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The Bakufu o Shinseikai (幕府を新世界, New World Shogunate) or Shinseikai (新世界, New World) was a splinter cell active in the First Shinigami-Arrancar War. They were called Kakumeigo (革命家, Revolutionaries) by the Yonkō. The leaders of the Shinseikai stemmed from a few spiritually aware beings from The Echelon.


  • Shinigami are violent and destructive beings who need to be registered.
  • The Echelon will combat the Hollows on their own terms, not at the whims of 13 Captains.
  • The leader of The Echelon will be called the Shogun.
    • The Shogun will rule over the Rukongai and the Seireitei through 180 advisers who report to him.


  • The Royal Family should be abolished.
  • The Soul Society would be ruled by The Echelon.
  • The Shinigami should be used only as tools of war.
    • The Leader of the Shinigami should be decided by birthright of someone in The Echelon.
  • The Yonkō should be disestablished so that there are no freelancers or vigilante Shinigami.
    • Instead, the Yonkō would be sealed away to use as living weapons in wars against the Hollows.
    • Except for wartime, the Yonkō would not be allowed freedom outside a fortress meant to imprison the strongest Shinigami.
  • Anything pertaining to Research and Development labs will be overseen by the advisers appointed by the Shogun.


The members of the Shinseikai sought a form of equality among spiritually aware beings. They wanted to be as strong as the Shinigami without actually becoming ones themselves.


Behind the Scenes

The Bakufu o Shinseikai is to showcase a misguided group of individuals during the First Shinigami-Arrancar War.