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Chapter 6: The Thrill of a Captain's Meeting[]

Two subordinants walked through Rukongai District 1 (where mostly new souls first appear to Soul Society) feeling bored as ever. At least they start from somewhere. One bald guy and his walking companion who seem to have feathers glued to his eyebrow. It's none other than Ikkaku Madarame and Yumichika Ayasegawa. They've received from their squad 11's captain, Kenpachi, about escorting a newly soul Captain Hitsugaya found to go inside Seireitei straight to squad 1. So far Ikkaku's near to destroy the Rukon District if they don't find that soul fast.

"Admit it, Ikkaku", Yumichika said, "we're lost."

"No we're not!" yelled the bald shinigami. "We're not looking in the right direction, yeah that's it!"

"Keep telling yourself that", he murmured. "Honestly, the more I spent time with you the more your manners becomes nasty, despicable, immature, in other words you're manners are not beautiful to stand. You're lucky I'm used to this."

"Maybe because you're a LAZY-ASS BASTARD who won't do shit at the division!"

"And you are one to talk?"

"AGH! I can't take this! What does this bastard look like? All Captain Zaraki did was to fetch the soul inside Seireitei he never told us what his description, not a clue to help us out!"

"Why not ask the wondering souls here? It'd be hard to look for this person."

"Oh, yeah and you want me to believe the said soul will fall on top of me? Forgive me, my weird-" Baldy never finished his sentence since he jinxed his own incident. If you guessed a soul dropped on top of Baldy then good for you! The soul landed on Ikkaku's back while the said person had his front side facing the ground. Ikkaku managed to get his head up and spits out the dirt in his mouth. "Something tells me we found our "new friend"."

Yumichika giggled girly. "It appears so. But thank goodness you broke his fall."

The spirit on top of Ikkaku looks down at the said shinigami and by doing a single flip he got off the Baldy. "Sorry about that, man. I didn't know I would end up falling from the sky."

Ikkaku stood up and leaned back until he heard a reassuring crack of his spine. "More like you've fallen on top of me." He glanced at the newcoming soul. "Are you the soul Captain Hitsugaya report? If not then you're waisting our time."

"If by Captain Hitsugaya you must mean Toshiro then yes, yes I am." The spirit grinned and held out his hand. "My name is Train Heartnet. What's your name?"

The bald guy went towards the entrance gate. His companion thought to be polite to Train Heartnet since he was courteous in first appearance. He shook the spirit's given hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Train. I'm Yumichika Ayasegawa. The cueball over there is Ikkaku Madarame. We'll be your humble escort to squad 1. If you be so kind as to follow us." Train nodded and followed his two "tour guides" (or so he called them in his mind) until... "Oh, by the way how did you appear with such a beautiful complexion." Yumichika touches Train's face.

"Excuse me?" Train asked somewhat feeling uncomfortable about how close the narcissist is close to his face.


"I'm what?"

Ikkaku laughed in the background. "He's saying how you become so handsome!" Then laughed so hard he falls on his back cradling his stomach as stomach pain begins hurting him. It seems he doesn't care so long as he get one heck of a laugh.

Train, whom is still confuse, looks back at Yumichika. "I don't know." He shrugged thinking it over. "I guess I was born with it."


"How long does this take?" Train asked Ikkaku as there was an anime sweat drop coming down on his head.

"If you knew him more like I have it might take a while." Ikkaku started walking off again. "Hey, hurry up with your tantrum. We're burning daylight!"

Out of a miracle, the feather eyebrow dude stopped yelling and ran off with his friend. Train shooked his head while following the two soul reapers to their destinations. "I've got to remind myself not to talk to Yumichika whenever he's around", Train murmured to himself.


The more the three souls past through District 1 the more Heartnet felt bad for the souls around him. Everyone looked so poor and hungry. He even went by a group of starving children trying to share a small bag of candy. Train looked back at the his two escorts out of his hearing range. The brunette went up to the group of kids and sit beside them. "You must be really hungry, huh?" They all nodded but they hold their ground. Train felt guilty and wanted to help them. Then an idea popped in his head! If he was able to form reishi into Hades' replica why not other things? Like food? If he can concentrate on the form on his own reishi.

"Not everything you make from reishi doesn't always depend on form, Lord Train."

'You again? Can't you tell me who you are? I know you're more than a small cricket who tells me what's right and wrong."

"In due time, Milord. In due time. For now you must work on your masterpiece of life."

Yeah, you said something about 'doesn't always depend on form'. What do you mean?

"I mean use your senses. You have more senses than sight and touch, Milord. There is also taste, smell, and sometimes sound. If you successfully use these methods you can create a new world of your own."

Nice. But I think it's best to use my powers in a minimum. Just to help others.

She silently laughed. "I would've said it better myself, Master."

Train closed his eyes and his body starts glowing like before. For the children, he's concentrating at least a life-supply of food and medical supplies. For food, well, this is Train we're talking about. You don't have to tell him twice what food look, smell, and most definately taste. And fresh water. In reality, the children were amazed by this strange man's power. A couple of bags appear before them, a couple jars of water, and a big bag of medical supplies. Each enough for the children can carry home. Once Train opened his eyes and was once more surprise to see he done it again. The kids were so amazed they didn't have the right word to say to the kind adult.

After a minute, Train puts one finger on his lip, tilts his head to the side, and winked at them. "This is our lil' secret. Understand?" They all nodded. "Good, I should go." Before he could stand a little girl with dark hair, one blue eye and one brown, and wears a green and black kimono hugs Train.

"Thank you, Mister." She whispered in his ear. Train couldn't help but hug her back.

"You're welcome." He gently pulled back and looked at the stray kids. "Remember all this is for all of you and the rest who are like you. This will only last for a year. I don't know when I'll see you again but if we don't meet again then I wish for all of you and your companies the best of luck. And we must keep this a secret only between us and no one else." The kids nodded again. Train smiled and took his leave.

After that, all the kids say thank you to him and grabbed their new supplies home. Train went to find his escorts and made it just in time before Ikkaku decided to check on their follower. "Hey, did you feel that just a few minutes ago?" He asked expecting an answer.

"Me? No, not really. I can barely sense anyone in here." Train replied while he tried to hide his tracks.

Then, Yumichika pooped in the conversation. "You see, Train. Here, in Rukongai, souls have very little of spirit energy so they barely eat much. But those who does contain a massive amount get to eat more!"

"That sounded mean coming from you."

"But it's reality in Soul Society. So welcome home."

As they walk Train thought to himself, This is totally different from the kind of Heaven I was thinking about.


