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Discord's Rebirth[]

I'll tell you a tale... it's bitter-sweet...

Bailarin Mareado was pacing the halls up and down, rubbing her temples... Tristeza had just recently healed, it had been a week since that blasted day. And her mood hadn't let up very often... after all, a moody Tereya Haruo or Nori Haruo only made her life seem to suck more at the present...

Atleast Adalina is getting along great with Shiro... it made things easier on her. Ardiente had been over to visit twice... but Batalla and Mitsune had been scarce... maybe for the best?


Little did she know, that today would be oh so chaotic. Or fun, depending on your point of view.

Tereya had not recovered from the assault onto her body.

Ever since that day, the seemingly indestructible woman had been stricken and imprisoned to prostrate positions all around the house. She was normally found on the couch or in her bed, lying there with a rather pained expression on her face. In the times that she had been seen walking around, she had to lean against something for support, her body having yet to resurface to its full potential after Sasha's onslaught. She had managed to fight it off that time.... but, she might not be so lucky in the next time.

More noticeably, physical changes had been taking places for her as well. Her skin was taking on a grayish color, sickly in appearance. Her eyes, noticeably the schlera, had taken on a distinct orange color, as if she hadn't been sleeping at all despite her being bedridden most of the time. A few times, the woman had started to even puke on the floor before collapsing abruptly once again. She herself hated every minute of it - was this how Nori felt like when he had to be supported with crutches? She almost regretted picking on him those times.


Overall.... she was in a weak state. And she hated every minute of it!

As Bailarin was pacing, the shuffling figure of Tereya was seen coming around the corner, her arm and side sliding against the wall for support. Instead of a rather cocky "Mornin'!" like always, all she could do was utter an irate groan and keep her eyes averted as she slid across the hallway wall. She looked like a zombie more than anything else, a wandering zombie who had no brains to eat or no blood to drink.

Fortunately, she had something called a husband.

Nori, risking the contact with Tereya that could expose him to Sasha, came up from behind her, and looped her arm around his neck so he could support her. He'd just plain out carry her, but... He doubted that would fly well with Tereya. Later on in the day, he'd make her food, or help her down to the couch or bed.

But for now, he'd do what he could.

"Good morning, Bailarin." Nori greeted, with a less-than-cheery disposition. Sasha had made him paranoid. His own eyes were somewhat dark as well, not because of lack of sleep, but because of the nightmares he was being exposed to when he did fall to slumber. Why couldn't his family just be normal, for one day?

Bailarin gave a nod, "Morning you two..." She sighed as she leaned on the back of the wall, and rubbed her neck in a somewhat relaxing fashion. Tristeza already lay on one of the two couches, groaning somewhat herself as she turned on the TV to the news, but kept the channel volume quiet...

Adalina lay asleep in her room... no dreams, just silence, staying close to Shiro just incase, sleeping in a chair in the girl's room. was a pity she felt so terrible. Otherwise, she would've just shrugged him off and claim out of pride that she could walk on her own. However, as it was, she had to wrap her arm around her equally exhausted husband's neck - a move which she found to be pitiful. She leaned his head on his shoulder, eyes blinking wearily. In an attempt to lighten the mood, she forced a weak grin. "Pissed th...." She found her speech, however, a bit slurred, and she had to fight in order to clearly speak. "....that you go...gotta carry this...-cough, cough, cough!-.... worn out old hag around, Hime....?"

Her crutch smiled wearily. "No, Nami, I'm fine... You shouldn't be up, though. Go to sleep, or something..." He muttered. She probably wouldn't listen to him, and he wouldn't have the heart to make her do it... "I'm going to point out that I'm tempted to shrug you off and try to let you support yourself, like you did to me when I was injured, but because I'm such a nice person, I won't. Aren't you lucky that you're married to such a charing, handsome person?"

As the news channel continued to go on, Tristeza muttered discontently at the way things were taking pace.

Sighing, she looked at the TV tirelessly, watching as the channel flipped to a woman in the city of Utashinai, and the woman began her speech.

"Today is a great day for the opening of the Shiba Art Institute!" The woman herself wore basic reporter clothes, and held the mic infront of her, "With the openeing of this institute, we will be accepting students from around mainland Japan to create masterpieces for the future of our country."

"Charming? Don't make me laugh, I don't think my ribs can take it...."

However, Tereya did manage a little chuckle, lifting her other arm and pointed a finger to trace his cheek. "Though...." She had to breathe a bit more in order to form her words. "I can still agree with the handsome part.... even if you are getting a lil' rough around the edges...." However, a slight scraping sensation could be felt on the skin of Nori's cheek that she was tracing, not enough to actually hurt him, but enough to tingle a little. Had she been growing her nails?

Nori smiled anyway. It wasn't often that she traced his face like that... And he was enjoying it thoroughly. In one swift movement, he swept Tereya off her feet, and began carrying her bridal-style as he approached Adalina. "You should get Adalina to go there... She's good at drawing, isn't she?" He asked coyly. As he spoke, he adjusted the way Tereya was positioned in his arms, hoping to make her more comfortable.

Bailarin smiled, "Maybe so..." "Looks good enough for her to go in." She stated as she came out of the hall, the reported kept on talking ahead. Tristeza just placed her palm on her chin and pondered the thought of Adalina going to a Art Institute so early... it'd be a good idea.

The reporter continued, "Accepting young, old, or any kind of artistic talent, all it requires is to sign-up, and you could be well on your way to selling those artistic wonders, and becoming a well known figure in the painter's world." The reporter continued to smile... but then something became apparent.

Deep rumbling shook the cameraman's holding on the camera, and suddenly, the people in the midst of the view of the camera began to look around...

Sudden bright light and then a scream that could tear open the sky uttered...

The cameraman turned around, and the many people in the streets scattered... the reporter jumped back infront of the camera, yelling as loud as she could, "What is it?!"

"....the hell....?"

Had she not been distracted by the sudden TV, Tereya would've reacted immediately to the fact that she was now being carried around like a sack of presents in someone's arms. However, as it was, her eyes were now transfixed onto the scream, a raise of the eyebrow as she looked on. Deep rumbling.... a bright light.... such things she could only gather to be were from an explosion. Had the Shinigami or whoever decided to play warzone with the Living Realm?

Her husband didn't seem as concerned. "Let the humans handle it... We've got our own concerns right now." He mumbled, sitting down on the couch next to Trsiteza, while letting down Tereya was well. He fixed her so that she'd be comfortably sprawled out ont he empty space opposite his body of Tristeza, with her head resting on his lap. One hand stroked her cheek soothingly. "You should rest, Nami..."

The explosion became more apparent on the Television, and the shape of a mushroom was becoming apparent, but it would be too late for that part of the city.

Hundreds would die... and many more would bear genetic defects and injuries for life.

The explosion tore open the buildings as it made it's way over there, and the words on the lips of many were cries for help, the cameraman looked to the reporter, and she stated her last words, "There appears to be some type of nuclear explosion, find shelter, and pray..." with that look, the camera dropped, pointed towards the explosion, and the running feet of the humans that would be caught in the disaster.

Ground shaking, lights bright, hell fire bursting all around, the last that was seen before the 'technical difficulties' popped up would be the sight of dust, shattering buildings, and tossed cars.

Tristeza looked to the screen, as it immediately switched to the newsbroadcast. "By the stars..." It was a good thing that Utashinai was a great distance from Hiroshima... but, a Nuclear Explosion... it seemed so...


With her husband's words, however, Tereya allowed herself to relax, her self being under Nori's mercy for the time being. Her eyes were staring at the screen, mildly interested in the damage being displayed. A nuclear explosion? Now, she never heard the term before, of course, so it most likely didn't apply to otherwordly beings. That left only the humans.... but why would they bother creating something that would destroy themselves? People today were getting more and more stupid as time progressed....

Temporarily, she was brought out of her thinking trance by the hand touching her cheek. Strangely, despite the sickness, it was strangely comforting. "I...." She was getting a bit aggravated at her speaking difficulty, turning her head to the side to look away from Nori and close her eyes. "Shut up.... you need just as m....much as I do...." She managed to say dryly, barely able to contain any persona tone within.

Nori only pet her harder in an attempt to get her to doze off. Even her sleeping a little bit would help... She hadn't slept since he could remember. There were no more nights where he could wake up and stare at her creepily while she was unconscious. Now, she was only awake, in agony... "Nami... Please... try to go to sleep? I know I need you... And I need you to go to sleep. Please, try..."


This did nothing but crack her pride a little, and a slightly guilty expression crossed over her face. It was the insisting tone that made her regret saying what she said. If she attempted to argue with him, she would just end up acting like a bitch. But she doubted that she would be falling to sleep just like that. With a resolute sigh, Tereya turned her head back to look back up at Nori. "Ugh...all right...I...." Another deep breath. "I'll try...."


To this effect, Nori used the hand he had been using to stroke her cheek to cover her eyes, so she couldn't keep them open. Then, with his free hand, he rubbed her stomach in what he hoped would be a relaxing motion. Idly, he stared down at her... Nori loved his wife, and he hated to see her like this.

Was he trying to force her to fall asleep?

Tereya forced down the urge to snicker. She didn't need his help in that department! But, she had to admit, his efforts were certainly speeding up the process. She closed her eyes as he covered them, her arms folded across her chest. Her breathing, having been forced and struggled, was now much softer as she allowed her body to relax. Slowly, her mind began to drift away from everything.... the sounds of the television.... her husband's hands on her.... and possibly even her own agonizing feeling....

Then, her mind blacked out completely, and the relieved woman fell into slumber.

Nori did snicker.

Was it really just a little coaxing that was needed to get her to fall asleep? If that was the case, then Nori was going to have her sleep, even when she didn't want to. Shifting his thighs under the back of his head, it bothered him to note that his legs would undoubtably be asleep by the time she woke up. But then, he wouldn't be able to move them, and she wouldn't be able to carry him...

He groaned. Leaning over, then kissing his wife on the forehead, Nori wondered why something like this couldn't be all it took to make everything better.

Bailarin watched, "This isn't a good sign..." Unaware of the way they were treating eachother. The nuclear bomb was the pinnacle of human devestation, it was a wonder the Haruo lovers weren't freaking out like she was.

The news channel; now on the main broadcast, turned to the head anchormen/women, "What you have just seen is beyond comprehension, a nuclear explosion has detonated off in Utashinai, we will be staying live and waiting for any reports to keep you updated."

Tristeza looked to Nori, "If a bomb detonated in Utashinai... it doesn't make sense. It's a medium-sized city, not overly populated, just in it's thousands..." "If it's terrorists... then a small city would just be a test of what they can do." "They'll hit bigger... and to a larger city..."

Tristeza was worrying about Hiroshima in particular.

"We're not in the city; we're near it, and if anything happens, just open up a garganta and we'll stay in our old fortress in Hueco Mundo for a while." Nori assured her. Humans didn't really concern him anymore... They were below him.

"Alright, let's take this into another view..."

"When was the last time a nuclear bomb went off in Japan? Hiroshima, here..." Tristeza was deducing this was more then it seems... "I don't think it's humans Nori... and if that's the case, why are the causing that much death...?"

Bailarin kept silent, just watching, and Adalina was still too tired upstairs to awake so early.

"Tristeza, if spiritual beings were going to attack the human world, I doubt they'd spend time building nuclear armements when one shinigami could easily devastate an entire country."

"Let me put this into concept for you, we're all super-powered freaks... what if that explosion was caused by one shinigami or a Hollow, if they decide to make Japan their personal tagging zone, much like Borracho Mareado then it'll be bad." Tristeza added, "And the highest concentration of spiritual energy in this blasted country is in this very home... they'll eventually figure it out."

"In the country?" Nori repeated incrediously, frowning. "Tristeza, even if that were true, we're wearing gigai that conceal our spiritual pressure. Not to mention that we could fight them. Cockroaches are highly resistant to radiation, right? If you want, I can splice us all with roaches, but then we'll all have antennae coming out of our heads because you're so paranoid."

"I'm not paranoid, I'm just looking out for our daughters you numb skull!" Her voice was being raised, "What's to say that Batalla won't take Mitsune out to go see what caused the explosion, genius?!" Tristeza looked to him somewhat bitterly, "Your daughter is already mad at you, so like hell she'll listen to what you tell her to do. And Batalla may respect you, but she's not a good-seed, knowing Ardiente, she'll just enthuse it."

Tristeza looked back to the screen as the next report came in...

"We've got footage recieved from the camera mainframe just moments ago, we'll be showing you the last images of the area that was ground zero..."

