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Ayumu Nakahara
Race Shinigami
Birthday January 1
Age 30 (Physical)
~1500 (Actual)
Gender Male
Height 195 cm (6'5")
Weight 89 kg (196 lb.)
Blood Type A+
Professional Status
Affiliation Royal Guard
Previous Affiliation Gotei 13
Profession Royal Guardsman
Position Hohō Grandmaster
Previous Position Captain
Previous Division Sixth Division
Base of Operations Reiōkyū
Personal Status
Education Shin'ō Academy
First Appearance
Roleplay Debut Chiaroscuro: Annihilation

Ayumu Nakahara (中原歩夢, "Midland Step Dream") is a male Shinigami and a member of the Royal Guard. His specialisation is Hohō. He is known as the "Instant Death" (即死, Sokushi).


Ayumu is a very tall and lean man of African descent. He has a well-toned physique and a dark complexion. With an oblong face and a nubian nose, his overall features are quite gentle. His curly, black hair are habitually kept short, with a few stripes cut to the skin on each side of his head. In addition, he usually maintains a stubble. The colour of his eyes is brown.

His attire consists of a black vest, white undershirt and black shorts. Over it he wears the Royal Guard variant of a Captain's haori. Usually, he walks barefoot.


In general, he is an easy-going and friendly man who rarely lets combat situations affect his behaviour in any significant way. This attitude extends to his enemies, whom he addresses in a somewhat casual and familiar manner most of the time. Although he might seem reckless at times, he is significantly more vigilant and observant than one could expect of him at a first glance. At any rate, he may afford a degree of carelessness given his supernatural speed and reflexes allow him to react to unexpected turns of events in the blink of an eye, or faster still.

Nakahara enjoys training and strives to push his limits ever further. He greatly respects his fellow Divine Generals. In fact, he seeks to constantly improve himself partially because he wants to remain a reliable ally, one that they have no reason to be ashamed of in case of conflict. Nevertheless, there is a modicum of actual philosophy to his approach to training and battle. Despite remembering well the times of a far ruthless and strict order, Ayumu believes that the world ought to be, slowly but surely, cherished and developed into a better place through more benevolent means.

Conversely, in spite of his innate geniality, he is rather uncompromising when dealing with chaos and evil. He may sympathise with tragic villains, treat criminals and invaders with an amount of politeness. In the end, however, their malevolence is a tumour no matter the source. A tumour he wishes to remove as fast as possible, preferably as humanely as possible, yet always an issue that has do be dealt with decisively.


Nakahara was the first Lieutenant of the Sixth Division of Gotei 13 after its founding. He became its Captain an unknown period of time later, before eventually being promoted to the Royal Guard.


Powers and Abilities




  • According to User:Njalm2, Ayumu's base Price Level is an impressive 72,000.


The Chiaroscuro Arc


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