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Stage1, Mahara Colst[]

1.Birth of the Roses "A peak of Mahara's birth."

"Life of the plants is one of splendid longevity. A plant will rise from the fallen and attempt to takes its place in life, a place in the sun."

2. Pink Crown of Death “The fall of the Sunlight, the withering of the Plants.”

“It is said he who wears the crown of Pink will destroy all, this child will be the harbinger of endless suffering and death, to save our lives and countless others, wouldn’t killing such a child be the only course."

3. Caprice of pink, save our world “Fall of the Imperialights.”

“I will never give up my Paradise!”

Stage2, Adduneihu Adduneihi[]

1. Nightmare on ice “Birth of the Adduneihi.”

“Look as much as you are able, but in the never ending darkness exists no light.”

2. Escape, past the island to the world “Going to Earth.”

“To a heart seeking freedom, this place is the coldest prison.”

3. Home to Home “The truth the love.”

“No matter where we go, no matter how we fight of try to escape it, love will find us. It will tear us into shreds, but build us up into something even better.”