Nori looked a bit more alarmed now. "She doesn't need to listen to me; I'll detain her if it's necessary... How the hell are all of these people still alive? The radiation would have killed all of them seconds after the explosion..." Nori muttered... Now she was making him paranoid. He wanted to ensure the safety of his daughter...

Tristeza and Bailarin watched with tensity, the images replayed the last recording from the cameras.

"Here it is."

The sceen was simple, an ever average day, then, there it was... a girl stumbling around in clear pain, her body began glowing, markings all across her, variations of purple and pink. The girl fell down to her knees, and screamed, Let me go! Stop following me! LEAVE ME ALONE!

People glimpsed to her, and then it occured, bright glowing energy seeped from her body.

Her face was unrecognizeable, but this wouldn't stop the explosion that would kill hundreds. Too bad the cameras couldn't capture spiritual figures... those of Hollows chasing the girl.

The camera faded to black.

So Tristeza was right. Nori cringed.

"Maybe we should find her. With her on camera like that, she's going to get a little infamous, and she was only doing it in self-defense... There were hollows chasing her..! But then, our situation isn't very ideal right now..."

"Going into a nuclear wasteland right after a detonation sounds like a smart plan, let's just come back with genetic defects for the rest of our lives."

"Worse then STD's, let's see you ever getting lucky again..." Tristeza rolled her eyes, "I'll wait an hour or so until I go search..." Bailarin looked to them both, "Oh boy..." she didn't want them going alone, but she knew they could handle themselves. Nori didn't have Hierro, so his resistance to Radiation may be less then their Hierro defenses...

Batalla on the other hand, was making her way to the door of the Ardiente household to exit and come visit the family, unaware of the news... yet.

That was when Shiro's eyes snapped open.

Slowly, the small girl allowed herself to climb out of bed, landing on her feet and tilting her head over to where Adalina was. Then, without saying a word, she turned her head and slowly stepped away, feet carrying her out of the room. Her long hair was hanging over her face, completely hiding her expression, while her white dress fluttered in the slight wake of her walk. However, there was clearly no happiness within her soul. Mommy was sick. Daddy was possibly sick. Everyone else seemed to be tense and unhappy.

What was the point of her being the odd one out?

There was none.

"Oh, right... If only there was something I could do to reverse them... Like, I don't know... The manipulation of cells?" Nori retorted sarcastically, shooting the woman a glare. "The only woman I've ever gotten lucky with is Tereya. And I intend to keep it that way. So, if you have any more comments about violating the sanctity of marriage, I suggest you keep them to yourself."

"Yeah yeah..." Tristeza wasn't in the mood to argue. "So we're off to save nameless chick who just killed a decent amount of lives... that sounds fun. Never knew our jurisdiction covered murderers." Tristeza just wanted to see his reply, and the slight grin proved it.

Batalla opened the front door, jacket on, she waited for Mitsune if she was going to come along. "Mom, I'm going to visit Nori-san and the rest, be back later!"

Her intellectual opponent looked away, in order to hide how big his smile was. "I seem to remember something about Arrancar being formed by hollows eating millions of innocent souls... And then, killing others of their kind through cannibalism..." He mused.

Tristeza glanced back to him, "Touche." Offering a grin of her own.

Batalla made her journey quick, and a knock on the door signified she was there. "Heeeeeeyoooo."

Shiro landed on the last step.

Her hidden gaze drifted towards the door.... and her killer intent was exposed.

She was the girl that Mitsune had grown so attached to... the source of Mitsune's bad words towards Adalina.... if anything, she held the same loathing for Batalla as much as she held for her own sister. She stood stock still, fingers curling a little. If the girl tried to interact with her in anyway, the only reply she would get would be fingers wrapping around her neck. She didn't want anything to do with Batalla, and she would be--


She couldn't say glad.... but, still, that would be one less problem.

"If touche means I, Tristeza, will answer the door so Nori can care to his daughter, then I whole-heartedly agree." Nori said, nodding at her. Then, he directed his attention to Shiro. "You're awake already...? Why don't you go back to sleep?" It wasn't that it was early... Nori just didn't want Shiro to be awake. Mommy was sick. Daddy was dillusional. The girl could sleep through the problem.

Bailarin looked to Shiro, "Hey sweet-heart, morning." She offered a smile to the youngest family member, intent on offering some light.

After all, who wanted to be surronded only by depresso's 24/7? Bailarin wouldn't be added to that particular set of cards just yet.

Tristeza groaned lightly, using a Sonido, she vanished to the front door, giving a nod. "Morning Brat." Batalla stuck out her tongue, "Morning Majo-teme." Annoyed by the woman, Batalla would be pissy right back as she walked in the house, "Morning ya'll..."

And that's when Batalla's all too predatorial and subtle glance reached the eyes of Shiro. And Junto smiled through the girl... it was a wonder that Shiro hadn't sensed her Inner Hollow's presence by now...

All Shiro had to do was make eye contact.

Instantly, a flash raced through her head, and her blank eyes widened. Her muscles contracted and froze, leaving her stock still. For a moment, just for a little moment, she had not seen Batalla. For a moment, she could've sworn that she saw the face of someone else beyond that. Only a flash of her had been seen, but it was definitely there! Her smile had matched the one that was now plastered on the disgusting girl's face. She caught the bright pink hair, the darkened tan skin, the humanoid form that her own mother had taken! And those eyes....

That was when realization shot through her.

They had been the same as Sasha's.

Fear and fury built up inside of Shiro, her hands clenching into fists. How dare this girl possess the same power has her mother?! How dare beasts of a feather be bestowed upon such opposites?! Now the urge to silence Batalla increased sevenfold. However, knowing that the adults were watching her, she didn't allow herself to take steps of attack towards the other girl. Constant voices were in her head now, urging signals to show the other girl her place. She could barely restrain herself as she slowly stepped towards Batalla, bare feet treading the floor.

Kill her....

Kill her....


Batalla took her time to glance to Shiro, the rage not touching her, she quirked her head, snickering as she saw the fists clench. Whether she sensed it or not didn't mean she couldn't guess the girl wasn't happy about her taking Mitsune away from Adalina.

Giving a mock-wave in a childish manner, she grinned as she walked away, as if to say Maybe next time..., she looked to the living room, "Hey Nori-san, I need to talk with ya' for a moment." She waited there impatiently... tapping her foot, a glance back to Shiro through the corner of her eye.

Junto could sense the tension...

Bailarin looked to Batalla, neutral with her feelings toward the girl, she continued to watch the TV in silence, too tired to make a fuss.

Tristeza on the other hand was with Shiro, already pissed at the girl, joining the youngest Haruo in tension.

This only made Junto laugh...

All it took was that second to look at Nori, before Shiro used a Kogeru to appear right before the girl, her long black hair hiding her expression. The speed it took to close the distance would've been a bit abnormal.... and possibly eerie, despite Shiro being aware of such or not. Through her bangs, she fixed a narrowed-eyed glare at Batalla. When her lips parted in order to speak.... it was a mixture of both her own and Sasha's voice.

"Aren't you supposed to be with your bitch right now?"

It was now all too clear who the voices were in her head....

It was sad that Batalla didn't even know about her own personal Inner Hollow by now, but it was true.

That didn't mean she wouldn't stop with the taunt back. Albeit stupidly placed, "Aren't you supposed to be with yours...?" The quirk in her gaze turned into a pure taunt, untainted by anything other then manipulation. After all... Batalla knew this girl wouldn't be a match for her. She was a prodigy... and she already obtained her Shikai, taking down a girl like Shiro wouldn't be a hard feat.

She had heard from Mitsune about Shiro's skill despite all of this, so she kept her hand near her waist in a position close to the sword, but far enough away just to appear as a nonchalaunt motion.

All in a taunt just to get her to strike, and to get her in trouble.

Junto enjoyed subtle control over her host...

"I have none. Only a friend which you hurt...."

As she spoke, Shiro's eyes drifted towards the hand that had fallen near the waist, a grim satisfaction. Was she already preparing herself for a fight? However, she knew that she could not give one as of this moment.... due to her father's watchful eye. He would simply seperate her as easily as he had done to prevent her from strangling the life out of her sister.... Her fingers retracted back to their curled position. "And yet, you dare to keep coming here. Don't you realize that you're not welcome here?" She said lowly, a venom lacing her tone.

It was so tempting to wrap her fingers around her neck and crush her windpipe... she was within arm's distance, and all she had to do was raise a hand or two.... why couldn't they leave?!

"Not welcome...?" Batalla raised a brow, and looked directly into Shiro's eyes, "Remember sweet heart... whether I'm here or there... you can't touch me anyways." Batalla actually let out a chuckle. No matter where they would be, Shiro was just a freak to her, any threat was void, any fear was dull.

Batalla let that all to familiar gaze of Junto pop through again. The look of a satisfied predator. The look of a content hunt.

This seems like a good time to interrupt.

Abruptly, Nori laid his hand gently on Shiro's shoulder, enough to snap her out of her haze of hostility for a brief moment. Sweetly, he scooped her up, then used kogeru to bring her to the kitchen. "Shiro..." He began, and from the tone in his voice, it was obvious he didn't approve of what she did. But he wasn't mad at her. He couldn't be... "Why don't you stay here and drink some milk, and Daddy'll get rid of Batalla. Does that sound good to you?" Reaching into the hair blocking her face, Nori found her chin and lifted it slightly; the hair parted from her eyes, and she was forced to look him in the face.

She should've felt resentment.... for Nori had once again taken her away from her prey!

However, she just couldn't.... the silent fury that was building up within her immediately subsided. At his tone, she felt guilty at her actions. When her hair was parted, her half-lidded and depressed eyes stared into her father's own. "Sorry, dad...." She murmured, gently reaching up to grasp his wrist. She made no effort to pull him off completely, just enough to nod her head. "I won't do it again...." The instant he let go, she would simply wrap her arms around him in a hug in order to completely show her apology. It wouldn't be much.... but it would let him know she understood.

After all.... there would be other times....

He let go immediately. "Good. I'll be right back... Just help yourself to whatever you want in here until I come for you, alright? I know... I know, I haven't been... the best father..." This speech was getting hard for Nori. He wanted to apologize, but... Why was it so hard? "But... Nami's sick right now... B-but, today, Daddy'll take you wherever you want to go to make up for it, alright..?"

Immediately, she embraced him.

"What are you saying....?" She whispered, arms wrapping around his neck. "Daddy'll never stop being the best daddy.... No one can replace you...." Her tone, unlike earlier, was now soft and child-like, Sasha's influence having been lost a long time ago. "You're looking after Mommy and me.... what more could I want?" To emphasize, she leaned over to give him a kiss on the cheek.

Batalla was slightly amused, and waited for Nori to get back to attention. Waiting, she didn't notice Tristeza making her way back over to the couch to sit by her wife, taking a glance to check on Tereya.


No words could express how happy Shiro had just made Nori. He didn't even care what Batalla had to say now; if Shiro wanted the girl gone, he was going to get rid of her, unless it was very important. Dropping the girl gently on the counter, Nori kogeru'd directly in front of Batalla. His eyes held no kindness; only contempt. This girl was making his sad daughter sadder.

Batalla dropped the harsh gaze immediately underneath Nori's stare. "I-I..." She wanted to say she was sorry, but she had came to talk to him about something important.

That may not work out so well now...

And that only made her position emotionally worse.

Fortunately, a voice spoke up for her.... and it wasn't Shiro's.

"Speak up, kid."

Tereya, having woken up at the sound of Batalla's knock, had now allowed herself to switch her lying position so that she could face the two of them. Now, her arms were resting on the nearest couch arm, a quirked-eyebrow expression on her face. It was showing her major indifference to the situation in front of her, though her eyes were focused on Batalla. A slight smirk, however, was on her face at her discomfort at the situation. "The faster you get out with it, the better off you'll be."

"I was just wanting to ask Nori-san a personal question..." Batalla glanced to Tereya, and then back to Nori, glad to have had someone speak for her, even if temporarily.

Tristeza glanced aside to look up to the discussing group.

".... Oh?" Nori replied, vaguely interested. "Well... what is it..?" He asked slowly. If she had a question about her period or something, wouldn't it be better directed to her own mother, or Tereya? Unless it was about Mitsune...

If it was, she'd be thrown out of the house faster than she could say "poop".

Batalla looked to Nori directly, a slightly cowed look in her stance. "It was more of a father thing..." If she wanted to know about periods she'd probably go to the latter. Going to her mom sounded... nnngh... distasteful.

"Is it alright if we talk in private... it won't take long." Batalla muttered, looking to Tereya for silent permission.