Toshiro Hitsugaya stands outside of squad 1's gate waiting impatiently on Train and Zaraki's subordinants. Beside Toshiro is a clear puddle, can be easily seen by anyone's reflection. Out of boredom, Hitsugaya decided to look at himself. He gasped at what a mess he is! There's no way he's going into Captain Yamamoto's office looking like this! What would Ol' Man Yama might think? What's worse is what would Train think? His reflection shows the young captain blushing. It's true, there's no denying it. Toshiro Hitsugaya, captain of squad 10 and child prodigy, is madly in love with a soul name Train Heartnet. But he can only be an admirer, not a lover. It'll ruin his reputation if it were to happen. He couldn't risk something like that! Hey, at least he admits it to himself. What he is more concern is if his rescuer feels the same way. Absentmindedly he touched his cheek where Heartnet wiped his fallen tear. Hitsugaya smiled at the last minute memory. Another thought treasured in his heart.

He sighed mentally. What if he doesn't have the same feelings for me? What am I going to do? Again he sighs of his thought.

"HEY, TOSHIRO!" Out of surprise, the ice weilder began falling into the puddle! Thankfully his savior rescue him from having wet clothes by wrapping his arm around Toshiro's small waist. He looked up at Train and blushed on how close their faces are from each other. The replayed image in his rolled in showing him nearly kissing him! Here we go again on the blushing. "Sorry Toshiro! I didn't mean to scare you", he started laughing, "BUT I COULDN'T HELP MYSELF!" Train couldn't help but laugh louder than before. Toshiro's romantic mind soon got crushed and wanted to hurt his savior rather admiring him! The former assassin helped Hitsugaya up. Then, two questions popped into his head. How did he not sensed Heartnet's spirit energy and how can this same person be able to hide it if he never experience it before?

"Can we go now, Captain Hitsugaya?" Ikkaku asked. "We brought him in. I don't see why we have to stay any longer."

"I'm rather enjoying this scene." Yumichika said excitedly. "Wonder what happens next."

Toshiro looks at the two subordinates. When did they get here? He clears his throat as he speaks. "Now that you mention it I want you two to return to your post. You have done enough for today."

"Aw, I wanted to see if there's any romance going on."

Train tilts his head. "Romance?" he asked.

"Don't let Ayasegawa's words confuse you. Not many shinigamis do not know what is he talking about", Toshiro reassured him.

"Isn't it obvious, Train? Captain Hitsugaya is-" Yumichika didn't get to finish his sentence because Ikkaku covered his friend's big mouth.

"...Is impacient. He must have been waiting for us like hours to get here", Ikkaku said as an excuse to their new friend. He looked at the sky and said quickly, "Wow, look at the time we need to head back before Captain Zaraki yells at us when we're not training."

Train gave the two soul reapers a look. A look that made both of men have a chill down their spines. He glanced at them like he was trying to read their thoughts. Until he closed his eyes as he smiled at them saying, "Well, it was nice meeting you guys. Hope I'll see you soon."

"Okay, I guess we're going now. 'Bye." After that, Ikkaku who hold onto Yumichika swift out of there in a flash.

Both Toshiro and Train sweatdropped at the scenery. Train had no clue what just happen while Toshiro was relieved Ikkaku didn't let Yumichika rat him out. That would've been embarrassing. Toshiro started walking inside squad 1. He turned to Train to assumed if he was coming or not. Sure enough the new spirit followed before he took one last glanced where both subordinants ran off. Train shrugged and went through the gates of the 1st division.


Ikkaku glanced through the corner as Train went into squad 1. He lets go of his friend since he noticed the coast was clear. Yumichika glared at him demanding for an explanation were written in his eyes. Ikkaku sighed and explained the situation. "The reason I got you out of there because Train's a bit oblivious to notice Captain Hitsugaya's feelings for him. Do you get it?"

"Well, duh. I've known since he save him from getting wet." The narcisstant sighed heavily. "The way their eyes meet each other. The way Hitsugaya gazed at him coming closer and closer until-"

"All right, no more romance novels for you before bedtime", Ikkaku reassured his companion.

"I mean it, Ikkaku. There's love in the air. I can feel it!"

"Yeah, for now keep it to yourself. I think he's an idiot if he doesn't know what love is."

"You don't know what love is either."

"Of course I know what love is! I love fighting! That meant for something!"

"Silly Cueball Head, I'm talking about compassionate love. Your definition of love is a base on a hobby."

"Whatever just don't be Cupid if things go bad."

"That I might not promise on."

And so the two walked on to squad 11 where they were placed with fight-lovers like themselves, especially the captain.


Inside squad 1's hallway Train was amazed by the structure of the place. It was so huge you can use it as a five-star hotel! Everwhere he looked is big. Toshiro thought Train's behavior resembles a young child experiencing a place. He silently chuckled to himself at the very idea of it. Until squad 1's lieutenant, Chojiro Sasakiba appears in front of him.

"I see you have return, Captain Hitsugaya." He said as he bowed in respect of the young prodigy.

"Yes, I have. Is the Head Captain in his office? I came to report him myself."

"Of course. It's about the source of high spiritual pressure. Captain Yamamoto had started the meeting now. Where is the soul?"

"What do you mean 'where is the soul'? He's right...Train? Heartnet? Dammit! Where did he go?"

A female subordinant with short brown hair went up to her superior, the lieutenant, and bowed. "Sir, were you showing your relative around the division?"

"A relative of mine?" Chojiro questioned. "I don't have a relative. What does this person looked like?"

"Well, he has messy brown hair, weird clothes", she starts blushing as she continues, "gold eyes, and a nice tan. His white shirt has an opening showing his a piece of his chest and tattoo! Oh! He's so handsome!"

Toshiro sighed in relief. Yeah, it's him alright. Then, he asked her, "Did he say where he was going?"

"Now that you mention it he did ask where's the Head Captain is. I asked him why but he told me, in his most sexy voice, I was just want to talk to him. And if you see a person name Toshiro tell him I'm off to find the guy. Since I don't sense anything dangerous about him I told him where he holds his captains' meeting. I was going to tell him he's in the middle of one but he ran off before I get to tell him. Do you anyone who's name is Toshiro?" On cue, Hitsugaya ran after Train bfore he crashed the captains' meeting! "Did I said somthing wrong to him?" she asked Chojiro.

"It's seems Captain Hitsugaya's late for a meeting."

"Oh", she said understandedly.


"...And further more the more we teach this soul how to control his spiritual pressure the sooner he'll become a captain prodigy such as Captain Hitsugaya", Head Captain announced to the rest of the captains. He continues, "During today, you all noticed Captain Hitsugaya's return. He approached to my office telling me he found the soul in Karakura. This is the very reason why I have announced all of you to be here now."

"Oh goody. We'll finally get to see the all-powerful soul", said Captain Kurosutchi happily. "I can't wait to experiment on its body!"

"Not before I get to fight with it first!" Captain Zaraki yelled.

"I need to conduct research for this specimen! I will not let you have your way in killing it just for your own pleasure!"

"And I'm not letting you turn it into your guinea pig for your own pleasure!"

