Arata Kusagami
Name Arata Kusagami
Kanji 新苦差神
Romanji Kusagami Arata
General Information
Race Human (Yoriteishou)
Birthdate 11th December
Age 28
Gender Male
Eye Color Red
Hair Color Black
Professional Information
Affiliation Himself
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation None
Partner Archon
Base of Operations Human World
Personal Information
Marital Status Single
Alignment Neutral Evil
Status Alive
Warlock Abilities
Diabolus Partner Archon
Sphere of Sin Greed
Sphere of Power Fire

Arata Kusagami (新苦差神, lit. "Fresh Pain Aberration God") is a mysterious Yoriteishou whose affiliation and anything else in particular is unknown. He is known as the first Yoriteishou to ever be capable of making the Diabolus, Archon to become his partner.


Kusagami's appearance is obviously simple when first seen, his hair, if any, is unknown, covered by his cloak's hood and his face concealed by his swirly patterned mask with one eye hole in the right that shows his red eye with black pupil. He physically young and not very muscular nor physically strong, simply being slender and average built. He wears long white socks with sandals at his feet. Whatever he may be wearing under his cloak is yet to be revealed.


Powers & Abilities


  • Arata's appearance is based off Obito Uchiha from Naruto.
  • The name Kusagami was provided to me by Illuminate Void, credit goes to him for his help.
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