For a moment, Tereya gave her that same indifferent look. Then, she looked over to her husband. "Hime, do try and not do anything stupid.... least, until after she's done discussin' whatever." She answered, closing her eyes and giving a "go ahead" wave in both of their direction. She didn't care if she was sick or not.... more bullshit was the last thing she wanted to have in this house!

Meanwhile, Shiro, carrying her glass of milk, was now standing at the kitchen doorway, silently watching the scene. There was no sadistic amusement in her eyes as she watched Batalla squirm under her father's gaze. Oh, how she wanted to be the one to force Batalla down to that level! And here she was, stuck observing! Her blue eyes narrowed dangerously at Batalla, even as she continued to drink her valued liquid. Hopefully, her time would come....

"Happy to see someone's feeling better..." Nori muttered, poking Batalla in the forehead. Instantly, they were in his bedroom, both of them sitting comfortably on the bed. "So, what is it? I'm sorry if I seemed a little harsh... But you upset Shiro, so..."

"I'm sorry... I get carried away more often then usual this last year...." Batalla looked to him somewhat nervously, "It may be personal or not... but, can I ask you something... did you want to become a father...?" She wouldn't ask the question in particular yet, she wanted to know more first.

"Yes. And I'm extremely thrilled that both of my children happen to be females." Nori replied honestly. He raised an eyebrow. She wasn't pregnant, was she?

Batalla looked to him, "Can you tell me how you felt... when you realized that Tereya was pregnant... and that you were going to be a dad...?" Batalla was a bit more nervous with that particular question. A more solumn and sorrowed look took over.

"I felt... sad. Like my life was over... my personal life, anyway. And that me and Nami would never have any time to ourselves ever again." Nori responded, frowning. What was the point of the questions..?

Batalla looked to him, "Is that how my dad felt...?" "That being commited would be a burden, and any child; me; would be a burden...?" Batalla was looking alot worse now, her eyes on the verge of tears. She wanted to know the position of the father...

Did he abandon Mom just because he knew I'd be born...?

Didn't he want me...?

It was back, at least with the cameras remaining, that another unfortunate scene decided to take place.

Sitting on one of the ruined structures was a lone figure dressed in a blue hoodie, gray pants, and black sneakers. With a face hidden underneath the hood, he watched every bit of the aftermath of the explosion.... death and decay.... smoke and flames.... it was enough to bring out the animal within him, and he was unable to contain the feral grin that came across his face. Ah, there would be plenty of dead souls after this was done.... but he was one impatient man. He had been wanting to practice hunting today, and despite everything, had found a perfectly good energy source. And there would be no one to stop him - the radiation was no match for the spiritual energy he was leaking, effectively canceling out the other power. Human technology was nothing compared to him....

He stood up, flexing his muscles.

He feasted his eyes onto what was still alive, and still struggling to find their way back to the surface.

Then, with a feral scream, he sprung into action, jumping right in to start the slaughter....

Nori's frown worsened. "No... that's not what I meant. I stuck around because I cared about my daughter... Sasha would have killed her if I didn't obey, actually." Nori patted Batalla's head.

"Your father left because he's an asshole. It has nothing to do with you."

"I-I feel like I was the cause of it all..." "That I'm the cause of the loss of my own father..." Batalla was comforted, but tears fell. "I try to keep this grin on to not think about it... but everyday, I wish I could see my Dad... but can't."

"I was just some accident..." Batalla looked worse... Nori would have to try harder.

Bailarin watched the last faded images of the screen, as the reporter commented on the surviving man... she could have sworn that she recognized the figure. Tristeza would leave to go find the girl as soon as Nori was done talking.


Nori embraced the girl in a hug, hoping that it would be enough to comfort her. "No... No, you weren't. Even if your Dad didn't love you, your mother does, and I'm sure your step-mother does too." He mumbled. He wasn't good at this..! Someone else should have taken over by now...

Batalla sniffled, "Nori-san... I know this sounds odd... and you may not want to be... but you've been the closest thing I've had to a father..." She gave a heart-felt hug back. It was sincere, and Batalla had closed her eyes in the emotion.

"Otousan..." She didn't know how'd he react. She just wanted to know she had a father figure... she wanted to be a daughter to some father. And if her biological father didn't want her... maybe Nori did...?

"... It's alright, Batalla... I'll... be your father."

Nori sighed wearily. This was... getting to be too much for him. Patting the back of the girl's head, Nori pulled her off of him for a brief second. "But, I need you to go home for now. At the moment, it's not a good time to visit... And Shiro's still a bit upset about what happened between Mitsune and Adalina. So... I'm going to take Shiro out for a little while, but when we get back, you've got to go."

Batalla nodded, whiping away the tears, and some of the masquera she wore smugged as well. (At long last she had gone back to her old Gothic habits). Standing up, she smiled lightly, "Okay Nori-san." It was a gentle look, one Nori would have to cherish. She wouldn't wear it very often...

Adalina was arousing, twitching awake into the real world, she looked around, stretched, then yawned in sequence... Where's... Shiro...?

"Oh, and don't tease Adalina while you're here." Nori stated condescendingly. "And by that, I mean no looks, too. I know how you look at people, all intimdaitingly-like. Don't do it." With that, Nori flicked the girl on the nose, and brought them both back to the living room. Briskly, he walked away from her, and back into the kitchen with Shiro.

"So, Shiro, what do you want to do today? Daddy will take you anywhere you want to go."

Batalla nodded, "B-But... grrr, fine." She moved to the living room, making her way to front door, glancing to Adalina as she crossed pathes, and Batalla tried so hard to smile, and kept a stoic look.

Adalina's eyes faltered, and her heart flinched. Even without the look, she felt hate and defiance towards the woman, an addition of fear as well. Watching as she left, Adalina questioned in irritation, "What was she doing here?"

Bailarin looked to her daughter, "Come here sweet-heart, I need to comb your hair, and also... she was here to talk with Nori-san."

What he saw most likely wouldn't be surprising.

Shiro, with an empty glass beside of her, was sitting with her legs pulled up to her chest, and her arms resting on her knees. Her head was buried in those very arms. All in all, whether or not it was still because of Adalina and Mitsune didn't matter - she was far beyond a little upset when her father stepped in. Her head looked up, long hair falling over her face before her expression could be fully seen.

"I...." She began for a moment, before she returned her head to its former position. "I don't....know...." Her tone was bitter and dry.

"... Adalina... Adalina can come too..." Nori offered hopelessly. The tone had set him off... Was it because he had taken so long with Batalla...? She seemed happy that he was coming down on Batalla before, but now she seemed... sad. "Does Batalla... Really bother you that much?"

"She's hurting Adalina...." Was the near-monotone reply. "And she's willing to hurt her.... hurt me....and I can't do anything about it...." Despite the fact that she loathed the power that Batalla held within her, she also felt grieved that there was nothing that she could do to stop it. She had not materialized her Zanpakutō like that wench had! All she could do was rely on her fists, which would be nothing compared to the solid steel of her blade. She couldn't compare with something like that....! Not now! The thoughts made her clench her teeth in anger, fingers doing the same against her elbows.

"Shiro..." Nori considered his words carefully. "The next time Batalla comes over... Daddy'll look the other way, and you can do what you want, okay? She won't hurt you... I promise. Just don't kill her." His parenting skills were top-notch. Nori had caved without Shiro begging or prodding him to do something!


When Shiro raised her head up again, she pulled herself from her sitting position and started moving on her hands and knees towards Nori. Unconsciously, her fingers were digging into the floor every time her palm was raised and brought down. It seemed like she had lost her ability to walk, as she wasn't bothering to push herself up to her feet just yet. "How...." She whispered softly, getting ever so closer to her father.

Nori immediately assumed the worst.

Kneeling to her level, signs of worry showed on his face. Did she hurt her leg, and that's why she was crawling? What was she asking him? How did she hurt it? How did he get Batalla to leave? How was he taking care of Mommy; How was it possible she was sick? Nori felt worse. He was failing as a parent to all of his children.

She was nearing him.... and it was in her grasp.

Her hand grasped the hilt of his weapon, her hand and legs supporting her. "She had this, too...." She managed to say, her voice soft and whispering as she placed another hand onto Nasuka. "Right on her did you get it....? How can I get it?" She was tempted to pull the sword out of the sheath in order to inspect it further, her curiosity getting the best of her. Could she obtain this kind of weapon? If Mommy and Daddy could, then maybe she could, too!


Nori unsheathed it for her. "I think mine is a little different than her's... You could have mine anytime you want, but it might not listen to you. But, if you earn your own -- which probably won't appear until you get older -- it'll probably be stronger than Daddy's." Mentally, Nori flinched. This was the first time he'd insulted Nasuka, and she wasn't happy with him for doing so. Pulling it out of the sheathe, he handed it to her, hoping it wouldn't be too heavy.

The girl accepted it with eager hands, holding it on the blade and hilt part. Immediately, the hand that was on the blade part squeezed, as if desiring to rip the power straight from the blade. She gritted her teeth slightly, feeling the sharp edge cut into her fleshy palms. "This is yours.... I want my own...." She insisted, lifting the blade back up in order to give to Nori. "You and Mommy will be proud if I do, right?"


Immediately scooping the girl up in his arms, Nori stared with unease at her left palm. "Weed out Nasuka Gahou." He said, not even bothering to stop for a pause. Immediately, the girl's wound closed up, and her father breathed a sigh of relief. "We'll be proud of you no matter what you do, Shiro." Nori pointed out. It was true; he'd be prouder if she got her zanpakuto, but that wasn't something you told a child.

Startled at first by the sudden movements, Shiro automatically clutched onto Nori's neck a bit too tightly, but loosened up after just a second. Her spirits seemingly lifted a little, and she nuzzled into the man's neck affectionately. "Thank you, Daddy...." Was her expression of gratitude towards his actions. Once again, she was closer to her father than anyone could ever be.... for now, she wouldn't worry about Batalla or Mitsune.... it was just her and family.

Real family.

"You're welcome..."

Nori smiled warmly. His daughter was so nice~... Nori was sure that all of the other fathers in the world were jealous because his was so adorable. He mused how people must see her out of their car windows and weep with newfound admiration for the world.

"So, where do you want to go today? We could go to a toystore, or for some clothes..."

Adalina sat somewhat anxiously infront of Bailarin, facing the opposite direction as her mother began to comb her hair. "You 'kay?" Bailarin raised her brow towards her daughter, "Yeah... what's on TV?"

Tristeza answered for her wife, "The News." Adalina took her time to listen and watch the usually boring reporters, and watch the scene of the explosion.

Tristeza stood up, "Look like it's time to go save some sorry girl's butt..." Cracking her neck, she looked towards the kitchen, yelling loudly and rudely. "Hey, move your arse, it was your idea to save this human punk. I'll be going even if you don't, but then again, that'd just make you a hypocrite."

Tristeza made her way to the door, grasping her Zanpakuto and Hell-Blade from the side of the wall, 'framed' for show and for quick access.

"I don't know, Dad....I told you...." If anything, Shiro's dry voice could simply be seen as exasperation. Yet, she didn't bother to let go of the man because of it. She was only vaguely aware of Tristeza's voice calling out to her father.

"... How about this.... You stay home with Mommy while Daddy and Aunt Tristeza go out, and Daddy'll bring you home a present." Nori offered. Setting the girl down -- very reluctantly -- Nori put on his jacket. His eyes watched the girl expectantly. A present? The girl should be excited!

That mean she would have to take care of Mommy.

Clasping her hands together, Shiro lowered her head, and it seemed as if she was in prayer. However, it didn't take long for her to speak up. "I will take good care of Mommy..." She said softly. "I promise. Shiro won't let anything bad happen to her...." It was true; she would try to the best of her ability in order to ensure that Tereya would get whatever she needed in the absence of Nori. It was her duty, after all....

Tristeza waited by the door, tapping her foot in impatience, "I said hurry, we need to go save this chick." "If not, I'd perfer to do something more... productive..." the husk in her voice directed to her wife, who was combing her daughters hair.

It didn't stop the blush. "U-ugh..." Keeping silent and eyes averted.

Her father nodded, patting his daughter's head as he affirmed her statement. "When Daddy gets back... He'll take you and Adalina to an art museum, or something... No, wait, they'll probably be closed because of the explosion..." Nori grumbled. This was getting frustrating. "I'm sorry, Shiro..."

Abruptly, he walked away from his daughter, whom he was sure he was disappointing, and towards Tristeza. "I'd love to do something more productive, if you're up for it." He teased, even though it would undoubtably end up with him losing whatever verbal sparring match resulted from the comment.

Tristeza groaned at his attempt to goad her, it was laughable really, so she did laugh. "Whatever you say hot shot, let's get a move on." "Race ya' there."

