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Attōmai Kōkawa
Name Attōmai Kōkawa
Kanji 洸川-圧倒舞
Romaji Kōkawa Attōmai
Race Shinigami
Birthday December 27
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 43 kg
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13, Soul Society, 3rd Division
Occupation Captain of the Third Division
Partner Unnamed Lieutenant
Base of Operations Soul Society
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Education Shinō Academy
Status Active
Shikai Bontenōtō
Bankai Not Yet Revealed

Attōmai Kōkawa (洸川-圧倒舞, Overwhelming Dance of the Surging Stream) is the Captain of the Third Division in the Gotei 13. His Lieutenant is Sugeibi Kūtōhi.  He is a character in Bleach: Rasenhiden.


Personality and Traits

Attōmai is a laid back and flamboyant man, constantly smiling, and is a bit of a lech, most of the time smiling rather smugly, but he actually knows when to become serious all of a sudden; at those points, he can appear stoic and emotionless in cutting down his foe—but most of the time, he does attempt to talk his way out of a scuffle. He does always have deep respect for his foe and is eerily polite in combat, always fighting one-on-one. Even when fighting an overwhelming force, he rarely, if ever loses his cool.

Despite being one of the strongest and oldest captains, Attōmai is rather humble about his power, and isn't overly arrogant about his strength, and his philosophy in battle is that it doesn't matter whether you owe someone or they owe you; as soon as you start fighting, you are in the wrong either way, and prefers to keep innocent people out of conflicts.


Not much is known about Attōmai's past, except that he was chosen by the Captain-Commander for his incredible potential and chosen as a Captain soon after he finished the Shino Academy.


Soul Society

Powers and Abilities

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: Attōmai is highly proficient in Zanjutsu; he attacks with swift, yet devastatingly powerful strikes delivered with his blade. Attōmai is capable of dealing exceedingly fast and precise slashes and stabs, so much that few have time to register the attack before feeling it. Attōmai usually wields his sword in either a normal or reverse grip.

Expert Hand-to-Hand Combatant: When not utilizing his Zanpakutō in combat, he often solely utilizes kicks; but when a foe proves themselves, he switches to punches. Attōmai is able to kick through walls and slice a giant block of ice in half through kicking it lengthwise.

Shunpo Master: Attōmai can move huge distances in the blink of an eye as if by teleportation. Likewise he is able to evade attacks from extremely fast opponents and is highly acrobatic, capable of gracefully leaping over many obstacles in his way.

Immense Spiritual Power: Attōmai is known to possess absolutely overwhelming amounts of spiritual energy; which can cause people to perspire in fear when in his direct vicinity. When released, it takes the form of a black dragon aura.


Attōmai's Zanpakutō takes the form of an ordinary katana.

  • Shikai: Not Yet Revealed.
  • Bankai: Not Yet Revealed.