"Enough!" yelled Captain Yamamoto. "Neither of you will lay a hand on it when it makes an appearance before us. Do I make myself clear? Both arguing captains took a step back in their post. Not daring to disobey the strongest captain among them. "We don't have all the information there is in this soul so be prepare if it decided to bring in chaos."

All the captains nodded their heads until someone pushed the door open causing the rest to look at their unwanted guest. It's none other than our favorite person Train Heartnet making his entrance. He approached them without having fear coming to his mind. His hands rest in his pockets, his eyes closed, his cat smile never leaving his face, and his shoes echoed in the room. The crowd was quiet making Train's footsteps louder in each step. He stopped an inch between Captain Kurosutchi and Captain Ukitake. He opened his eyes with his smile still glued to his face. Heartnet lifted his hand out of his pocket and kept raising it up. The 8 captains had their hands on their katanas ready to take actions. Train gestured his two finger beside his head and gave a short solute with a simple "Yo". All of them blinked like he's crazy or something. Is that all he has to say?

"Wow, tough crowd." he continues letting his eyes wonder around the room taking every last detail in view. The captains were, too, gazing at their unexpected visitor. How dare he disturd a meeting only sutable for captains only. Who does this person think he is? Train's golden eyes went onto the old man in the center. His eyebrow went up thinking if he should ask the old man. His soluted fingers become a point to the head captain. "Are you Head Captain Yamamoto?"

Yamamoto glared at Train with his black beady eyes, which can pierce at anyone's soul to see if they are telling the truth. "What if I am? What do you accomplished to deal with me, ryoka?"

"Ryoka?" Train tilts his head a bit. The two female captains, Soifon and Unohana, mentally squealed at how cute he is. He shook his head. "Whatever that is I'm not this "ryoka". I'm actually here because you guys were looking for me."

They were looking for him? What is he talking about? "May we ask what your name is?" asked Komamura.

"Oh, yeah. I almost forgot. My name is-"

"There you are, Heartnet." Everyone in the room, including Train, had their eyes toward the door where an irritated Captain Hitsugaya stood. He walked up to Train. "What were you thinking Train? You can't run off without knowing where you're going. You're lucky you didn't cause any trouble before I got here. Even though you were starting to."

"Hey, Toshiro. I guess the girl told you I was heading here, huh?" the brunette said as his hand rubs his back neck nervously. He gets more nervous when he saw Toshiro's teal eyes glaring at him. "Is it me or is the room a lot colder?"

The child prodigy went by his nervous companion to face the rest of the captains. He bowed down and said, "As you can see I have return with the source of the high spiritual pressure. The man who stand before you is a deceased bounty hunter, Train Heartnet." Train saw basically everyone's confused expression. The person with Captain Hitsugaya is the powerful soul he was assigned to search? "I have seen his powers up close and believe me as I say this he has a magnificent gift."

"I don't believe it 'til I see it", Kenpachi stated.

"This is one thing I actually agree with you, Captain Zaraki", says Soifon. "How can a soul like him be stronger than any of us put together? We couldn't sense his spirit energy when he came in. If you ask me I think he's nothing more than those weak souls in the Rukongai."

"Man, you're a cold woman. Maybe it's one of those reasons why you look like a shrew." Train commented on Soifon. The captains were trying (and I quote trying) to hold in their laughter. Even the head captain was doing his best not to chuckle at this. But Toshiro and Juushiro were only letting out a cough to hide their chuckle. Soifon glared at him with one of her death glares.

Kurosutchi managed to calm himself first to let out his thought. He notices the brunette's tattoo. "Why do you have the number thirteen in roman numeral?"

"Well it's a a memory of my old job. My I ask why d you look like a demented clown, which is every kids worst nightmare coming to life?" This time the whole room was filled with laughter! Kurosutchi anger roses up as he glares at the joking brunette. "May I go now? When it comes to long speech I get easily bored. Damn, where can a guy get some milk around here?" Seriously, he thinks of milk at a time like this. Everyone, even Toshiro, were a bit stunned at something that's coming out of his mouth. He could die where he stand at any minute!

Toshiro nervously thought to himself, What am I going to do? If Train can't prove himself to Captain Yamamoto and the others who knows what they'll do to him! I have to think of something and fast. That's it! He glanced at Train who looks like he could pass out at any time. "Train, if you can't find milk why don't you make milk out of your reishi?"

The stray cat dude's eyes lit up in happiness. It caused Toshiro to let out another light blush on his cheeks. Only one captain saw his reaction and that's Captain Ukitake. "Thanks Toshiro! Why didn't I thought of it before?"

"It's impossible!" yelled Captain Yamamoto.

"No one can make life out of reishi!" argued Komamura.

"There's only two kinds of beings who are able to use reishi. The Quincies and the Bounts. The Quincies absorb reishi to form them into bows and arrows as their weapons. Where as Bounts absorb them to increase in their strengths", Captain Kurosutchi explained. "Since he's not a Quincy nor is he a Bount I hardly believe the like of him would be able to control such a power. If he has that sort of power."

"Wow, this is a tough room", Train said.

"I want to see this "power" for myself", the silent Captain Kuchiki spoke.

The silent one speaks, Train thought. He looked at Kuchiki. What's with those weird noodle things on his head and isn't he a bit warm with his scarf on? Byakuya noticed him staring at him strangely. He was going to snap when he heard Captain Kyoraku speak.

"Sure, I want to see it. It could be interesting."

"I wouldn't mind, either. It's just a drink he want. I don't see nothing wrong with it." Jushiro said.

Kenpachi nodded but deep down he wanted to know if Train's as powerful as the reports stated about him.

Train closed his eyes and concentrated his reishi on the existence of his usual tasty, delicious milk in a bottle. As he does this the captains were in shocked to sensed his spiritual pressure rising a bit and his contration on reishi. Kenpachi grinned on how much fun his challenge will be with Train. Kurosuchi also grinned on how much fun he'll get to experiment on the young man's body. Searching for answers inside his organs.

As Heartnet's body slowly dim the glowing light and his spiritual pressure slowly decreasing he hold out the light form in his hand. The glowing form became clear. It's the glass bottle milk Train wanted. He opened his eyes and smiled. He finally got milk! Train opened the plastic top and drank the milk. It's as good as he remnember when he was alive.

"Amazing", replied Captain Unohana.

"Remarkable", Captain Kurosutchi said. "I must experiment on him!"

"Captain Kurosutchi! Are you going against my order? I simply stated not to harm the source." Captain Yamamoto reminded him.

"What are we going to do, Head Captain?" Unohana asked.

"I can see Captain Hitsugaya was right before. But I am concern on the near future if someone were to control such a power. One idea which comes in mind is executing him."

"Head Captain! You can't do this! He just arrived and you're putting judgement on him?" Toshiro couldn't help but yell about his opinion.