With a flicker of static noise, and a quick blur, Tristeza had used Sonido to escape the house, and head towards the city of Imoshinai.

"... Right. Race the man who can teleport. Smart move, Tristeza..." Frowning, Nori used his Kogeru to get right ahead of her current position (it was more of a taunt than anything else; just so she could see how easy it was for him to pass her), then brought himself to the outskirts of the city. For whatever reason, the place felt funny...

The Most Dangerous Game[]

Hands caked in blood.

Blood-stained teeth, and a mouth curled up in a satisfactory grin.

That's how the lone survivor was found, walking through the newly created corpses that were scattered across the radiated earth. His feet were careless, stepping on both earth and decaying flesh as he made his way. His muscles were flowing with adrenaline and power. Oh, never before had he felt such a rush! Why had he ignored this life for so long?! He should've done this more often - sure, the meals weren't exactly as tasty as they used to, but still, it was enough to sate him. However, these were just mere appetizers - he wanted more! He wanted the source of what had caused this explosion, wanting nothing more than to consu--

Then, he felt it.

A powerful spiritual energy was heading away from his direction, deeper into structures that had not been collapsed out of dumb luck. Immediately turning his head, he used a Sonido in order to gain access to longer distance, as well as footing onto the rooftops. From there, he allowed himself to run, feet slapping and jumping across the buildings. Although it was imperative that he catch the girl immediately, he was not stupid enough to blindly chase her. Because of her being the source, the radioactivity would simply become more potent, and it would surely kill him before he could even raise her claws against her.

He needed to find a way around that, before he did anything.

And the first step.... would be to watch his bretheren die....

Heiya was watching as the Hollows drew closer, each and every one of them large and menacing. But her stress and fear trigged higher reserves of her new found powers.

Tattoo's glowing on her body, she held up her hands in an attempt to defend herself from the Hollow. The gargoyle like Hollow in question, soon found out too late of the damage. A strange temporal implosion formed itself on the inside of it's thick mask, and soon caused it's own molecules and skull case to cave in on itself, and implode, the small display of her many techniques.

This didn't deter the rest of the Hollows however, but their power would slowly wane as they failed to hurt her quickly or effeciently, as the radiation was now gaining spiritual sustanence... and even spiritual beings would fear the man-man nuclear energy.

Heiya Shonin was a minature reactor.

And that would only serve to attract Senkaku even more.

As he caught up, his eyes managed to catch the last Hollow that was unfortunate enough to be killed. His heart quickened a little. "Holy hell....." He thought to himself, slowing down a little out of apprehension. Even though it was obvious her powers were uncontrolled, they were still highly dangerous. That was made clear by the destruction of the area. If he was too careless, he would be made a target and killed off before he could reach her. Stealth was the key here; he had to get as close as possible and keep himself out of her senses as much as possible.... at the very least, he was certain that she would let her guard down.

Maybe waiting until the last of the Hollows were dead would help. After all, they should've been the primary concern for her at this point.

Heiya didn't take any notice of how her emotions trigged the dangerous abilites; nor did she have the ability, or the controlled senses to find, or even try to find Senkaku at this time, her only worry was the things screaming out at her, lashing at her, attempting to devour her.

One of the Hollows leaped forward, an Adjuchas of amphibian appearance, the horns on it's skull showing a deformity in the mask. The thing was going to catch her by surprise, and take her out for good!

Too bad this was short lived, the amphibian was stopped by a single hand, and chaotic emotions. The creature felt a spark in it's stomach, then utter devestation as the outward pressure and nuclear molecules in the air, formed itself into an explosion... from the inside out.

Immediately, the Hollow dropped to it's knees, knocked off course, landing beside the girl, green and black blood splatted along with chunks of it's body, with it's dying breaths, it attempted to to grasp the girl by the throat, and kill her.

Even this failed... the girl yelled out, "NO!" As the Hollow's arm swung down, it soon evaporated to the bone, intense radiation and thermo-nuclear energy coming from her destroyed what had not been taken care of before.

Only a around five more Hollows remaining, they all watched warily as their 'comrade' was killed so torturously.

Should he continue this?

It would be all too easy to continue to wait until she had finally killed all of them. To wait until she had finally allowed herself a false sense of security.... that was his plan. However, she seemed far too distracted, far too preoccupied by his lower bretheren in order to notice. There was a window of opportunity.... he was standing right over her, near her as she attempted to escape her demise. Yes.... maybe he could take his chance right here and now.

But, he would make sure to have a heart-to-heart with her.... before her inevitable demise.

Without further hesiation, he leaped down from the building, arms outstretched, and tackled Heiya to the ground. If she landed correctly, he would use one arm to pin down her neck (front or back, depending on what she fell on) and finish the job by killing the rest of the Hollow, if they were foolish enough not to retreat.

Heiya's body was directly shoved down, pinned on her back, landing a chunk of flat concrete, the front of her body, and side of her face bleeding fiercely. "No! No! NO!" Tears streaming, she grit her teeth, "I SAID NO!" Radiation began to funnel out of her body, the tattoo's all over growing brighter, the energies were spiking, her subconcious was triggering the defense mechanism.

And if her stress peaked, the oh so recent explosion might duplicate itself.

Would it be enough to take him down?


Knowing that death would be imminent if he didn't do something, Senkaku bent down and hissed the word right into her ear, making sure it would shoot through her consciousness. "Calm yourself down, or you'll kill us both. I'm going to save you!" Not giving her time for a response, he allowed his body to turn while raising his free hand towards the Hollow. A Cero, green in color, was charging into his hands. He narrowed his eyes in a predatory glare, scowl imminent. His facial expressions spoke only one sentence.

"Stay back.... this is MY prey."

If she still refused to co-operate, all it would take was a swift blow to her head in order to knock her out and stop the process. It would be a shame.... but it would also be the only time he could feast on his quarry.

Heiya didn't like him, his scent, his whole nature reeked of these very creatures. Those eyes held the truth, where his words lied.

She had met people like him, so many, those 'so called' friends who we're only there to decieve her and stab her in the back. That faux expression was an open book, and her stress lowered... Only to make room for rage.

Heiya began to growl, "Your going to save me?" You?!

"I don't need to saved!" Her voice venomous. All those people had hurt her, now they were dead. They deserved it. All people with that faux emotion deserved to be purged.

Hissing, she charged her body, getting the jist that her emotions controlled the powers. She was learning...

"Your the one who needs to be saved." Tattoo's scattered over her body, and the heat from her body was enough to melt the stone, and cause the air to hiss and vibrate. It would soon get hot enough to cause the air particles to explode. It was even worse; that her powers now affected the spiritual realm as well.

The Hollows around her grew weary as the heat grew to exhausting lengths, and most of them fled, while one close by dropped dead from wounds and the radiation exposure, his flesh bubbling, his mask cracking, flying off his body like flecks of dead skin.

"G...GAH! GOH, FUCK--"

Immediately, Senkaku was forced off of her, startled and pained by the sudden power that she displayed. He was forced to shield his face with one arm, his teeth gritted in a feral snarl. What the hell was this?! This was no scared little girl he was dealing with!! The power.... it was ridiculous! He was forced to stagger back, trying his best to fend it off... but he knew he couldn't deal with anything now.... the radiation was attacking him ruthlessly, his shield arm as well as the front of his body feeling severe pain.

And yet.... he couldn't help but feel his primal instincts come to play.... that slightly masochistic feeling at the burns on his skin. Oh, the power!!! How he yearned for more of it, how it made his tongue tingle!!! He wanted to consume her so badly.... and yet, she was keeping him away like this! It wasn't fair. He needed it!!! He needed it!!!!

But if he wanted it.... he knew he was going to have to fight for it.

It was time to see how he fought relying on his Hollow blood as well as his morality.

She didn't care what he did.

Heiya pulled her hands back, the Tattoo's around her throat began glowing brightly, the energies radiating proudly, and as her mouth dropped open, she felt an odd sensation. The sensation of spiritual control, and the feeling of radioactive fallout and ash in her mouth.

At first wondering what it is, she did the rest on instinct as her dangerous presence continued on.

Senkaku was on a timer. Radiation thrived on direct point blank zones, and pure duration. The longer he was exposed, the less he would heal, and the faster he would die. His wounds would eat themselves alive.

Unleashing the fallout from her mouth, she launched it at Senkaku in a cloud.

He needed something that would be invincible (or at least mostly) from the deathly radiation, and he needed a move that would subdue her in one or a few attacks. He extended his hand towards her, uttering the release command for his Zanpakutō. "Equalize... Aqua!" Immediately, as his hand transformed into that of his release, he summoned the water to his aid, his own body dripping with the precious liquid. As the fallout hit his hand, it immediately transformed into vapor as a result of the radiation... and as his body was being consumed, it was slowly being vaporized....

Pretty soon, he was gone, his body having been dissipated....

Just as he wanted it.

The resulting vapor would be nearly invisible in the ruined area, floating around in a seemingly harmless matter. He rarely used these kinds of attacks unless it was needed, because of the strain it caused on his physical body. But he didn't have much of a choice anymore.... if he waited too long, the radiation would be sure to kill him. But at least in this form.... he would have a while before that ever happened.

Heiya hissed, "I said stay away, you don't want to help!" "Your just like everyone!" Sniffing the air, hysteria getting to her head, the emotions and stress nearly taking her sanity. Wild tears dropped for no reason, "Your just like everything else..."

"Your reek of what these things are..." "But that means you'll die just like the rest of them." Offering a nearly insane grin, tears still wildly dropping, she laughed. "Yeah... that's it... just like them..."

Tattoo's sparking on her, she clapped her hands together. The resulting clap, so simple, would cause every single molecule in the air to be fused with nuclear energy, and sheer light. It would be blinding, it would be a shockwave, and it would be loud.

She wanted to make him hurt.

It should've worked.

However, the vapor that was left had begun to seep right into her breathing pattern, and right into her body. His next moves would be a dangerous risk to both him and to her. But if it succeeded, he would easily immobilize this woman and finish the job without any complaints. If she found some way to oust him.... then it was all over for him. He would be forced to exit her, helpless and at her mercy. He worked his way into her lungs, expanding to other parts of the body but choosing to reside in her limbs.

Then, the vapor began to chill upon his will, and the process began.

Did he thrive on trying to anger her? He had only known her for so little time... but now she wanted to destroy him. The presence of so many Hollows had got to her head. Their presence had corrupted her thought process.

Heiya grinned, "Heh..." Building up nuclear energy, he should have noticed a trick with nuclear energy. "Come closer... hehehe..." With an outreach of her hand, a simple reaching wave to him, the trick was now clear. She was destroying the air molecules and humidity. Nuclear energy was a nasty thing, and as it ate away at living things, it also did horrible things to non-living as well.

The wave choked the air itself, draining the aspect of life away, pressure caused would be able to affect spiritual beings as well. And with the lack of oxygen, or humidity, she planned to drain him of his blood; literally.

Tristeza now appeared in the area, far from the fight zone, but so close, appearing several yards behind Nori.

"... Do you think it's safe?"

Nori looked behind himself, to Tristeza. He looked... worried. For her, and himself. "We're only this close, and I already feel like my skin's going to start peeling off my body... I don't think we should get any closer... The girl can obviously handle herself." Nori mumbled dejectedly. He wanted to help her, but he didn't want to die.


Senkaku's plan had failed.

In the vapor form that he had entered her body, he ripped himself out of her in panic, agony, and pain, the gas falling down to ground level. Despite being inside of her body, the sudden destruction of air molecules had cut off a majority of the source of life he had been clinging to. He could bear it no longer; as he returned to his released regular form, he was lying on his back, the radiation finally taking ahold of him. The humidity....the thievery of an air supply.... the fucking radiation...!!! Every part of his body was on fire!!!

Internal hemorrhaging at its worst.

"Oh, the pain!!!!" He hissed, shutting his eyes tightly and trying to ignore the hot tears that fell down his own face. "OH MY G-GOD.....!!!!!"

Heiya grinned, she had done it! Her mind cracking, bursting at the seams, her eyes showing how thinly the wire was that kept her sanity together.

Glancing to the two new entires of Tristeza and Nori, she tilted her head. "You all smell like them... like monsters..." "You all deserve to die." Raising her hand, the Tattoo's activated in sequence, and one could tell that a sudden release of pressure was evident...

Or... a lack of pressure; an implosion about to be created inbetween the two family members.

Nori's eyes widened.

