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Race Human (Fullbringer)
Birthday May 3
Age 23
Gender Female
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation MisQ
Team MisQ
Base of Operations Rider City
Personal Status
Relatives N/A
Education High School Level
Primary Skill
Fullbring Sword of Deception
First Appearance
Storyline TBTP: Retribution
Japanese Voice Satsuki Yukino

Bachi (罰, Bachi) is a Human with Fullbring powers. She is a member of MisQ.


When she first appears, Bachi has fiery red hair that reaches down past her shoulders, complimented by dark onyx-colored eyes. She donned a typical schoolgirl outfit at the time.

Bachi new appearance

Bachi's new appearance.

When she reappears six years later, she has noticeably grown older. While she retains her red hair, it now has yellow tips, making it more flame-like in appearance. It is also far longer, now having to be worn in a long ponytail.

She also changes her outfit to a black jacket, purple bra, and short jean shorts. With this exposure, a red tattoo is clearly visible on her mid-section.She also possesses a blue tattoo on her right shoulder.


Much like her hair, Bachi's personality is a fiery one. She is easily provoked and angered, and is extremely aggressive in combat. Despite this, she can also be rather playful, shown from her numerous encounters with Yūga Shikizaki and Raian Getsueikirite. She has also been proven to be a very loyal and trustworthy friend, despite her outbursts from time to time.



Katana: Bachi's katana is a family heirloom, and something she treasures very much. As such, it is the focus of her Fullbring. For the most part, Bachi's katana is normal, however, the blade is purple, with seven green eye-shaped additions along the blade.

Powers & Abilities


Bachi's Fullbring

Bachi's primary Fullbring form.

Sword of Deception (詐欺の剣, Sagai no Ken); Bachi's Fullbring is a clad-type. Each "eye" marking on the blade marks a form she can assume. Each form has its own strengths and weaknesses, thus giving the Fullbring its name, as it deceives the foe by having multiple powers; something uncommon in Fullbrings.

  • Knight Form (ナイトフォーム, Naitofōmu): The main form she takes gives her knight's armor around her upper torso, and changes her katana into a broadsword. This form balances her attack and defense perfectly, which is why it is her preferred combat form.
Bachi's Second Fullbring

Celestial Form in use.

Trinity Shot

Celestial Halo in use.

  • Celestial Form (天体フォーム, Tentai fōmu): In this form, her armor engulfs her body, producing body armor on her torso, arms, and legs, a long metal skirt, and two metal horns coming out of her head. She also gains four wings and two swords.
    • Enhanced Speed: In this form, Bachi's "Bringer Light" is maxed out, allowing her to travel at faster speeds than most Captain-level Shinigami.
    • Flight: The wings in this form allow her to gather reishi beneath them, giving her a form of flight.
    • Celestial Halo (天体ヘイロー, Tentai heirō): Bachi crosses her swords and then makes a slashing motion, creating a X-shaped wave of spiritual energy that is powerful enough to cause a sizable explosion. By slashing side-to-side, she can make this energy into a circle around her body, which then travels outwards from there, giving the technique its namesake. This allows her to attack multiple opponents at once.


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