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Amargo Caramelo
Name Amargo Caramelo
Kanji 甘い苦い
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Professional Status
Affiliation Bailarin Mareado (Wielder)

Hell (Birthplace)

Occupation Hell-Blade Soul
Team Mareado Family
Partner Bailarin Mareado (Master)
Shikai -
Bankai -
Amargo Caramelo (lit, Spanish for Bitter Sweet) is the Hell-Blade of Bailarin Mareado.


Sinaa s Dagger by Aikurisu

Amargo Caramelo - Sealed Form

  • Sealed Form: The appearance of Amargo Caramelo is a small guarded dagger. The hilt of the dagger is a ornate and smooth, with a faded red color to it. The base of the hilt has a small hand-guard, adding protection for close combat situations, to which Amargo Caramelo and Bailarin both take delight in. At the bottom of the hilt, is a small red diomand, focused on a pointed tip, making even the bottom of the weapon deadly. The rest of the hand-guard has several more turqiose jewels, and an indigo one. The blade itself appears dulled and curved, but truthfully, it's cutting potential is high.
    Dual Bladed Mithrodin by SiberianRaccoon

    Amargo Caramelo - Released Form

  • Released Form:The Release Command for Amargo Caramelo is: "Brutal Conflict." After emerging to it's released form, Amargo Caramelo takes the form of a double bladed sword. A small hilt is formed in between the the two scimitar like blades. At the base of both blades extend small jutting spikes and wrapping incasing some section of it.
  • Human Form: Amargo Caramelo's 'Human' Form has long white hair, straggling down her neck and to the front of her chest, and reaching the middle of her back. Black Tattoos etch her facial features, going from her fore-head through both of her eyes, and some beside them on her cheeks. Another Tattoo adorns under her lips. Her skin is a pale white. Her eyes are inverted, the iris, a cold shivering white, with the area of the eye, outside the iris being a dark empty black. A black-brown choker wraps around her neck. Her clothing is that of a red robe, reaching down to her knees. Amargo's personality is cold and ruthless, something that she hopes to bend Bailarin towards, in hopes to make her more heartless. Her attempts are to convert Bailarin to her 'true' self.