Placing a hand on Tristeza's shoulder, he calmly used kogeru to bring them directly opposite their position to Heiya; right behind her, where she wouldn't immediately notice them unless she looked around. Scowling, he shuffled his feet slightly, and released Tristeza. "You can knock her out, can't you? I don't feel like hitting a girl." To himself, he noticed Senkaku's writhing form. Despite the fact that they were friends, it seemed a little obvious to him that he hadn't attempted to help her...

Senkaku wasn't doing so hot.

Jerking over on his stomach, he leaned on his knees, held clutched to his stomach for support. His stomach and lungs seemed to squeeze, and he found himself puking blood, all the meanwhile twitching violently from the pain he was feeling. "A..aaaggheee....cccchh!!!!" He couldn't even bring himself to say a word, nor did he notice the new presences within the area. It was too much.... too much! He had severely underestimated his prey, and allowed himself to fall right into a trap. Was this how it was going to end? A foolish mistake ending in his terrible demise?

It seemed so.

His shouts were beginning to fade to agonized groans, even as he fell onto his back. " *cough! gack!* --...bccchh!!!" He hissed, eyes shut tight. He wanted it to end already!

Tristeza gave a nod to him, "Thanks for that..." She hadn't noticed the implosion at first, and had been saved. Nodding, "I'll give it a shot." Smirking with a glorified smug approach, she vanished with a use of Sonido, and reappeared directly infront of Heiya, launching a double fist approach to crush in her rib cage, and slam her face; it would be enough to knock her out.

But she wouldn't get hit...

Heiya tilted her head sideways, an empty and hollow; broken look. Tattoo's instantly lighted up, and Tristeza learned what so much pressure could do. Tristeza noticed the the tips of the girl's hand lunge forward, entering through the skin, through the Hierro; the radiation had torn through it at the close ranges. Tristeza had done the opposite of smart in that move.

Blood began to seep out, and Tristeza would later learn of Heiya's Tei Chi-Su. It would destroy her blood network and blood count, taking down what resistance she had. Her combo unfinished; Heiya grasped Tristeza by the neck, squeezing hard through the now gone Hierro, "So ugly... so disgusting..." Blood began seeping down her neck, and she perpared to kick back.


Nori appeared right above the girl and Tristeza; hovering in the air slightly, with Nasuka drawn. "I meant to release and use your Ressurecion abilities to knock her out. She's obviously too dangerous to be dealt with directly..." Regardless of that comment, Nori swung down with Nasuka's blade while he was talking, aiming to chop the girl's arms off. True, this was... a bit brutal for his tastes, but the shock would knock the girl out, and he could heal her later! Plus, it'd give him time to save everyone here...

There was a reason he was a medic.

But, before that could happen, the girl's arms needed to be removed. So, he watched carefully in the split second before they would be sliced in half. Would the human girl have the necessary reaction time to be able to move out of the way, before this occured?

Nori sincerely doubted it.

"Bad boy..." Smirking, but remaining empty, Tattoo's activated, and the implosion occured; directly on Nasuka and Nori's hand attached. He'd either let go and lose his sword; or lose both the hand and sword.

Heiya sincerely doubted he'd want to lose his hand.

Tristeza was through with this radiation, and she flicked her knee upward, nearly breaking the girl's elbow, and shoving her off.

Nori'd have a choice to make. It'd have to be fast.

Apparently, the girl hadn't noticed before his instantaneous teleportation. If the girl was skilled enough to sense the disturbance in reiatsu, showing where he would appear next, she'd be able to plant another implosion where he was going to appear.

But this was just some human girl. She couldn't have that kind of skill... could she?

Using kogeru, he brought both himself and the sword out of range. If Nasuka was destroyed, it'd be gone. For good. It wasn't his zanpakuto, so he couldn't reform it if the entire thing was destroyed... or even more than half of it. However, he valued the lives of his friends over the sword...

With his teeth bared, Nori discreetly entered his Demon Form, and Nasuka disappeared.

Heiya would have to compensate with an explosion. "No!" Growling loudly, she unleashed a series of explosions, a direct trail from Tristeza to Nori; all appearing so quickly in sequence, nearly half of a second apart each.

Tristeza pulled out her own blade, and released as well. Revealing her true form, now covered in her tight clothing, her coif, and crescent moon chakram in hand, she was a lust for the eyes; but deadly as well.

Pulling her blade up, she blocked the two explosions nearest to her, "Watch out!" Giving a warning to Nori.

What was she doing....?

Why wasn't she trying to kill him....?

He was defeated. Was he being toyed with? Was she using his broken body as her own personal mantle? He gritted his teeth, one bloodshot eye managing to open. His vision was hazy, and he could barely see much of anything.... as he looked in Heiya's direction, he spotted two other figures seemingly battling it out against her. For a moment, his anger faded into surprise. Who were they....? Oh, if only he could use his senses....

But it was just too much. He was barely staying awake as it was, trying to fight back blackness with all of his strength. His heart shivered in despair, knowing the possibility of his quarry being taken by someone else. All because he had made one simple mistake. He had fallen helpless.... to a mere human.

A mere human girl.

The man merely nodded in response. Sighing, he used kogeru to appear behind the girl, then to her left, then to her right, getting closer each time, trying to confuse her and disorient her so she wouldn't be able to get a fix on his position. After a few seconds, he made it right in front of her...

And simply stood there, doing nothing.

Heiya smiled, "Your cute..." Giggling, even if in a twisted humor. But I could make you better... Her thoughts going unheard, she didn't bother to cover any grounds. Just an instant series of implosions all around her, why waste time trying to hit him when he was obviously trying to mess with her?

Why not make him rush to help the innocents...?! That would soon be her next plan. And their last would be to stop her. They wouldn't win...

She wouldn't let them.

But Nori had other plans.

Quickly, he embraced her, and attached his skin to her's. Now, if she wanted to remove him, she would have to kill herself, too! Any damage she did to him while he was like this he could just heal, so it was a waste. Slowly, he began connecting their blood vessels and veins, and began draining the blood out of her.

He had done this to Senkaku once before. It hadn't worked out so well. But the girl here couldn't be as skilled as he was.

"We just want to help you. We came here after the explosion, to help you. Please listen to us. Please stop trying to kill us. We're only fighting because you tried to kill us..." Nori attempted to reason with the girl. Maybe it would work...

Probably not.

Her sanity decided to peak out again.

"Why should I trust you...? You smell like those monsters... like evil." The scent she was describing was their spiritual presences. Each and every one of them had either Arrancar or Demon blood in them. And neither had a good spiritual presence.

"Evil never helps..."

Tristeza stayed where she was; Nori had this undercontrol for the moment. "We're doing what he said."

"Why would I be trying reason with you if I wasn't trying to help you..? If was one of those things, I wouldn't be talking, wouldn't be saying I'm trying to help you." Nori insisted. His expression softened. He wanted the girl to see that he meant what he said!

This is it.... I'm going to die. Senkaku's eyes slowly half-lidded, and he felt unconsciousness oversweeping him. He hated every minute of it.... the pain was slowly numbing, meaning he was ever so closer to his own demise. Would it make that mortal happy that she managed to end his life? Idly, he was hoping that they would kill her already.... if they ended up in the same place, he would make sure to make her life an eternal Hell. He would make her pay.... somehow....

But now.... death would overta--



Immediately, the darkness was swept away by a weight colliding with his side, and he let out a gasping scream, his bloodshot eyes opening violently. "W....what the--?!" He managed to gasp, his pupils snapping up to whatever hit him--

--and his heart almost stopped.

"You were having fun, weren't you, Sen-chan?"

The long, black hair.... the excessively cheerful face, and that ice-melting smile.... She sat on his side comfortably, one hand resting on his arm and the other resting on his leg. Her chocolate brown eyes stared into his blank ones, unphased by the state he was in. "But I'm afraid I'm gonna have to make you cheat this time...." She continued, her voice soft yet cheerful. Whatever exhaustion that had came before him was now swept away, replaced nothing more than surprise.


Nori glanced over to the girl. She was Senkaku's friend? Then maybe she could get at least him out of here alive... "Please, listen to me..." Nori pleaded, giving the girl his most hopeful look. "Is there anything I could do to prove to you that I mean well?"

"You lie. That man tried to kill me... I could see it in his eyes. He lied too." Heiya was speaking in spatial form, she was tired of this; the appearance of yet another foul-smelling demon was too much for her to believe Nori's attempts. "Now I kill you too... but I'll make it quick; liars deserve Hell fast..." The pressure concentrated into her body, and Nori would noticed a flicker of electricty circulate into his muscles. A preliminary to her direct lightning shock to his brain; one so small; of electromagnetic proportions.

It would kill him. And keep her safe.

Tristeza noticed this; and did the best thing she could, yelling out to him, sensing the pressure, "LET GO OF HER!"

Heiya would kill them all... she'd purge them with her nuclear warfare... all the liars. All the people who gave hurt. All the people with hate; or intent to bring pain.

And at the moment; everyone on the Earth was just that.

The only one who didn't seem to panic was Melina.

Even as she observed at the two struggle, her expression was one of curious observance. Even as she listened to Tristeza's tense scream, she didn't flinch. She was immune to the tension clear in the area, oblivious to the emotions that ran through each of their veins. To her, it proved to be nothing more than something completely natural, something so normal....

Nothing but a game, to the very end.

A smile crossed her face, her eyes drifting towards Senkaku, who was still staring at her with a dumbfounded expression. "T...the hell're you doing here...?!" He managed to gasp out, spitting out some blood in the process.

"Hermosa was getting a bit worried, so I decided to save her the trouble of coming after you.... yet, all you're doing is playing with new friends!" She chirped. "Too bad you were losing, though...." This made Senkaku growl out of annoyance, still quite furious at the girl that was seeming to slip closer and closer to insanity.

"S....shut up...."

He took the hint.

Forcibly, and suddenly, he detached himself from the girl, writhing on the ground for a moment as the blood from both his body and her's covered them both. Her blood vessels were open; hundreds of veins, just emptying out into the air. Nori's were healing slowly as his body adjusted itself to it's new condition. It would speed up the production of his blood cells to make up for the ones he just lost.

She was still human. So it took a large tole on her.

Her body instantly falling down, so much blood being lost, her skin was turning paler, quicker then one would expect. She looked blankly out into no where, if she was going to die. Then she might as well take down the monster that attacked her first...

But silently; she desired helped, she wanted to weep. But I must kill him...

Raising a weak hand, Tattoo's of her 'Shinohai' all glew bright on her arms, and she pointed a single finger towards Melina and Senkaku. A single rupture; bringing about true debilitating mass had just been activated.

An implosion; but one large enough to crush them both, and even a piece of them if they tried to escape.

And silently; the whisper was released, "I don't want to die..." The glasses on her face now falling off, her eyes closing.

This caused both Senkaku's and Melina's eyes to widen. The male Arrancar felt Melina lift herself off of him quickly, switching positions. Pulling Senkaku close to her, she embraced him tightly while exposing her back to it. She had little time to put up a Negacion field; the action had caught him off guard, and Senkaku himself was too weak to do anything. All she could do was hope that her own body, her own Hierro, would be enough to protect them both from the implosion.

She allowed herself to leap forward in an effort to pull them out completely...

The writhing form on the ground that had formerly been Nori seethed in pain. Now, the radiation was getting to him. He guessed that, in his adrenaline fueled rage, Nori hadn't noticed the slightly tingling of his skin. Or the way his eyes were burning; drying up, so he had to blink constantly. Or the light pink hue his skin was taking on...

She didn't want to die? Then why didn't she just accept their help...?

Tristeza glanced to Nori, this wasn't good! Why was it the damned medic always had to get this close to dying? Going to his side, she couldn't cure radiation, but with the girl unconcious, the radiation would die off.

She hoped.

"Don't die on me now Nori, you've got a wife and kids to get back home to."

Slowly; Heiya's spiritual pressure dwindled downwards, the radiation subsiding, and one could at last notice the close distinction that her energy was that of Tereya Haruo and the deceased Mareado.

If Senkaku was paying any attention, he would've immediately noticed Tereya's signature energy right away.

But, at the moment, that wasn't happening.

For at the moment, he was paying too much attention to Melina, who was gasping in pain. His eyes drifted towards her legs.... and through his pain, a flash of shock fell upon him. One of her legs had been caught within the implosion as she had tried to get away. It was the cause of her pain, crushed beyond recognition and barely enough for standing on. He would've immediately ran to her in an effort to tend to her wounds, but it was impossible. His own were too severe. And now that she had released the pressure, he could feel himself drift unconscious again.

They may have won. But to him, it was all going to hell.

He closed his eyes, surrendering to the darkness.