"Is there another option?" Train asked with his eyes full of seriousness. "It's clear I didn't do anything to you. But let me tell you something if I am going to die yet again. You see Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya before you now? You should thank me because there were a group of strong hollows outnumbering him! He wouldn't be here right now if I didn't act."

The old man's eyes left Train and went to the young captain. "Is this true, Captain Hitsugaya?"

"Yes, Head Captain. Every word Train told you is the truth. After he saved me, he killed every hollow that attacked me with his weapon out of reishi and carried me to Urahara's." Toshiro explained bravely.

"It's impossble! No whole, like him, can do those things without shinigami training! It's obsurd, crazy, insane-!" Soifon argued.

"I think we get it", Train interrupted her. "Especially me."

Yamamoto took in a deep breath. "It could be possible to sign you into Soul Reaper Academy. With the right set of skills you'll be a professional shinigami in no time. If there is no problem in keeping your powers a secret."

"Wait, I have to go to school?"

"It's either that or death, your choice." Toshiro reassured him.

Train dropped in his head as a dark cloud went over him. "Great, this must be my worst day ever."

"I'll let the headmaster know of you joining the rest. You'll start tomorrow."

The cloud disappears and Train's head went up. "Why tomorrow?"

"The old saying goes: the sooner the better." Yamamoto said. "Meeting dismissed." He bang his cane down. Every captain left the room, each one looking at Train at either glares or glances.

"We should go, too, Train. You had a long day."Toshiro said. "Follow me, I'll let you sleep in my quarters for the night." They walked in the mid-afternoon to his office in squad 10. (A/N: I don't know where captains sleep so I'm winging it.) "Train, are you nervous?"

"Huh?" Train said getting back to reality. He forgot he hasn't finish drinking his milk yet.

"Are you scared about going to academy so soon? The first semester has already started. It's too late to go in since the entrance exams are finished."

"To be honest, I'm a bit nervous. I never gone to school when I was little so this is a first for me."(A/N: Still winging it!)

Toshiro widened his eyes. "What?" He never went to school? Then what has he been doing this entire time? "How do you know how to read or write?"

"From experience I guess. The point is this might be exciting for me. I get to meet new people and I might learn to actually learn how to control this weird power I have."

"Just watch your back, Train. There are those who'll do anything to see their victim fall."

"So it's really your average high school/college version of the dead." He gave Toshiro the rest of his milk. "Here, you can have it."

"I don't want your milk, even though you do have your germs on it." Train rolled his eyes and took the bottle as he wiped the top with his shirt. He gave it back to him again. "Fine, I drink it if you stop bothering me about it."

"Come on, it's good for you. It'll help you grow up big and strong."

"Your point is?"

"It might help-Nevermind. You don't have to drink it if you don't want to."

The very thought of Toshiro drinking the same bottle from Train might be like taking his first kiss to him..."DAMMIT! STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!"

"Stop thinking about what?"

Toshiro's face went to red mode since he yelled out his thought to his crush! "I meant stop thinking about... how short I am!"

"Like I said you don't have to drink the milk if you don't want to."

"I never said I didn't want to. It makes me think like I'm a kid."

"Toshiro, I've been drinking milk for more than 14 years. In my adult years people ask me why I drink milk. I told them because I love drinking them. Who cares if it's only for little kids? It's still good for your bones. So what do you say now?"

Toshiro was admired by Train's short speech. He doesn't care what people think of him! He was proud of who he is today! With a final decision Toshiro gulped down nearly the entire bottle. He let out a gasp of oxygen after a large gulp. "I say you have good taste in milk."

Heartnet laughed while Toshiro blush got bigger. He loved his laugh. "Well, let's go to your quarters!" So off they went to his office.


"" Train said trying his best not to insult Captain Hitsugaya. The young captain's office were filled with paperwork everywhere on the floor!

"Just say it. My office is a mess. WHERE IS MATSUMOTO?" Toshiro yelled while Train put his hands on his ears.

"Geez, any louder and I might become deaf."

"I'm sorry if this sort of bothering you. It happens everyday." He sighed. Train felt bad for him. Doing all the work by humself.

"Hey, where's your living quarters again?"

"Follow me." As ordered Heartnet followed Toshiro to his room. When they their Toshiro open his door. His room was small and neat. A big comfy bed right next to the window, a desk next to his bed, and a two slided door where it is the closet. Hitsugaya set the still bottle milk on the desk and looked at his guest. "If you're tired you can sleep on my bed while I sleep on the floor."

"That's hardly seem fair for you."

"Don't argue with me I'm not in the mood."

"Because of the paperwork?"

"Yes." As he said this he gritted his teeth together.

"Then why don't you take a nap?"

Toshiro stared at Train like he's crazy. "What?"

"Take. A. Nap."

"I. Don't. Have. Time."

"Then. Make. Time."

This moment their face were an inch having both their noses touch together. "Agh! I don't have time for this!" Toshiro took the milk with him and out he went to his office.

"Man, Toshiro needs a break big time." He sighed and went to sleep.


In the squad 12's lab, Captain Mayuri Kurosutchi keeps pondering on Train Heartnet's tattoo. Basically, humans love to have many tattoos on their body. But Train told him "it's a memory of his old job". What kind of job that requires a member to have a tattoo of a Roman number? Also, this number happens to be 13, the unlucky number. What could it mean?

"Nemu", he calls his lieutenant and daughter to him. The artificial soul approaches him. "I need you to go in to the world of the living to do some research."

"What kind of research, Father?" Nemu asks the demented clown known as her father/creator.

"I need you to search for any kind of place/job that requires their members to have Roman numbers on their body parts."

"Not to sound rude, Captain, but why are you trying so hard to learn about this?"

"I'm quite curious of a new soul appearing today in the captain's meeting having a tattoo on his right chest. He said it's a reminder of his old job. I want to know what he used to be before beside being a bounty hunter. Now go, I'll let the department open the senkaimon for you. And don't forget to give me proof of your discovery." Nemu bows and runs off to the gate. "I can't wait to see what she obtains from the living world." He grins a sinister smile on his face excited to see what she learns when she gets back.

Chapter 7: The Cat's Inner World[]

Train's POV

I opened my eyes after what seems like an hour has all ready been pass by. My gaze ended facing the moon, which it's odd since I don't remember ever deciding to sleep on the roof. And that's not half of what I saw when I sat up. I was looking at a red rose garden filled with some small ruins and a Cupid water fountain in the center. What amazed me the most is how big the garden seem, like a never ending land. I straightened myself up and started walking toward the fountain. Am I dreaming? Or this is somehow a prank the soul reapers do before he/she enters the academy? I touched the water in the fountain. Hmm, it's cold but it feels like any water I feel in a park fountain. I retracted my hand and dried it off with my white shirt. I looked at the roses again until I saw one that caught my eye. There was one single rose that stands out. It was a single lavender rose.

