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Bleach: Call of the Fullbringer
Bleach Call of the Fullbringer v2
Kanji ブリーチ:fullbringerの呼び出し
Romanji Burīchi: Meshi no za Fullbringer
Genre Action, Supernatural
Created by Stylx
Published by Bleach Fan Fiction Wiki
Original Run November 15, 2012 - Present
Volumes 1
Extra Contributors:

Bleach: Call of the Fullbringer (ブリーチ:fullbringerの呼び出し, Burīchi: Meshi no za Fullbringer) is an alternate universe/timeline fanfiction written by User:Stylx and contributed upon by User:Zf6hellion. The story's main protagonists are Fullbringers Masato Fujiwara and Kumiko Fujimoto while the current antagonistic group are the Gotei 13 while Xodus are the protagonist organisation.


Plot Overview

Rescue of the Fullbringer Arc

In the first arc, we are briefly introduced to the protagonists, Masato Fujiwara and Kumiko Fujimoto, during another Hollow hunt, they are ambushed by two Shinigami, Yamada Kooji and Kuroda Hasegawa. In the ensuing battle, the latter of the two fullbringers gets captured and the former is left for dead, he is however, rescued by two shadowy figures, Fujiwara is determined to rescue his partner, going to the Seireitei to do so.

Chapter No. # Chapter Name Date Published Status
1.The Hollow HuntersNovember 15, 2012Completed
2.Hollow Hunters 2November 18, 2012Completed
3.One-Man InvasionNovember 22, 2012Completed
4.Storming the SeireiteiJuly 23, 2013Completed
5.The Final MileOctober 17, 2013Completed
6.The SalvageFebruary 22, 2014Completed

Mystery of the Fullbringer Arc

Chapter No. # Chapter Name Date Published Status
1.Mystery of the Fullbringer: Tephra Rain26th September 2014In Progress


  • Both this fanfiction series and the fanfiction series Bleach: Enduring Path, share the same universe, but are in alternate timelines.
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