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Asami is the mother of Kyra Katō and is a Soul in Rukongai after her death in the Human World. She is a doctor in Soul Society and a personal friend of Kūkaku Shiba, having attempted to save her arm.


Asami glasses

Asami wearing a set of glasses

Asami is a light-skinned woman of average height and weight, with long blonde hair messily thrown into a loose ponytail and soft blue eyes and lips covered in a light red lipstick. She wears light blue teardrop earings, a grey business suit with a matching skirt, white one-inch high heels, and a red scarf gently tied around her neck, a quality that has been adopted by her daughter also. She also tends to wear a set of clear glasses when she is looking at a patient.


Asami is a gentle, timid woman who greatly cares for those around her, and feels guilty for abandoning her daughter in the streets of Karakura Town.


Early in the story, Kyra comes across Asami's dead body in her home, and her death pushes Kyra to abandon the Visored and join Venganza. It was later revealed that she continued her work as a doctor in Soul Society, shortly after Kyra preformed a Konsō on her to send her there.


  • Asami was originally designed to be a Shinigami, not a Soul
  • She is based off Creator's mother
  • Depending on the way its written Asami can mean "hemp, beauty", "morning, beauty", or "morning, sea"


(About Kyra) "My daughter has grown up to became a wonderful person and I love her. Even if she has become a Visored, I don't care. She's my daughter and always will be; no matter what she becomes, evil or kind she becomes, or whom she loves."

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