"Why would there be a one lavender rose in the middle of a garden full of red roses?" I thought out loud.

"That is a very good question indeed, Milord." It was the same voice who spoke to me before. Only now her voice seem more present than in my thought, like she's standing behind me. I turned around and I saw a woman around my age. She was pretty tan with dark eyes, which is hard to tell. She had blue black hair that reach the middle of her back. The back of her hair was pulled unto a high ponytail while the rest hung loose and two fashionable Japanese chopsticks were in her scrunchy. She wore a park purple ninja outfit with purple shoulder length gloves, knee high socks and black sandals. Oh, did I mention she has cat ears and a dragon tail... WHOA SHE'S A DRAGON CAT PERSON! "Not to sound rude, Lord Train, but I can hear your thought since we are the same being."

"We are?" I asked her.

"Of course we are."

"Wait, you must be the female version of me!"

"Okay, no. I mean I'm more like your instincts."

"My instincts a girl?"

She palm slapped herself as she lets out an agitated sigh. "Forget the fact I'm a female for a few seconds. I am your zanpakuto!"

"You mean those sword the shinigamis use on their job?"

"Yes, I am. And before you say the being before is only a spirit form."

"Oh, but if you are my sword partner why aren't you a katana?"

"It depends on how my form becomes when it is time to wield me. I can be like most every soul reaper a katana. Or a wakizashi, which is a short blade. Or maybe a nodachi-a field sword. It depends on how strong our bond is."

"So let me get this straight, your a zanpakuto but yet you don't know what you'd look like in the near future. Am I right so far?"

"Yes, and may I add my form is also based on size. You must learn to keep your spiritual pressure on the low levels."


"Would you like to carry a 100 pound sword on you back or on your hip?"

"Jeez, I'm sorry if I ask. So your form will be based on appearance and on size. Anything else I should know about?" I raised my eyebrow in suspicion. Like what is this place? Or the fact you haven't told me your name yet.

"Well, this is your Inner World. Your thoughts, mind, subconscious, etc."

"Wow, I never thought my mind would be so-"


"I was going to say peaceful but that works too. Hold on what about your name?"

She pulled down her mask revealing her pink lips as I heard her mouthed her request. "My name is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _."

I thought I had something in my ear that time. Again she knew I was confused and let out a simple chuckle while she pulled up her mask on top of her mouth. "It's alright. It happens to many shinigamis when they meet their zanpakuto face-to-face. It takes time and patience to form a bond between us. But if I knew you like yourself it might be sooner than you think."

I sighed since I have to wait for the day I learn her name. "Fine. Can I ask you one last question?"

"It's about the rose isn't it?"

"Yeah, I mean I'm not disgusted by it. Its really beautiful indeed but why is it the only one in the garden?"

"Remember this is your Inner World. It represent you. Such as the moon, you admired it ever since you could remember. The ruins are quite mysterious like yourself, the Cupid on the fountain is the god of love, the red roses shows more than love they also mean beauty, courage, passion, and respect."

"Okay I get it so far. What about Cupid, why is he on the fountain? And the lavender rose?"

"I'm getting to the rose. Do you know what the lavender rose mean, Train?"

"No, that's why I asked you."

"The lavender rose means love at first sight."

Unexpectedly, I fall down on the ground. Did she said what I thought she said? I quickly got up. "You must be kidding, I can't be in love. I barely know what it means. Sorry if I'm not agreeable but this can't be my Inner World."

She let out another chuckle. "I see. You may not know it now or probably ever that you'll understand soon."

"Hey, who am I in love with?"

"Sorry it's too much fun to see you so naive."

"Some partner you are! I wonder if I can change your gender-"

"I believe someone is trying to wake you up, Lord Train."

"Really? Who?"


Normal POV

"Train, wake up! WAKE UP, YOU SLACKER!" Toshiro Hitsugaya said as he shakes Train's shoulders roughly and keeps yelling in his ear. But no matter how much he tries Train still slept like a log only thing he does was struggle in his sleep.

While Toshiro was in his office finishing his office, he felt a powerful spiritual pressure coming from his barracks. The only person there was-Train Heartnet! He took the academy's boys uniform from a messenger earlier and shunpo toward his room. When he got there he opened the door and nearly dropped down on his knees. Train's spiritual pressure was powerful! Hitsugaya knew Train was strong but can his spiritual pressure be this massive? For the amount he's unleashing the young captain knew everyone in Seireitei would feel it's presence. Knowing this there's definitely going to be another captains' meeting about Train. He struggled to stay up to get to at least inside and close the door. Heck, he could could barely breathe in his own room. He did it and that's where we're left off.

Toshiro has no other choice. If he can't wake the brunette up he might as well use force but no too much of it. He raised his small hand up high and positioned itself for the impact. "WAKE THE HELL UP!" Toshiro slapped Train so hard it left a red mark on his semi-tan face. Though the impact made him jerked up in full awake. At the same time the massive spiritual pressure lowers again and the young captain was able to breathe peacefully.

Heartnet looked at Hitsugaya confuse. "What happen? Are we under attack? And why is my face stings?"

The white haired captain sighed in relief. Train's back to normal all right. "You didn't wake so I got worried and decided to slap you in the face," Toshiro explained with a hint of red spread in his face. He's a bit embarrassed since he's telling the truth to the man's face. He wanted to lie but his mouth won't let him. Feeling depressed he added, "I'm really sorry."

Train gave out his usual smile, which makes Toshiro's heart do a hundred flips. "Don't worry about it. Oh, that reminds me I've talked to my zanpakuto!"

This took Toshiro by surprised but not shocked. "You have?"

"Yep, first time meeting her." He laughed. "You know what she told me?"

"Don't tell me she told you her name?" Now that part shocked him.

"No, I've only met her. So we're still new at this."

"Oh, sorry. Please, continue."

"Okay, she told me..." he wouldn't hold it in any longer. Train let out a big laugh. "...SHE SAID I'M IN LOVE!" He laughed so much he'd fallen out the bed and landed on the floor.

But Toshiro doesn't think it was funny at all. Train is in love? With who? If he was in love he would've taken this more seriously instead he's goofing off. Doesn't he care if his so called "lover" loves him back?

Train looked up at Toshiro who was deep in thought. He caught the silent treatment and positioned himself back on the bed. "What are you thinking about, Toshiro?"

The question broke the captain's train of thought and looked back at Train's bright yellow eyes. He let out a sigh and asked, "Train, aren't you a little curious?"

"About who I'm in love with?" The older-but younger boy nodded. "To be honest I have never fallen in love before. So this is new to me like the academy thing. My "lover" must be someone I know before I died."

"That is reasonable", Toshiro said having his tone being depressed a bit. Then he remember something. "Oh, I almost forgot." He pulled out a medium brown bag containing the boys uniform. "This is your uniform for the academy tomorrow."