"This only happened because you're such a retard..." Nori whispered dryly. He wouldn't look at her, though that wasn't necessarily the case; he couldn't look at her. His eyes felt like they were going to melt and drip out of his skull, like he had been forced to sit and stare at the sun for a millenia. His skin felt like it was peeling off, too... Was it? He wouldn't be surprised. At the moment, the man didn't feel like living.

Nori wished that everything would die.

Tristeza didn't wait any longer, letting out a deep breath, she exhaled. Walking over to the body of Heiya she looked to the fallen girl. "If you guys are still hurting... then that means she's still putting out radiation." Time to remove the problem from the equation...

Removing the chakram from her back, she prepared to kill the girl, but as she did. The fallout from the explosion was now sprinkling down, appearing as clumps of ash and snow.

Grimacing at the thoughts, she perpared the leave. "I'll have to finish this else-where." Pulling open a Garganta portal, she prepared to pull the group through it, Senkaku, Melina, Nori, and Heiya, heading back home, at least to a non-irradiated location.

"Finish....?" Melina's voice, after finally suppressing the gasps, managed to speak out. However, despite it all, she had a rather childish and complaining tone in her voice. "But I just got here~! I thought this was getting good...." Of course, the rest of the gang back at Hueco Mundo wouldn't be so happy if Sen-chan had just up and died because of something like this! So she had to make sure he was staying alive, of course.

But.... what of the girl?

Her sweating face crinkled into one of confusion, her eyes falling on Heiya. If Sen was to stay alive, then Heiya had to be alive so it could be fair. If she died, that mean Sen-chan would have to die, as well! That was the way games worked, wasn't it? Otherwise, she and he would both be cheating! That was no fun at all!

Even in his pitiful state, Nori's body strained for the Garganta. He could feel it. All the fresh air; the breeze that escaped through the wormhole and caressed his face. He wanted to get through the portal, so he could pass out, wake up several hours later, and curse everybody out for being such a retard.

Tristeza pulled everyone into the portal; escaping the bounding radiation, and from the dangerous merged pressure in the air. She would let Heiya live; but only because she wanted a few words with the girl before things turned ugly.

As the air brisked away all the nuclear energy from the area as they entered their own home.

Nori groaned. It was loud and audible, and he twitched slightly in Tristeza's arms as he said it, as if trying to spur himself back to life. Regardless, he eyes remained closed, and his body, in the pitiful condition it had been in before, though rather at peace because he was near familiar energies.

"He don't look so hot~!"

As Melina kept her position right near Senkaku, she eyed the fallen Nori. It was true; he looked absolutely terrible in his battle-worn state. However, she had an indifference to it; not the "I don't care about you" indifference, but the "Oh, it's just a scratch, you'll be just fine" difference. She did have some concern for the man. After all, he looked awfully exhausted from the battle with Heiya, but then again, so did everyone else...

Pain is Pain; Love is Love[]

Tristeza now appeared through the Garganta, placing Nori softly on the floor, in the upper most room of the household. Heiya being sucked in through the portal as well, placed on the barren table, blood dripping out of her lips, her body glowing from the multiple tattoo's, but thankfully depleted of any radiation they may have once had: due to the sleep; which ceased all emotions.

Bailarin looked towards Tereya, raising her brow as she felt the new pressure, and heard the steps upstairs, "They're home already?"

Adalina sat there with a frown on couch, directly next to Tereya. If out of comfort or otherwise was unknown. She kept silent.

"Like I give a f-- nnngh!!!"

Tereya clenched her teeth and hissed in pain, as another wave of it shot through her body. Shiro, who was at her side, was immediately alarmed, raising her hands up; that was the only thing she could do at the moment. "Mommy!!!" She cried immediately, frantic eyes checking her over. What she saw of her mother was a shock - the once tough-as-nails woman had now been reduced to a shivering, couch-ridden sick girl. Yet, she refused to allow herself to falter, giving her daughter a weak smile.

"M....mommy's fine.... it'll go away...."

Tristeza frowned, glancing to the woman who had caused so much pain for them all. Picking her up by the collar, even if unconcious and growling, "Girl, when you wake up; I plan to end you..." "All I have to say is you better give the right answers."

Placing her back down, Tristeza yelled, "BAILARIN MAREADO!" Using both names to speed her wife up.

Bailarin took this yell as a sign and vanished upstairs; leaving Adalina with Tereya and Shiro. Looking to her wife; she glanced towards a bloody Melina, Senkaku, and everyone else... "What happened?!"

Tristeza frowned, "That brat on the table did this to us; she's pumped full of radiation... and not the physically limited kind." "She's a spiritual-nuke." Gritting her teeth, she pondered killing the girl then and there just to end the mistake.

And as Bailarin noticed the energies of Tereya and her brother in the girl, she walked over to Nori, sighing as she attempted to use her own energies to bring Nori back out of the pain. "She's got two very familiar signatures Tristeza..."

Nori reacted pleasantly. His body relaxed, and the tortured expression on his face shifted over to a neutral one. Bailarin's treatment was going nicely! He'd be awake in a matter of moments, after which he could just use his own abilities to bring himself back to full health, at the cost of most of his energy.

"What the fuck....?"

Tereya's bleak eyes managed to peak upstairs, completely dumbfounded. "What's my....?" She began to say, but trailed off then and there. She shook her head, placing a hand to it. Did someone manage to create a clone of her or something? Or was she finally starting to lose it?

Melina continued to observe everything silently, a genuinely curious expression on her face. She still kept a hold of Senkaku, though she winced occasionally with her injured leg.

"... N... Nngh..."

Nori was conscious now.

The first thing he noticed was the change in scenary. It was vaguely familiar... The walls and the windows were definately done in the style of his own home, but this must've been an area of the house he didn't visit often. The next thing he noticed was Bailarin leaning over him; obviously the cause of his sudden awakening. The third thing he noticed was Bailarin's cleavage. With her leaning over him, he had a very good view! But he wouldn't let that on just yet.

"Nori, kind of a bad time to ask; but can you heal Senkaku and Melina...?" Raising a brow as she did so, Heiya was fine, as was Tristeza it seemed.

Heiya began to mumble as her own conciousness began to drift back up to the surface, "Ggghhh..." "W-where are m-my glasses...?" An almost subconcious reaction; out of habit. All these emotions before had been swept away since her being knocked out.

She had actually calmed down. And for good ends...

"What do I get for doing it?" Nori asked calmly. It wasn't as if he had energy to spare; if he used too much of it, he'd pass out, and that wouldn't be very fun.

"Auuu~!" Melina whined. "Don't be selfish, you meanie!" She folded her arms across her chest, sitting in a huff. The pain in her mutilated leg was starting to annoy her. It was because she allowed herself to get caught so easily! Stupid implosion trick....

Tristeza made her glance over to Heiya, waiting patiently why Bailarin commenced with talking to Nori.

Bailarin continued, sighing, "How about the best dang meal I can perpare, eh?" "Just for you." She smiled lighthly, hoping it would work. She really did!

"That sounds... nice... actually."

Nori was surprised. He didn't think something like that would appeal to him very much, but the way she said it made him want to accept. He stood, regained his wits, then released his Zanpakuto, extending it into both Melina and Senkaku's thighs (while holding the middle) and healing them both simultaneously.

Tristeza offered a grin, Bailarin never offered her something like that... maybe she should get hurt or be the saviour for once.

And now that she thought of it: She was...!

Bailarin gave a nod, "Thank you Nori." Watching as the healing was done, Heiya slowly watched as well, her conciousness nearly in control again.

"What the heck...?"

"When are you going to make the meal...?" Nori asked. His legs failed him, and he found himself once again on the floor; only, this time, sitting. "Should I heal the girl, too? We could do it as a sign of good faith... if she's willing to trust us."

"Bread, some milk, maybe some chicken or steak." "With some sides; and possibly a dessert." "Feel free to add anything." Bailarin smiled, since he helped, she'd offer it all this once.

Heiya looked to them, "I screwed you guys up...?" "Everything's really fuzzy..."

"... Why don't you just make me a sandwich, instead? That and a hug'll do nicely." He offered instead, nodding. It seemed like a better offer. It would take less time for Bailarin to prepare, and Nori would enjoy it immensely. That and the hug. Nori loved hugs.

The hug wouldn't come from Bailarin.

Instead, the slender arms of Melina wrapped around his sitting body, making a home around his shoulders. She had to kneel in order to get to his level, but she didn't mind. After all, who was she to deny him peace? A hug made everyone happy, and at the moment, this man didn't look very happy at all!

Nori was absolutely speechless.

He couldn't think of a suitable response other than to wrap his own arms around the back of the girl and to let his head lay on her shoulder. At the moment, the thing he wanted to do most was to get to sleep... But, not just normal sleep. Sleep with his wife; with someone he cared about; sleep that he could succumb to without having to worry about what could possibly happen to him or his family if he wasn't awake.

Fortunately, Nori had the feeling he could sleep l like that, for just a little bit, with this girl.

Unfortunately, he didn't know her name, who she was, or why she had decided to give him a hug. Besides, it'd be awkward to try something such as that on someone he had just met, and even more awkward to do so when he was married and the person he was asking it of was an attractive young girl.

Nori sighed wearily, it audible to only the ears of the girl who was holding him.

Melina then risked the mood with the next statement.

"Ugh, I think someone needs a bath...." She remarked, sniffing a little and wrinkling her nose. It was just a joke! But he did smell of sweat from his round with Heiya, and.... well, the emotion and adrenaline was enough to create his very own batch of body odor. It wasn't exactly overbearing, but it was at least a little unpleasant to the nose. Maybe it was because she was so tolerant of everything?

"O... Oh! I'm sorry!"

Nori pulled back immediately, frowning and staring down at his lap. He desperately wanted to smell himself; to see how bad he actually smelled, but he'd be embarassed to do so in front of everyone! So, instead of doing so, he quietly covered his pits with his hands and tried to shrink inside his shirt. "I guess... I guess I'll go take a bath..."

"Tee-hee!" The young girl laughed lightly at his reaction, putting a hand behind her mouth at his reaction. "Don't be so shy! It's not that bad...."

"If you had to point it out, I'd think it is..." Nori whined, lowering his head like a sick puppy.

His posture was rather pitiful at best. But, at least it was in the good sense of "pitiful". Reaching up, Melina gently ruffled up the man's hair in a manner similar to how one would pet a puppy. "I was only joking! You seemed a bit out of it, Mr...." Her smile immediately faded into a slightly confused look, trailing off for a moment. "Nori, was it?"

Said person swatted her hand away. "I'm not a pet... You don't have to do that. But... Uhm... I'm going to have to go out for a while..." He mumbled, looking away. "I promised my daughter I would get her something before I came back, so I'd rather leave before she figures out I'm home. You and Senkaku are welcome to stay as long as you want, but I'd have to suggest you putting him in a different room than the girl there..." He motioned to Heiya. "... before something else happens. You also might want to stay away from my wife..."

Heiya still mumbled incoherently, these two were such... loud mouths, what were they saying anyways...? All she knew is that she had this high-pitched noise in her head and that it wasn't going away anytime soon.

Tristeza nodded towards Nori, "Better get goin' 'daddy'." Bailarin on the other hand, went off to go downstairs and check on everyone else for that moment. Tereya... Adalina...

Heiya gazed upwards, "Where am I...?" "W-who are you all...?" Everything was still fuzzy... and dark. And still that screaming pitch was in her ears.

That shot through Melina's question of why he would've wanted that. However, upon Heiya's statement, she snapped her head towards the girl and remained silent, a curious look filling her features. She slowly sat down on the floor, arms resting on her upward bent knees. The girl was finally starting to regain her senses! She wondered how the woman would react....

Nori glanced briefly at them all. Nobody cared that he was leaving...? Nobody was going to offer to come with him? Well, it wasn't as if they didn't have other things to worry about, but he still couldn't help but feel neglected. His depressed stare turned into a scowl. Fine! He didn't want them to come with him anyway!

The man ended up storming pass all of them like a spoiled child.

Bailarin yelled upstairs, "Be with you in a moment Nori!"

Tristeza however, just sat and watched the ongoings in the isolated room. Brows furrowing, she allowed a near-glare towards Heiya. "Your in Hiroshima." She'd let either Senny-boy or Melina answer the second question.

Heiya didn't stop the questions however...

Slowly, blurs became figures. And the screaming pitch became mute. She had no recollection of anyone here. Just... vague memories; like deja vu. "Hiroshima...? B-but I was in... Imoshinai for an Art Exhibit... and..." her words cut off, "Then monsters! All around, the s-screaming s-started again!"

"Chasing me...! Screaming...! Snarling...! I could feel their eyes on me!" "Th-they're still after me!" Heiya was beginning to hyper-ventilate, working herself into a tizzy as is.

