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Aoiro Hisakata
Age Late-teen appearance
Birthdate August 7th
Height 6ft
Weight Unknown
Gender Male
Species Shinigami
Affiliation Soul Society
Team 2nd Division
Occupation 20th Seat
Previous Occupation(s) Unseated Officer


He has short blue hair and blue eyes. Unlike his brothers, he prefers not to wear a straw hat and rather stand out among the crowd. His zanpakuto is always located across his back. He is extremely noticable and does whatever he can do make people notice him. This is the main reason he has blue hair.


Aoiro loves attention and hates it when the attention goes to someone else than him. He is usually found in the middle of whatever is happening. He chose to look different so that people would see him no matter if he intended them to or not. He loves to make big things out of smaller things. He almost rejects to fight without his brothers, who means the world to him. But, when they are fighting, he must always have the attention of the target, or he stops fighting.


Powers & Abilities[]

Weak Telepathy: Aoiro has a weak telepathy, which he shares with his brothers. They are able to talk telepathickly with eachother within 200 yards.

Distractor: When the brothers are fighting, Aoiro is always happily in charge of distracting the attention of their target. Either by calling it names or attacking it.

Swordsmanship: Aoiro has great experience in fighting and is really strong with his zanpakuto.

Hand to Hand Combat: He is quite good in fighting with his zanpakuto, but a little weaker when fighting with just bare hands.


Kitsutsuki (キツツキ, lit. Woodpecker) is Aoiro's zanpakuto and takes the form of a regulare katana, with a yellow stripe that goes straight down the middle of the blade. While unreleased, Kitsutsuki has the ability to make Aoiro's body hover up to 2 feet above the ground.

Aoiro with Kitsutsuki in Shikai Shikai: Kitsutsuki's release command is Fly to freedom. The handle and the tsuba changes color to yellow and two small feathers grows out on each side of the tsuba.

Shikai Special Ability

Kitsutsuki has the ability to make it's owner (Aoiro) fly. With this, Aoiro can fly as high as he wishes, as long as he is wielding Kitsutsuki. He can use this to attack someone from above or to take their attention away from something else.


  • He has a love for birds
  • He wants credit for everything
  • He has a huge need for attention, just like Hibiki Kanraku