagawa
Squad 13 Rukia Kuchiki Sentarō Kotsubaki


Arc Name

Chapter Range

Theme Music


1 World of the Living Arc 1-7(7 Chapters) Paradise Paradox - AYABIE Yammato dies against Matsuo and Kanjiro and his brother become Lieutenants. And Kanjiro is picked to fight some hollows.
2 Rise of the Arrancar Arc 8-40(32 Chapters) The Swarm - You Me At Six The Arrancar are back, wanting to the Eclipse, the mysterious hidden artifact.
3 Generations Arc 41-61(20 Chapters) Last Train Home - LostProphets 13 Court Guard Squads face the previous 13 Court Guard Squads in a generation fight.
4 Dezimiert Falken Arc 61-85(24 Chapters) Dust In The Wind - Kansas Crashing the generation fight, the Dezimiert Falken's take Mashiro and Kanjiro and they must be rescued.
5 Zombie Arc 86-110(24 Chapters) This Is War - 30 Seconds To Mars After the big fight, the Human World is no longer safe and an outbreak of zombies has occured. Kanjiro is also exiled after.
6 Turn Back The Pendulum Arc 111-121(10 Chapters) This Is War - 30 Seconds To Mars Back the many years before.
7 Sagner Town Arc 121-130(9 Chapters) Edge of the Earth - 30 Seconds To Mars Zombie outbreak has stopped and Kanjiro has gone to live in Sagner Town.
8 Rouge Arc 131-145(14 Chapters) Titanium - David Guetta Kanjiro decides to be a rouge Shingami.
9 Retrival Arc 146-160 (14 Chapters) Rescue Me - Tokio Hotel Kanjiro gets ready to go get Sorasutoraiku back and is re brought to Sqaud 8.
10 First Zombie War Arc 161-191(30 Chapters)

Sore Winner - There For Tomorrow

Zombies are back again and war is declared against Shinigami.
11 Distinguished War Weapon Arc 191-200(9 Chapters) Sore Winner - There For Tomorrow Already getting powers of the Eclipse, Shinigami's extiction is immenent.


  • Song 2 - Blur
  • Na Na Na - My Chemical Romance
  • Young - Hollywood Undead
  • You're Gonna Go Far Kid - The Offspring
  • Final Fantasy 13 Theme
  • Rooftops - LostProphets
  • Arrival - Neil Davidge
  • Loading Up - Jon CJG