As he snapped out of his depressive mood for a brief second, Nori realized that what Bailarin was saying implied that she wanted to come with him. But, now he felt bad for making her come shopping with him! He was only going to go to two stores; there would be no reason for anyone to accompany him...

Shockingly, Melina was only remaining silent, watching on as the girl was practically killing herself with her own panic. However, as it continued, that was when Senkaku himself began to stir as well. Slowly, he got up from his position, letting out a slight grunt as he forced himself up into a sitting position. His eyes were closed, but he managed to turn his head towards the sounds of fright and alarm. "What....what's going on....?" He thought to himself, holding his head. "C'mon, mind.... get into focus...."

As Nori was exiting the room, the first one to greet him was Shiro.

She had her hands behind her back, her usual depressive expression on her face. She was standing upright, her eyes following Nori's every movement. "Daddy.... I tried to take care of Mom the best I could...." She murmured, sniffling a little. "While you were gone.... but she doesn't even look any better.... did I do good, Daddy?" Her voice was pleading, begging for his approval now. She was too afraid of failure!

"Oh!... Shiro..."

She wasn't supposed to have known he was home... What if she asked for her present, and he had to tell her he hadn't gotten it yet? But... She seemed upset... After a moment of deliberation, Nori reached out and ruffled his daughter's hair. "Of course you did, Shiro! I'm sure Mommy's proud of you, too." He reconciled her. "Daddy was just going out to get your present... I'm sorry I don't have it yet..."

And something inside Heiya decided to make it's 'voice' known. Tattoos over her body began to hum dully, as if to speak with her. Quietly... only she would understand, to others, it was just jargon noise; a humming.

They're... the onesssss.... who ssssaveddd youuuuu.... Heiya waited and listened, these voices... were different from the rest. And her eyes darted towards Melina and then to Senkaku. The voices didn't hold back any truth, He's a ssssnaakeeee in the grassssss... The term they used meaning he was the evil hidden in the good.

Or atleast; to them, he was. Afterall, attacking their 'host' was an act of aggression.

"Y-you all saved me?" Heiya's voice chimed outwardly to the group. "W-what happened...?" At this point; Heiya'd believed anything.

Bailarin hugged her daughter briefly, with Adalina hugging back, "Mommy's gotta take care of some stuff, if I go out with Nori-san, you stay here with Auntie-Terra and be a good girl, kay?"

Adalina simply nodded, "Okay..." "Who's in charge?" Her cheeks perked at the hopes her mom would say her. "Auntie-Terra, of course." Adalina was now... dissappointed.


Immediately, Senkaku's eyes shot open at the sound of Heiya's voice.

He slowly sat up, his hands curling into fists. His widened eyes narrowed, turning towards the girl with a harsh glare. He let out a quiet growl, slowly standing himself up into a crouched position. Idly, it passed through his head that the wounds inflicted by her had been healed. Melina was still unaware, his figure behind her. But Heiya could possibly sight him out, as she was looking in both his and Melina's direction. He didn't care. The first thing that crossed his mind was killing the wench who had dared to humiliate him.

Beaten by this human?!

Kill her.

Make her pay.



"Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck...... put someone that can actually get off their ass and do something in charge....." Tereya complained, putting her hands up to her face and letting out a pained groan. "Good god, don't make me take on all of that....shit...."

Nori eyed Adalina's disappointment. "Adalina can be in charge until I get back. She's a big girl. Shiro, listen to what Adalina says until I come back with your present, okay?" Nori nudged the girl towards Adalina while he prepared to leave. "I'll be back soon."

Heiya's newly obtain spiritual 'parasites' would warn her otherwise.

Ssssnaaaakeeee... loookkk at hiiiim... venooommm in hissss eyessss...

Heiya immediately let her eyes dart to Senkaku. The markings on her body glowing slightly. Humming dully, a glow of purple and greens, unholy darkness. "... so much as look at me that way, and I'll finish what I started..."

Weee coulddd kiiiillll him for yoooouuuu...

"NO!" "I don't want blood on my hands..." her mental retort was to keep herself from becoming the monster she was capable of being. That she had been in Imoshinai. You'llll wiiiiisssssshh you haaadd... Self-preservation. That's what it was all about.

Even the most basic of creatures knew that. Even the dumbest. Living was all that mattered.

"Fuckin' bitch!!!"

Disregarding everything around him, Senkaku immediately pushed himself into a lunge at Heiya, hands raised in preparation to tear the life out of her flesh-made body. His eyes were wide, wild, and insane, and his teeth were gritted in fury. "I'll kill her!!! I'll tear her apart!!!!" Was all he thought, all of his instinct screaming for the death of this one girl. He was going to make her pay for crushing and humilating him--

However, something else stopped him.

A pair of arms grasped him from behind in a full-nelson, stopping him within his tracks and simultaneously disarming him. Instinctively, he struggled. "L...LET ME GO!!!" He snarled, violently twisting in order to escape and attack. But the grip on him was much too strong, and he was still relatively weakened from the battle he had. "GAAAH!!!!"

Heeeheeeheee... Even simple parasites knew how to manipulate the host. How else did they stay alive so long, after all?

Looooook, he'ssss a beasssstt. Putttt downnnn the animaaaall...

"I said: NO."

Heiya simply looked at him. No anger, just calm resolve. She was too tired to do much. Animal's that deserved to be put down, also deserved pity for their circumstances.

Adalina chirped, "YAY!" She was glad to be in charge.

"Stop it, Sen-chan!!!" Melina exclaimed, refusing to loosen her hold on the struggling man. "It's over! Quit being such a spoil-sport and be glad that you lived! She could've easily killed you!!" Immediately, his struggling ceased, and she was quickly shaken off of him.

Automatically, he lunged towards Heiya, grabbing her by the collar and forcing her off of what she was laying on. He forced her back to the wall, keeping her pinned there while glaring into her eyes. "Say something...." He demanded fiercely. "I know you want to, considering you just crushed me like an ant. Go on, you wench.... tell me how pathetic I am. Tell me how much you loathe me right now. Give me a reason to carve out that goddamn throat of yours!!!"

They made contact. Kaosu and Shinohai, the spiritual parasites, the result of exposed energy from so many days ago, the gift and curse of Heiya spoke back thanks to the physical and somewhat spiritual contact.

Hello ssssnake. Caaaan you feeeel your insssssidessss burninggg...? Caaaan you feeel your angeeeer controlling your loooogic? Weeee knoooow your an animaaaal. Buuuuut this faaaamily doessssn't know. Maaaaake the firsssst mooove sssssooooo weeee have a reassssson to guuuuut youuuu liiiikkke the doooog you are.


They were goading him. If he broke, he'd show the Haruo and Mareado's how dangerous he was. They'd mark him for death. They'd hunt him down if they came close to endangering anyone. Or for starting another fight.

Heiya however, was unaware of all this. Blinking and somewhat scared now.

"What the...?!" Senkaku's eyes widened for a moment, but narrowed immediately. His grip tightened on her. "If you want to say something, how about you say it in your own words?! Quit using your inner demons of whatever to talk for you!!!" He snapped. But now, he was slightly unnerved by the verbal counterattack. What did it mean by that...? It couldn't do anything if it was slain, would it?!

"W-what are you t-talking about?" She was clueless. Her face said it. No pupil dilation. Nothing...

Gooooo ooooon. Trrrrry sssssomething. Trrrry to huuuurt her. Eeeeeveeen if weeee dieeeee, you'llll beeee the monssssster. You AAAAREEEE the MONSSSSSSTER. Just sssssshow everyone the trrruth. Killlll her. DOOO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

They were begging for a reason for him to attack. And they knew well that they were going to attack back if he did. She was a nuke; their will came out through her. If they wanted an explosion, she'd do it unwillingly. If they wanted an implosion...

They had control. Her emotions were the pawns. They were holding all the cards. Kaosu and Imoshinai.


He let out a short, but feral scream as he raised his hand up and curling it into a fist. He was sick of the voices, sick of the tauntings, and sick of her. This fist would have enough power to crunch right through her head and end her miserable life once and for all! He put momentum into his arm, wanting to let it fly into her face and spill her blood all over the wall. Hadn't he been so angry, he would have been smiling maniacally. But, as it was, his teeth were gritted, and his eyes still held that wild and violent look--


His wish never came true.

Instead, a shocked look came over his face as the back of Melina's hand connected with the back of his head. He sank to the floor, all radiance and hatred gone from his soul and replaced by a blank slate. Now, Heiya would find herself staring into the eyes of the female Arrancar, who bore a look of curiosity on her features. "Are you all right, Heiya-chan?" She asked, giving a cheery smile and squinted eyes. She tilted her head to the side.

Heiya blinked, "H-huh?" "Y-yeah... thanks for helping me." "W-what just happened...?" giving a weak smile back to the only one who had been kind to her that day. Small acts equeled big results in Heiya's mind.

Wheeeelp. A last insult to Senkaku as their plan failed. The hum stopped; the glowing ceased, and the voices turned mute: for which Heiya was thankful.

"Sen-chan got upset because he didn't win...." Melina said softly, her eyes drifting downward. "I'm sure he'll get over it." Then, she once again looked to Heiya. "But what you did with your powers.... that was amazing! I never saw someone blow up an entire city before!" The girl's eyes were practically sparkling, as if the idea of millions of people losing their lives was a child's dream.

Heiya's mental eye twitched slightly. "O-oh... t-thanks." "I-I don't really know h-how I did it." What Heyia got, she recieved. Not like she was going to decline a look like that. Not that she didn't hate killing those people.

But you have to take into consideration: She didn't know them, so they didn't mean anything to her. It's just how the cookie crumbles.

"It's a good feeling though, to have done that." "Never really felt power before, that was... I guess my first time..." "Are you all super powered humans too?" "Like me?" Heiya had no clue about the spiritual orders. Hollows... Shinigami... Arrancar... Nothing.

"I know monsters are real now. So there has to be more out there!" But her mind was free for changing up reality. That reality would become her future.

"Actually, I ain't human."

Melina was quick to correct her on her first statement. She turned the left side of her face to view, lifting a finger up to what would've been her left eye. However, there was only a hole, the fragments of her Hollow mask covering its outer areas. "See this? It tells people what I am: an Arrancar." She explained, still keeping that casual smile onto her face. "It's what both Sen-chan and I are. The rest of us.... well, they're obviously not human, either, you know?"

"An Arrancar..." "Hmm, so... that one peach haired chick, Tristohwhatsit, what she said about 'spiritual nuke'... does that mean you all aren't of the physical world?"

"Like spirits?!" This was going into the world of mythology, and Heiya loved that topic. Thankfully, the reason she was catching this so fast was due to the two sets of parasites in her.

"Mhm!" Melina answered. "There are many types of spirits other than Arrancar, too. But, the only one that I know of is the Shinigami since they and the Hollow've been fighting for so long. I like to think of them as the two main groups....makes it easier to remember."

"I see. Cool!" Heiya smiled, this was like out of those books! Or those animes and mangas! Almost like that one... 'Downy'. Or something like that; it was named after a detergant.

"So... I'm assuming you all don't live on other planets in space, if your spirits." "So that must mean there are other dimensions, right?" "Like other astral planes?" Again, catching on fast, and loving it.

"Has someone been telling you this already?" Melina teased, folding her hands behind her back and giving Heiya a playfully suspicious stare.

Possible Mentor?[]

"Nope! I'm just a fast learner when I want to be." "Plus, this is all so wierd and new, I love it!" Heiya appeared almost giddy and said the words like a happy school-girl. Which she technically still was.

"What else?" "Like, how do you describe the powers?" "I remember that you all said words to activate them." The questions of course about spiritual pressure, Resurreccions, and Zanpakuto abilities.

Melina was sure being nice to her... maybe she could teach her? Not like she had a past to go to. And in her future... she was a wanted mass-murderer on Earth.

"Well...." Melina raised one hand to scratch the back of her head in thought. "What you're talking about is the use of a Zanpakutō. For Shinigami, it's what the inner spirit inside of you takes the form of, sealed into a weapon. Usually, it's some sort of sword. But for Arrancar, it's the seal that, when activated, releases our true forms. Both of the types when released give a boost in power, and both are activated by a specific voice command that varies upon each Zanpakutō--"

However, she stopped for a moment, blinking a few times and stretched one side of her lips out for a moment before retracting them to their former position. "Ok, that was getting to be a mouthful...." She muttered, frowning lopsidedly.

"Nah, it's fine." "I think I got the jist of it. Maybe." Grinning with squinted eyes. Taking a solumn look soon after, "So... umm... since my life on Earth is pretty much over... would you be willing to teach me to control my powers, and tell me all about this sorta stuff?" Heiya just blinked a few moments. Straight to the point while Senny-boy was on the floor.

