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Ariël is as attractive as her sister and looks like a 16 year old playfull girl. She has bright orange eyes and clear/light blue hair which she wers in a tail. Ariël wear a white long sleeved shinto priest like kimono and whit boots. Her zanpakto is a chain sword which she wears as a whip at her waist.

She is the jonger sister of Leatitea Le Blanc and is one of the 2 fraccion of Drea De Win and has crush on him.




sword fighting : Ariël is a midium-range distance fighter and likes to keep some space between her and her opponents. she is good at this.

sonido : she is good at this because she was trained by Drea.

cero/bala : Her cero and bala are pink/light red colored and are fired from her eyes. She is good at this.

pescuisa : at normal lvl.

hierro : at normal lvl.

feriocity : This is not really a power but she is verry good on the offensive.


name : Arpia (harpy)


ariël in ressurection form

release command : himeoageru (shriek)

power : Arpia his 3 powers. 1=sonic screams. 2=cloning. 3=cero manipulation

attacks :

  • explosion sonica (sonic blast): Ariël screams launching the opponent back, and killing the brain waves of the enemy thus ending his life.
  • espejo prisma (mirror prism): Ariël creates 2 clones with 20% of her original strenght.
  • cero garra ( cero claw): cero energy envelopes ariëls claws increasing their attack strenght.
  • cero latigo (cero whip): Ariël creates a whip of cero energy.