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Asuma Nakamura
Asuma profile
Name Asuma Akira Nakamura
Kanji アスマ 彰 中村
Romanji Nakamura Akira Asuma
General Information
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Professional Information
Affiliation Heisekai, Kaede
Occupation Sub-Commander of the Jōren
Team Jōren
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Akira Nakamura
Base of Operations Quest Island, Boon Island
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Family Akira Nakamura (Father, deceased)
Fujimoto Nakamura (Uncle)
Shiori Nakamura (Aunt)
Education Heisekai Academy
Status Active
Shikai Chidori
Bankai Not yet Achieved

Asuma Nakamura (アスマ中村, Nakamura Asuma), known otherwise by his middle name of Akira (彰), is the son of Akira Nakamura, the only nephew of Fujimoto and Shiori, and current Sub-Commander of the Jōren.





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Part III

Powers and Abilities

High Spiritual Power: As a high-ranking member of the Jōren, Asuma possesses high spiritual power. His power is noted to be the equal of a typical Lieutenant-General in the Shuuten, a clear indication of his reiryoku reserves.

Zanjutsu Hakuda-hybrid: Asuma practices a choreographed and highly developed form of combat which uses both Zanjutsu and Hakuda in equal measures. He employs sudden one-or-two-handed sword attacks followed by swift kicks, his aim to completely unbalance his opponent. His style mimics that of Ranmaru Sr. to a certain extent, though with a higher focus on balance rather than outright brute force.


Chidori (千鳥, One Thousand Birds). Like his uncle Fujimoto's Namininoru, Asume's Zanpakutō is sealed in the form of a bokken, or wooden sword, shaped like a traditional katana he wears threaded through his belt at the side.

Behind the Scenes

Asuma's likeness is that of Yoichi Karasuma.

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