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Ayame Takanobu Is A 8th Seat Of 4th Division. She Is Part Of The Noble Takanobu House And Is The Brother Ryuzoji Takanobu Who Is 5th Seat Of 2nd Division. Ayame Is A Former 12th Seat Of 2nd Division. She Is 28 And Has A Brother Named Ryuzoji Takanobu

Anime ninja

Ayame Takanobu


She Has Small Short Black Hair With Ninja Clothes From 2nd Division.


She is intelligent and witty, and is intimately knowledgeable of Soul Society. Ayame Is The most composed, mature, and intelligent of 4th Division But In Battle. She She is impatient and short-tempered. She tends to be a slacker Sometimes. She Is Also Very Knowledgeable Of Past Events Such As When Ichigo Beat Grimmjow Or When The Vizards Gain There Mask. She Also Hates 11th Division Because Of how 4th Division Fights, though she Beated Every Seated Officer Of 11th Division Except The Captain And Vice Captain



Nothing Interesting About Her Life, Though She Was Born After The Defeat Of Aizen. Thats When Her Family Became Nobles.

Academy Arc[]

She Was Top Of Her Grades And Was The Fastest Of All. That Is How She Got Int The Omnitusukido.

Zero Division Recruitment Arc[]

She Is Seen Switching Division And Becoming A 8th Seat

Second Coming Of Aizen Arc[]

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Healing Expert: She Is A Vey Proficient Healing Expert.

Hand To Hand User: She Is Able To Par With A 9th Seat And Higher

Master Swordsman: She Is A Very Good Zanjutsu User And s Able To Fight On Par With His Brother In Sealed State

Flash Steps: She Is Very Good With Flash Steps

Telepathy: Unknowingly She Can Talk With The Grim Reaper. Its Probably Due To Of Her Zanpaktou


Ayame Shikai Takes Form Of A Large Scythe Which Can Be Thrown Great Distances And Second A Tanto.

Her Zanpaktou Release Command Is Judge Them Valkyrja, (Chooser of the Slain).


Her Released Sword

Zanpaktou Abilities[]

Poison Ice: When She Swings Her Scythe Frozen Ice The Blows. When Come In Contact Of Skin The Opponent Has Vomiting And Slower Movement