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Asayō Ginjō
Asayou K Ginjou
Name Asayō Ginjō
Kanji 銀城 朝陽
Romaji Ginjou Asayou
Race Plus
Birthday February 27
Age 27
Gender Male
Height 5'11"
Weight 143 lbs
Blood Type ??
Professional Status
Affiliation Unknown
Previous Affiliation None
Occupation Police Officer
Previous Occupation None
Team None
Previous Team None
Partner None Known
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Education American High School
Status Active
Main Skill Transformation

Asayō Ginjō (銀城 朝陽 Ginjou Asayou) is a Plus living in the Yūrei Ōkoku.


Asayō bears the appearance of a tall and lean man with fair skin, brown eyes and spiky black hair, the bangs cut to reveal his forehead. He is tall and wears grey jeans and a white shirt, with a dark black jacket over it, which bears one red stripe.


Asayō is seen as generally a jovial person, staying in a good mood often. In fact, it is noted to be impossible to sour his mood, unless someone truly offends him. One of Asayō's notable traits is his care of innocent people, deliberately leading foes away from populated areas and even taking hits to protect innocents.

He has a certain amount of battle experience, and as such, knows how to handle himself in battle. To Asayō, the most important thing for a fighter is to not hesitate before making the finishing blow. In battle, Asayō actually prefers to use weapons over his own special abilities, stating he has been using guns longer than his own powers, and as such he's more accustomed to them, and only will use his powers when he has no alternative.



SPAS-12: Asayō's weapon of choice is a SPAS-12, a combat shotgun. This gun, having been made in the spiritual world, is far more useful than a same-type of gun from the material world.

Powers & Abilities[]

Spiritual Awareness: As a human, Asayō was spiritually aware, capable of seeing Shinigami and Hollows and the phenomena associated with them.

Special Abilities[]

Yajū Kasei (野獣化成 Beast Change)