Train took the bag and looked inside. He pulled out the blue pants, white shirt and blue undershirt. "You have got to be joking? Uniforms?"

"Well, would you prefer the girls uniform? They're red."

"No, blue is fine. But I wonder if there's still time to change my offer into an execution.


"What? I was only kidding. But still-"


Train rubbed the back of his head where Toshiro punched him. The little dude sighed and started walking toward the exit. Until Train grabbed him from behind and put him laying on the bed. "TRAIN, LET ME GO!"

"Look you're going to sleep whether you're busy or not. It's past your bedtime."

Toshiro twitched. "I am not a child, Heartnet. Nor am I going to sleep. I still need to finish my paperwork so if you don't-"

He was interrupted by a soft snore. He realized Train has fallen asleep on him while still holding his waist tightly. Toshiro tried struggling, pulling, kicking, and especially shoving but nothing work. He decided to quit for the day and let him kill his captor in the morning. The room was peaceful considering the only sound in there was Train's soft breathing on his neck and his heartbeat pumping fast by every second. Only a few minutes later Toshiro found himself shifting off to dreamland.

Chapter 8: The Academy and the Confusing Roses part 1: The Written Test[]

Slowly opening his eyes, Toshiro wakes to see his room in a golden hue. He rises up from his bed and stretched his sore muscles. He looks to his left only to see an empty spot where Train Heartnet slept the previous night. This causes the young captain to worry. He can't sense Train's spiritual pressure in the immediate area, which only increases his worry. He knows that Train is ignorant about Seireitei, the poor guy could get lost, or hurt! Or worse, be late for his first day in the academy!

Train's POV

I decided to wake up early since the morning sun woke me up. I glanced at Toshiro seeing as though he's still sleeping. 'Since it's dawn I should enjoy the moment before I go to boring life in the academy,' I thought. I opened the window and jumped on the roof. The golden warmth made me want to take a nap on the rooftop. 'Maybe a quick nap.' I thought as I lay down on the roof and closed my eyes.

Reopening my eyes I was back in my Inner World, staring at the full moon once again. I stood up realizing I was on the fountain's stone edge. I looked at the many roses surrounding my fountain. I looked at the lavender rose again, but is it supposed to have two in one? I slapped myself in the face. Yep, it's still there.

"Is there something you are not fond of, Train." I turned around seeing the dragon cat lady from before.

"Why is the lavender rose now has two instead of one?" I asked her.

"All I can say is each rose represents your emotion for people you know."

"So, two roses in one represent my emotions for two different people, even if they are the same color?"

"Bravo, Mr. Heartnet. Bravo", she said while sarcastically applauding. "And has your mother ever told you to say good morning to anyone when they made their appearance?" I rolled my eyes. Why do I have a zanpakuto who acts like a mother hen? "I beg your pardon. You know I can hear every thought that comes through your head, right?"

"I'm sorry. Good morning, Partner, and thanks for the update"

"Much better. Do you wish to continue?"

"Yes, my question is who are two people I know who I fallen in love with?" I glanced at her hoping she would give me an answer.

"I apologize if I am not helping you but this is your personal problem. I bid you adieu, Train." She walked past me as if I was a mere illusion. "Before I take my leave I leave you with this piece of advice. One of those two roses will die out for lack of love for them. One rose is someone you have known and the other is someone you have met. Both have changed you." When I turned around she was gone. What does her advice mean? Why does she have to talk in riddles? This is so confusing.

I felt a tug on my shoulder...

Normal POV

Surprisingly, Train jerks his head up and bumps into something hard. He rubs his forehead as he looks at the thing that caused his temporary pain. It ended up being a someone: Toshiro Hitsugaya, who is rubbing his forehead as well. While they are not looking at each other the two are blushing in embarrassment. At the same time, they both hear their zanpakuto laughing at this unusual scene.

After mentally telling them to shut up, Toshiro says, "Since you are awake now it's time for you to get dressed."

Train sighed. "I almost forgot why today is so important. Remind me again why I'm going to this Soul Reaper Academy."

"Because, Train, you need to learn to take control of your powers. In all my times in the thirteen court guard squads I have never seen anyone create objects using reishi. If this information was to be heard in the ears of our enemies they'll use you as a mere pawn in their plans. We both know it is either this or death, and there is no way in Hell I'll let you go through with you getting executed for doing no crime on your first day in Seireitei. Do you understand now?"

"Geez. I asked a simple question, not a life-long speech."

"You know what I mean. Let's get going. You need to wear your uniform."

"Is it possible-"

"For the last time, no. You are not requesting to change your mind."



"I was only wondering-"



Toshiro waits outside his room, tapping his foot impatiently. He knocks on his door for like the fifth time in the last two minutes. "Are you done in there? How long does it take for you to put your uniform on?"

"Excuse me for my tardiness, Mr. Impatient. But I never wore this outfit in my living life! So don't blame me if I'm taking away your precious time", Train says from the inside of the captain's room. "Anyway, I'm almost done. Hold on for a second." If you were Hitsugaya a second felt more like a year. "OK, you can come in." Toshiro slides his door open revealing Train in his uniform: a white kosode(shirt) with blue stripes above a blue shitagi (under shirt), blue hakama (trousers/pants), and white socks with sandals. The only thing that stands out is his red choker with the bright gold bell hanging from it. "What do you think?"

In the golden hue, Train's eyes seem to become more brighter. Toshiro keeps staring at him. Train tries to hold in his giggles but it went out after fifteen seconds. "What?" Toshiro asks agitated.

Train points to his face. "There is a piece of saliva coming out of your mouth."

Toshiro feels his face heating up as he wipes away the hanging saliva. He turns to leave before showing his embarrassing blush saying, "We have to leave and blue suits you more than red."

"Aw, thanks Shiro."

The white-haired shinigami turns around to face the brunette asking, "What did you call me?"

"Shiro. Every time I make friends I give them nicknames to remember them by. Maybe I should call you Snowball. Nah, I'll think of a better name for you later."

Toshiro begins walking away. "You can only call me Captain Hitsugaya, when you are an official Shinigami, or Toshiro. Remember that."

Train then follows Toshiro out the barracks. "Aye aye, Capitan."

"Oh, shut up."


"Wow. This is the academy? It's frikking huge!" Train yells while staring at the school in shock from the entrance gate. The school stands beyond him, tall and pristinely white. In Train's mind, he thought he is looking at a palace. Cherry blossoms glide from the eastern wind giving the school a welcoming presence.

"Of course this is the academy. Where else would I be taking you? And stop gawking at it like it's new. This place has been here for centuries."

"Whoa. That long? By now the founder must be one old guy."

Toshiro chuckles. "Nice guess. It's Head Captain Shigenkuni Genryusai Yamamoto, who is the founder of the Shinigami Academy."

