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Birthdate June 10
Gender Female
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Gotei 13

Ashiko (あしこ; Ashiko) was a shinigami who was chosen by the Commander-General to be in charge of dealing with the escaped kenrei. She has been told that the kenrei should not be allowed to be in contact with anyone outside those who participated in the Kenrei Experiments, and concluded that the best way to achieve that would be to destroy the evidence that the surviving test subjects existed, which implied the deaths of the surviving kenrei.


Little about Ashiko's background is known, outside the fact that she is good at getting the jobs she has been assigned done and, as a bonus, on time. She was a highly suitable candidate to lead the extermination of the kenrei.

Personality and traits[]

From what has been determined from her appearance in Bleach: The Nobodies, Ashiko is strict and to-the-point in her actions.

Behind the scenes[]

Ashiko was created mainly to fill in a vital leadership role in the story Bleach: The Nobodies.

An ashiko is a ninja tool that is worn on the sole of a foot, with a spiked band going across the bottom. They were primarily used to aid in climbing.

Ashiko was originally named Xiaoyu (小雨; Xiaoyu, Mandarin pinyin transliteration), but it was later changed due to Ashiko since it was better suited.