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"Calm, fast, and devastating. There aren't many techniques like this one around anymore. Right when ya' think you caught 'em, he's gone. Then when you see 'em again, he's in ya face with the edge of his blade cuttin' ya' down. Maybe ya' methods ain't a bit punk."
Ōetsu when explaining the technique to Ninigi.

Amaterasu Kata — Renge Senkō
Lotus Flash Half
Kanji 天照型 — 蓮華閃光
English Amaterasu Style — Lotus Flash
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Users Hitorigami

Amaterasu Kata — Renge Senkō (天照型 — 蓮華閃光, Lit meaning; "Form of the Heavenly Illumination — Lotus Flash") an extremely advanced Zanjutsu technique invented by Zanjutsu Grandmasters Ishihara Yamakage and Ōetsu Nimaiya. A sub-technique of the Amaterasu Kata, one of the Four Great Forms, Amaterasu Kata — is Ishihara's first ever advanced Zanjutsu techniques.


Lotus Flash

The technique at full use.

The Renge Senkō is a technique that combines both the Kamegawa Kata and Ryūkiba Kata, which means it consists of both evading and attacking. The technique is focused on muscle control and becomes the general basis to complete this technique. Techniques such as this are reasons as to why Ishihara focuses on conditioning, meditation, and body control at his school. In order to initiate the user must completely relax their body. This means loosening their muscles so that could reach the required level of relaxation. At the moment of their opponent's strike the user uses all of their muscle strength to rotate their body while simultaneously dodging the opponent's attack and entering their domain of personal space. To a novice it would appear that the user used some sort of teleportation. To a battle veteran it would appear as a simple Shunpo. To someone that comprehends the techniques mechanics know it is nothing more than extremely supernatural movement. Nothing but the sheer speed of the user is applied to get into the opponent's domain is that split second. Even those that possess great spiritual awareness find it extremely difficult to block or evade this attack just because they can sense the opponent's spirit energy. The strike following the evasion can come from anywhere, according to the master. A novice however might only result to a side slash.

Ōetsu comments that if one were to even mess up even slightly while preforming this technique, they could tear their muscles ripping them to shreds. He goes on to recommend that Ishihara only teach the technique to those ranked master and above.

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  • Ishihara tends to refer to this technique as The Tango.
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