"I stand corrected." They both walk inside. Train, who is admiring every view that comes to face, notices something off. This entire building is empty. "Hey, Toshiro. Where are the other students?"

"If I'm correct they must be getting ready or waking up."

"WHAT? You're telling me we came here early? Why?"

"I don't want to cause a commotion. How would they react if they see a captain, like me, escorting a new student in here? They'll spread gossip, stalkers watching your every move, and anyone who cross your path will ask an endless amount of questions. You'll be the center of attention on day one of your first academic year. Did you forget what Head Captain Yamamoto said yesterday? You're supposed to keep your powers a secret. That much exposure will you get in trouble."

"Okay, if you put it that way. Why didn't you let me walk here alone?"

"You're still an amateur to Seireitei. Do I have to draw you a picture why?"

"Fine. You don't have to be snooty about it."


They finally made it to the headmaster's office. Toshiro opens the door assuring Train would go in first. He does and inside Train feels someone's presence inside the room. The office is all tidy up and organize. It's so clean you can barely see any dust flying around.

A beautiful dark brown desk at the bed by the window with a black rolling chair facing back at them. A median-large pile of paperwork on the left side semi neatly order. Train senses the mysterious stranger on the of the rolling chair. As soon as Toshiro closes the door the chair the chair swirls around revealing a long white haired captain who Train remembers from the meeting. He can tell this man has kindness just by looking into his dark brown eyes. The man stands up from his desk and walks around it toward Train.

"Good morning, Train Heartnet. Let me be the first to welcome you to the Shinigami Academy",he said stucking his hand out to Train to introduce himself. "My name is Juushiro Ukitake, captain of squad 13."

The newly student took his hand and shook it. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Are you the academy's headmaster?"

"Yes I am", he replies after taking his hand out of the greeting grip. "This is like an extra job I do when I am not working as a captain, but I bring along my paperwork to complete while I'm in here."

"It must be tough being a captain and the academy's headmaster at the same time."

"It is, but you don't need to worry about me. I've managed doing these two with the help of my two third seats, who're also my assistants."

"I don't mean to pry but why do you have two third seats?"

"It's hard to choose between them. They are both strong and loyal in equal rate."

"I guess that makes sense."

"Can we get down to business", Toshiro interrupts their nice chat. "Train needs to do his entrance exam before the students arrive."

"What entrance exam? I thought I was too late to take it."

"On the contrary, since the Head Captain insisted on you coming here I made an exception for you to take your exam early before school starts. This exam determines what kind of class you'll take for the next six years. There are two type of classes; the normal and the advanced. If your entrance exam's score is high, you'll be placed in the advanced class. If it's a low score, you'll be put in the normal classes. Get it?"

"Got it."

"You'll be taking two types of the entrance exam. One is the written test and the other is the physical. Right now you're going to take the written exam. You can use my office for privacy while me and Captain Hitsugaya stand outside to wait." Ukitake went inside his desk taking out a pencil, an eraser, and a small packet. "No need to rush yourself. You have a few hours before the students could arrive. Come along, Toshiro. We must give Train some privacy of his own." Both the two captains walk out the office and closing the door behind them.

Train Heartnet now stands alone in the headmaster's office, who happens to be one of the captain's from the meeting. He loudly sighs. "I might as well get it over with." He went to sit on Ukitake's chair and takes the pencil. The line requiring his name to be written from last name to first. He writes it down on the paper. It was now time to start the written test.

"'Multiple Choice. Circle in your answer of the following questions below.

Question 1: Who is the head captain of the 13 Court Guard Squads?' This is going to be a piece of cake." Train looks at the three sorts of answer. "'a.) Takashi Yamamoto b.) Shigenkuni Genryusai Yamamoto c.) Yoshi Yamamoto'" The soon-to-be new student ended up having his head on the test. "I'm doom. Who makes up this test? All I know is hearing Toshiro telling me his name is Yamamoto." His quickly got his head out the desk. "Or did he mentioned his whole name to me before?"

"Of course he mentioned it before, you bad excuse of a cat person!"

'Well, if it isn't my so-called helper.'

"Train, all you have to do is remember. You have a brain use it!"

'Then why don't you help me if you know the answer!'

"It isn't my fault you don't remember what happen before you got inside the school."



"Wow. This is the academy? It's frikking huge!" Train yells while staring at the school in shock from the entrance gate. The school stands beyond him, tall and pristinely white. In Train's mind, he thought he is looking at a palace. Cherry blossoms glide from the eastern wind giving the school a welcoming presence.

"Of course this is the academy. Where else would I be taking you? And stop gawking at it like it's new. This place has been here for centuries."

"Whoa. That long? By now the founder must be one old guy."

Toshiro chuckles. "Nice guess. It's Head Captain Shigenkuni Genryusai Yamamoto, who is the founder of the Shinigami Academy."

"I stand corrected."

[End Flashback]

"I remember! Thank you, Toshiro!"

His zanpakuto sighs. "This is going to be one long test day."

Train circles in a and went to the next question. "'Question 2: Which captain is known to slack off when it comes to paperwork? a.) Captain Shunsui Kyoraku b.) Captain Sajin Komamura c.) Captain Toshiro Hitsugaya' Well, I know Toshiro does do the paperwork. So he's out, but what about the other two?" Train puts his elbow on top of the desk and lets his cheek rest on his hand. "I wish I know which is which when I was at the captains meeting." He sighs in frustration. "I guess I have no choice but to circle in between the two." With no clue of the answer, he circles in b.

He went to the third question. "'Question 3: An evil spirit that lurks around the human world is/are called _. a.) Creatures b.) Boogyman c.) Hollows' I know this one." Train circles in c and he was on the next one.

A few questions later...

"'True or False. Write in T (for true) or F (for false) in each statement below.

Question 1: Soifon is the captain of squad 2 and the leading commander of the Stealth Force.'" Train puts his pencil top under his chin in thought. "Hmm, who's Soifon? Let's see... there were two women at the meeting room. From the name stealth force must mean it has something to do with ninjas. Out of the two women, one looks kind and gentle while the other was small and looked like she can scratch someone's face off. I think the woman I called a shrew. She's dressed like a ninja. So I guess it's true." Train writes down a T on the blank line beside the question.

"'Question 2: Byakuya Kuchiki is the captain of squad 6, but he is NOT the head of the Kuchiki Family.' Hmm, which one is Byakuya? Oh well." He puts in the letter T as his answer.

A few more questions later...

"'Short Answer. Write in your answer in each question.

Question 1: What is the difference between shikai and bankai?' What is shikai and bankai?"

"There is a big difference between them."

'How do you know if your knowledge is the same as mine?'

"I am a zanpakuto after all. I do know, like any other zanpakuto, there is a difference between shikai and bankai."

'Instead of the name, what is the difference?'

"The difference is the way they are both unleash."

'How do you unleash shikai?'