The parasites were still laughing at that fact.


Melina's skeptical eyes drifted downward towards Senkaku's unconscious body. "I don't know if I could get away with it without being caught...." She spoke slowly, looking a bit troubled. "I mean, I want to, but I'd need to figure out how I could do it without Sen-chan knowing."

"Well... I don't know what you all can do." "But, if you have to wait and think about it, I'm sure I'll be able to hold out." Smiling plainly. Not like anyone would bother her.

And if they did... Ka-booooooom. The spirits answered the rest of her mind's sentence for her.

"I should probably head out soon, I don't want to keep this family bothered. I mean... they did save me and all, but conflict isn't really my forte, or atleast verbally."

"Yeah...." Melina nodded, walking slowly over to Heiya. "But.... where will you go? All of those people killed.... you're not going to walk off without getting punished. That's what the people branded as bad guys have to go through...." Her voice was slightly saddened, despite the slightly childish pick of her words.

Heiya quirked her lips, "I've ran my whole life." "Family, lack of friends." "Kinda why I was asking you what I did, I don't have anywhere to go to." Heiya sat down, sighing as she thought of it all.

"....would you consider me your friend....?" Melina asked quietly.

Heiya smiled heartily, a friend...? Someone wanted her to be a friend...?

"Of course I would." "Your really nice to me. No one's like that to me." Maybe Heiya would have a friend that sticked around for once. One that actually cared.

Immediately, Heiya was embraced by the young Arrancar, the latter of whom had slight tears running down her eyes. "Then.... could you consider me.... a sister, too?" She asked, closing her eyes for a moment. "Since you don't have any family of your own.... I could be...."

Heiya smiled, small tears in her eyes as well. Family...? Heiya wasn't going to say anything but 'yes'. It's all she wanted to say.

"Yes... I want you to be my sister." hugging the Arrancar back. If there was one person in the world that Heiya was going to try and keep close; Melina just became that person.

"Thank you...." Opening her eyes, Melina herself allowed the smile to grace her own countenance. She gently released her hold on Heiya, retreating a few steps to fold her hands behind her back. "Like I said.... nee-chan...." She said with light happiness. "I can try to help you as much as I can. I won't let you down, I promise!"

"See you later nee-chan." Smiling warmly, slowly she opened up the window in the guest room, thankfully no one would object, anyone who would have was downstairs or elsewhere at that moment. "Promise we'll see eachother soon!" With that, her body slid out the window's frame, landing on her feet with a 'ooof'. Slowly jogging outward, she knew her destination.

Anywhere but here.

And... with the parasites on her side. She felt alot better about the future. Fuuuun... fuuuuun...

Tristeza on the other hand, was sitting on the couch next to Tereya, rubbing her temples. And Bailarin was getting ready to go out with Nori to buy Shiro a gift. Batalla was at her house with Mitsune, and Adalina was on the same couch as Tereya and Tristy, sitting inbetween comfortably as she was put 'in charge'.

The dog had made a spontaneous appearance once again.

This time, she was laying down and asleep on the floor, with Shiro's back pressed against one side of her. The girl in question sat with her hands on her knees, forehead almost touching the kneecaps. Her hair overshadowed her countenance completely, and she barely moved from her position. The only signs of life within her were slight rising and falling of her small chest to signal her breathing. As Melina came back into the room, she looked at everything curiously for a moment, her eyes lost in thought.

Adalina looked towards Tereya, whispering in her ear softly and quietly so her own mother wouldn't hear the words being said, "Hey Auntie Terra, you want a snack...?" She wanted Auntie to feel nice cause she was out of it for a bit. She looked towards her with a warmth that could break through ice.

Tristy however... just let her eyes squint ever so lightly as she looked out of the corner of her eye to them both. Wondering what was being said...

Weakly, Tereya turned her head to stare over at the girl, cocking an eyebrow. But, she couldn't actually find her voice to speak. So, with the strength she could, she allowed herself to nod slowly. It sucked being sick....

Adalina hugged 'Terra' moment later, perking her head up. "Mama-san! Make me and Auntie Terra some cookies!" The tone a chirp and uppity. Tristeza on the other hand, just narrowed her eyes and grumbled, "What makes you thi-" Adalina put up her hand and inch from her mother's face, a finger raised in the air as if to say 'Hush, I'm talking'. "Mom said I'm in CHARGE, so that means you have to OBEY, okay?" Smiling even more so.

With bitterness, Tristeza moved herself from the couch, groaning and grumbling. She was gonna kill Nori when he got back...

Adalina looked to Terra, a worried look in her eye, she gently rested her body against her Auntie's resting quietly in hopes to make her feel better. "Love you Auntie..." the words whispered out. Adalina really did love this family... she didn't like anyone being in pain or sick.

The woman couldn't help but raise a shaking arm to wrap around the girl's arms and torso. "Love you too, kid...." She murmured, giving a smile just for Adalina's sake. She wasn't going to snap at someone who was only concerned about her, especially if they expressed themselves in a non-hostile manner. She kept the girl close in order for her benefit. She didn't embrace her overly. Adalina might've wanted to pull away after a while.

Adalina closed her eyes, resting now, maybe when she woke up, the cookies would be done... plus Auntie Terra was warm.

Tristeza sighed, getting out the cookie sheet, pam, and cookie dough, all the while grabbing the cholcolate chips and sugar sprinkles. How the heck did Bailarin do this all the time...? She hadn't a clue.

"Alrighty Tristy... you can do this, how hard is being a house-wife?" "Not that hard... not that hard, you got this." "Domestic life is easy... yeah..." She honestly was saying this to amp up her positive mood; it wasn't working out so well with that much denial in her head as well.

The woman, while keeping an arm wrapped around Adalina, used her free hand to grasp the remote and lift it up towards the TV. It was getting quite boring with all of the silence. She needed something to relieve herself with. She pressed the power button, flicking on the TV screen. Immediately, it came up with upcoming news of something going on. Without the motivation to start flipping through channels, she gazed over towards the silent Shiro. "Hey, Shiro?"

Said girl looked up.

"You can find yourself something to watch. Here...."

Without hesitation, she tossed the remote to her daughter, who raised both hands to catch it with. Sitting up, she began to point the remote at the TV and repeatedly pressed the channel buttons, flicking through each screen in a seemingly careless manner.

Adalina was now, comfortably asleep, her breath heaving softly, up and down in the warmth of her aunt's presence, content to just sleep for awhile.

Tristeza looked down to the quiet and bored Shiro, then to the sick Tereya, and her sleeping daughter. She nearly sighed contently... this was actually a calm scene, nearly enjoying it.

Maybe domestic life does have it's perks...

The thought crossed her mind as she continued to cook, the cookies now placed in the oven, her arms crossed as she waited (im)patiently for them to get done. Finally, she turned around, sick of waiting, and rested her arms on the counter, watching as Shiro flicked by the channels as well.

"Hey Shiro, what kind of cookies do you want?"


Shiro slowly turned her head, even as she flicked through the channels. However, because of the hair in front of her face, her expression could not be seen. It didn't help that she had remained silent in response to Tristeza's question, choosing to look at her for a moment before turning back to the TV screen. She was most likely disinterested in the choice of cookies that would be made, having her attention focused to the TV.

"... sugar cookies it is." Sarcasm lightly dapped in her tone. It was so... odd. Was that kid adopted? Or was she just abducted by aliens and transported back before she was born? Now that she thought of it... all their kids were royally screwed up.

Mitsune was the violent and overly-obnoxious-smart-mouthed child. Shiro was the creepy child with a feel of one of those ghost-kids from horror movies. And Adalina was the balance to the solution by being an overly sweet and trully innocent girl.

A sigh escaped her lips...

Maybe Bailarin would want another child...? But how would they get around to doing that... Tristeza's thought process began rolling.

As Melina looked on, she put on a rather poutish (and pleading) face. Her eyes widened in a comical manner, pupils dilating and wavering. Tears formed at the corners of her eyes. Overall, she held one of those looks a sad puppy would give its master for something to eat. "....I wanted a cookie, too...." She murmured in a sad manner, sniffling a little.

Tristy's mind quickly broke free from it's thought processes, but she was sure to be back with them later. Quirking her lips, she sighed momentarily as if she had broken into the face.

Which she had...

Darn Bailarin for ever using that face. And darn her twice fold for ever doing it again! The face was spreading for Aizen's sake!

"...Fiiiiiiine." "How can I ever resist a face like that?" Acting as if she was talking with a child, "What kind do you want, Melly?"

"-gasp- chocolatechip!!"

Melina immediately blurted out the answer. That was immediately by a surprised gasp (again), followed by both of her hands slapping to her mouth in an attempt to shut herself up. Tereya cautiously opened up one eyebrow to stare at the girl with what looked relevant to saying the non-abbreviated version of "WTF".

Tristeza nearly snickered. But she didn't. That's what the word 'nearly' means after all.

"Alright then, chocolate-chip it is Melly. Just for you." She began adding some more cookies to another sheet, man, this was alot of cookies. Atleast no one would complain she made too few.

"So. Melina, what you think of Hiroshima, the human world?" "It to your liking?" Tristeza needed small talk. She was going to go mad if she got another silent reply from the creeper-child.

"Uh...well...." Melina scratched the back of her head in thought, a slightly thoughtful look coming across her face. "It's not too bad.... there's a lot more people here than in Hueco Mundo, so it's a little noisy... there's a lot of these odd structures that stick up out of the ground in which the humans go in and out of...." She looked down at the ground, twiddling her fingers a bit. "Then there's these brown things that stick up out of the ground that they sprinkle water and some dust stuff on, but nothing happens. And...what else....there's also these small rat-like things that come in front of people and start eating stuff off of the ground whenever humans toss it to them..."

Small talk was not one thing Melina was known for. If anyone wanted to speak with her, they would get a full-out discussion.

"Those tall structers are called office buildings. Annoying places believe me, I think the devil made those darn complexes. More like prisons." Tristeza was happy for any type of chat. "Dogs, those are dogs." She wasn't sure what 'rat things' were, but that was her guess.

"I think..." "And also, yeah... too many people live in this darned world. Not nearly as many as the Soul Society or Hueco Mundo."

"No, no, no.... these things were flying in the air, and--"


Her words were momentarily stopped when she heard the sound of cellos playing on the TV. Her eyes drifted to what was seen as the background of the Music Rock Channel. What happened to be playing was the song Sacra by Apocalyptica. Shiro had dropped the remote immediately, entranced by the powerful classic music that was tuning into her ears.

Gifts for Gremlins[]

Nori eyed all of the shops they passed suspiciously. He already knew what he wanted to get his daughter, but since it was out-of-season, he wasn't sure if any stores would be holding the item. For a few moments, he scanned the names of stores...

Before finally turning to Bailarin to ask of her advice.

"Hey, babe, do you know any costume shops?"

Bailarin raised her eyes at the 'babe' bit of the sentence, but answered anyhows, walking slowly down the street with Nori. "That'd be the 'Capes and Masks' store, they have lots there, bought Adalina a witch costume there for this upcoming Haloween." "Probably there would be the best place, either that or 'Masquerade', that place is a preety awesome place as well, more adult stuff though." What her definition of adult meant... was entirely up to debate.

"What you plan to buy her?"

"A costume, obviously. And I want to get Tereya a leather jacket. Hey, if I hop on your back, will you carry me there?"

"Well, WHAT KIND of costume silly!" She snickered playfully, "Only a few blocks, no more then five, kay?" She'd do so because she was kind. And because Nori had already been through a lot today. "Adalina's getting a witch outfit, or maybe a kunoichi."

"What about Mitsun-..." her mind silenced her words, knowing that her daughter was broken hearted over the recent events. All thanks to that Batalla brat most likely.

Nori looked incrediously at the moment. She had actually agreed to let him be carried on her back...? And she didn't care what others would think? He had only asked half-jokingly, but he wasn't about to let this oppurtunity go. He climbed on, wraped his arms lightly around her shoulders, and layed his head against the back of her own. "Mitsune's present is that she gets to sleep at her friend Batalla's house..."

"I really hate how things went between our children." Quirking her lips, Adalina either slept with Shiro most nights, or hunkered down in her room. On a rare instance, she had slept inbetween Tristy and she.

"But, can't stop it, can we?" She started the trek, making her way to the costume stores, carrying Nori all the way and offering his body support along with.

"I guess not..." Nori sighed. He hugged Bailarin a little tighter. "I think things'll work out on their own, though... They can't stay like this forever." He mumbled.