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Arthur Strauss
Name Arthur Strauss
General Information
Race Human (Quincy)
Birthdate June 2nd
Age Late Twenties (Assumed)
Gender Male
Height 5'9
Weight 129lbs
Blood Type A
Professional Information
Base of Operations World of the Living
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Neutral Evil
Family Deceased/Descendants Unknown
Status Active
Quincy Abilities
Quincy: Vollstandig {{{vollstandig}}}
  • "The Contents of the Article is subject to change, including both the name and abilities"

"It is not the responsibility of knights errant to discover whether the afflicted, the enchained and the oppressed whom they encounter on the road are reduced to these circumstances and suffer this distress for their vices, or for their virtues: the knight's sole responsibility is to succour them as people in need, having eyes only for their sufferings, not for their misdeeds."
— Arthur Strauss quoting the novel, Don Quixote

Arthur Strauss (アーサー シュトラウス, Āsā Shutorausu), better known by his moniker "Arthur the Knight" was a usually silent and enigmatic Quincy largely known for his polite manner of speaking and his upheldment of the chivalric code. He served as a member of the Vandenreich and was selectively chosen to be part of the Stern Ritter under the designation "K".





Quincy Cross (滅却十字, mekkyaku jūji; lit. "Destruction Cross"): Regularly considered to be standard equipment for their race, it was mainly regarded as the source of a Quincy's power. The cross merely acted as a focus for a Quincy's spiritual weapon.

Powers and Abilities

Immense Spiritual Power:

Reiryoku Absorption & Manipulation:

Gintō Expert:

Blut (血装 (ブルート), burūto; German for "Blood", Japanese for "Blood Guise"): A relatively advanced Quincy ability that granted an individual inhuman defensive & offensive capability. By making reishi flow into their blood vessels, a Quincy could dramatically increase their attack and defense power to extreme levels equal or near to that of their Shinigami counterparts. Blut was significantly dangerous but it possessed one noticeable flaw. The two forms of blut for attack and defense work could not be maintained simultaneously; it utilized two completely reishi systems and currently could not coexist in a singular fashion.

  • Blut Vene (静血装 (ブルート・ヴェーネ), burūto vēne; German for "Blood Vein"):
  • Blut Arterie (動血装 (ブルート・アルテリエ), burūto aruterie; German for "Blood Artery"):

Quincy Techniques

The Knight

Arthur's Designation within the Stern Ritter was K,

Spiritual Weapon

Quincy: Vollständig

Complete Reishi Dominance:

  • Enhanced Spiritual Awareness: Arthur was capable of sensing to a far greater level allowing him to surpass any ability that would hides ones presence if he/she is more powerful then the opponent in question.

Bankai Collection





Behind the Scenes

  • Simply referred to as the "Knight Quincy", it is unknown whether or not the character is either of Quincy or Arrancar Origin, nor are there any details about them. As such, anything written here are plainly a result of the Author's Interpretation, including their appearance, abilities, and designation until further expounded upon by Tite Kubo.
  • Arthur Strauss's name came from Arthur Pendragon and Richard Straus respectively, which also served to provide a base of inspiration for the Quincy Character. Arthur Pendragon was a legendary British Leader of the 5th and 6th centuries, who according to myth and folklore, wielded the legendary sword called Excalibur and led the defense against the Saxons. Richard Strauss was a leading German composer of the late Romantic and early modern eras who was largely known for his operas and being a prominent conductor throughout Germany and Austria.


Literature References

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