"To unleash shikai, the zanpakuto's owner have to gain their zanpakuto's trust. In doing so, they must form a resonance between them, but it is not as simple as it is explained, Train. The zanpakuto decides if his/her master is loyal to follow or ignores them."

'That's not right, is it?'

"It is the zanpakuto's decision, not the owner."

'Hey, in our time together do you think I'm...?'

"In those last few days, I am proud to have a master like you."

'Thank you, and I'm happy to have you as my partner. What happens if the zanpakuto accepts?'

"If the zanpakuto accepts being loyal to his/her master then the first step in their newly bond is forming the zanpakuto. Then, in forming the shikai, all the master have to do is hear their zanpakuto's name."

Train lightly chuckles. 'That explains so much.'

"Deeply, the owner does know their zanpakuto's name. Usually the owner shouts out the name with a command if they're in a dangerous situation."

'What about bankai? How do you unleash it?'

"It's complicated. To unleash bankai you need to beat your opponent, who happens to be your zanpakuto. If you can become the victor of your brawl you'll accomplish your task in unleashing your zanpakuto's final stage, bankai."

'How long does these sort of thing last? It sounds too good to be true.'

"It takes years fighting against your zanpakuto. The catch is not fighting your zanpakuto in your shikai form."

'I knew there was something else to it. So let me get this straight. Shikai is like the first upgrade to the zanpakuto. By doing it, the owner needs to hear the zanpauto's name. Bankai is the final ungrade. To activate it, the owner defeats their zanpakuto in a personal fight.'

"I've forgot to mention one small detail in bankai. Bankai is the resonance between zanpakuto and master. Making it one as a living weapon."

'Cool. I can't wait to have our first fight together.'

"It'll be an honor to fight against you."

After Train finish writing down the first short answer, he went to the second one. "'Question 2: List in three forms of a zanpakuto.' I know a zanpakuto is usually form into a katana. Oh well, I'll call one short blade and the last field sword."

"I all ready told you the forms of a zanpakuto. Have you forgotten about them?"

'I'm not going to remember them anyway. I'll form my zanpakuto into a katana. '

"Train! May I remind you who're you talking to."

Nervously, Train decides to change the subject. 'Look, I'm done with this question. Now for the next one.'

Another few questions later...

"'Essay. Write 1 essay out of the two questions below.'" Once again, Train ends up having his head on the desk. "I'm really starting to hate tests", he quietly tells to himself. "Alright, I need to finish this entrance exam before the other students come in. Lets see what we got.

'1.) Describe how to form a zanpakuto.

2.) Describe one captain out of the 13 Court Guard Squads. What is his name of his/her zanpakuto and its ability? How does this person become a captain?'

I'll pick two for this essay."

"Who are you going to write about, My Lord?" his zanpakuto asks.

'I only know one person and I'm going to write about him.'

"And by him you mean Toshiro Hitsugaya?"

'Yeah. What's wrong with that?'

"Nothing, Train. What I'm trying to say is you barely knew him."

'I know enough to do this essay. It's not much information, but I guess it'll have to do.'

"Toshiro's zanpakuto is quite handsome don't you think?" she asks. Train could see himself staring at his zanpakuto in a bored experssion as she bubbly talks about Hyourinmaru and blush like a an oversize cherry. "I'm glad I didn't let any of those zanpakutos go any further in your inner world."

'Wait. They went inside my inner world?'

"Yeah. Half of them needs a make-over, especially the cat lady."

'You mean Haineko.'

"That's her name? It fits perfectly since she has ashy skin."

Train physically grunts to himself. 'Back to the main subject, did any of them see you?'

"I'm like you, Train. I like to be mysterious to new people."

'I don't become mysterious to new people.'

"Really? How about the fact you haven't told anyone who you really are? If you're trying to be open-heartedly you should start with Toshiro."

'I already told him I was an assassin. What more does he want to hear?'

"Train, you didn't tell him you were Chronos Number XIII, also known as the infamous Black Cat. How long do you think it'll take for everyone in the 13 Court Guard Squad to realize your presence? If Toshiro was upset of your half-truth statement I don't want to know his next emotion for the whole story."

'I know, but now-and I can't believe I'm saying this-I need to focus on my work.'

"You are a complete idiot, Train! Don't you care how he'd feel if he hears about it!"

'Of course I do!' He mentally yelled at her for the first time. It was silent from the two. Until, 'I know about it. When Toshiro heard I was an assassin, he uncontrollably starts crying. It tears my heart just thinking about it! I know he wasn't expecting someone who save people could killed them in the past. I don't even want to imagine what he'll do if he figure it out. I never want to see Toshiro cry anymore. Not around anyone and certainly not around me.'

The zanpakuto don't want to see her master breaking down on her now. He is so close in finishing his exam. She quickly change the subject. "Enough of a sad story. You need to finish this before school starts! Crying about something in the past is not getting you anywhere! Now how are you going to start this essay about Captain Hitsugaya."

Train got himself back together. With determination and something else hidden in his eyes, he begins writing. 'This essay is going to be about Toshiro.'

(In Train's Inner World)

The dragon-cat lady zanpakuto gazes at the roses beyond her. Her eyes land on twin lavender roses.

"Odd", she said. The zanpakuto spirit takes another look at the two-in-one roses. The youngest of the two blooms. She could've sworn it has a bit of red on the petals' edges. After, one last blink she now believes it's true. "Amazing. Train's emotions grows more affectionate than the first rose. One day he needs to choose between the two roses. He must let go one of them. It's painful to have to admirers falling for the same person. It's even more hard to make the right decisions."

(Back to reality)

Train finally finished his written exam. At the same time, Ukitake came in to see his progress.

"I see you've complete the written part. Well done", Juushiro said congrating him.

"Thanks", the brunette replies while stretching his tired limbs. "I think I should take a short walk around the school."

"Why not Captain Hitsugaya guide you around? He did graduated here."

"Toshiro is still here?"

"Yes, I've told him he should go back to his regular schedule but he insisted on staying outside my office waiting for you to complete your exam.

"That was nice of him."

Ukitake smiles to himself. "It really was. Captain Hitsugaya", he calls. Toshiro walks in the room. "Why don't you show Train around? He can use one if he's going to know where to go." Toshiro nodded and went out the room with Train tailing behind him. The long-haired shinigami glances at the test Train was taking. Time to see if you pass the entrance exam." He went to sit down on his desk and took out a red pen. After going through the answers, he went to the essay part. It wasn't a shocker Train wrote about Toshiro Hitsugaya, but it what he writes about him makes Ukitake smile to himself. Making sure he was alone in his office, he takes out Train's essay, folds it, and hides it in his pocket. He went back to his business by putting a red B on the left side of the exam paper.

'I wonder how he does during the physical exam. He seem to be a bright student', Ukitake thought to himself.

To be continued...