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General Information

This article, Amand Hitsudo, was added by Davidchola2 who determines its usage on this wiki.

Amand is a Bount that lives in the Human World.


He is a blonde, tall, muscular man. He uses fingerless red gloves, a sleeveless coat, a gray top, a red dashing sash, gray pants and black snickers.


He doesn't talk much but is very cocky and mocking. He seems to only talk to his students without swearing. He loves yogurt and icecream and hates pork.

Powers and Abilities[]

Master Hand-to-hand Combatant: Being a black belt on Aikidō, he has fantastic abilities to fight without weapons.

  • Jōjutsu Master: He uses a as a last resort. He can manage it pretty well, but he is stronger without weapons (according to his affirmation).



Pee-Pee's Different Forms

Pee-Pee (ピピ, Pi-Pi): It's a water-type Doll. It is a living water drop. It can change its shape freely. It has the ability to drown opponents just by simply jumping to their heads and surround their nose and mouth. It also can pee water to the enemies. It is a very childish Doll, having a personality much like Yachiru. It ususally is sitting on top of his head. Amand can summon it from any body of water (sea, ocean, lake, pit, sink, etc.)

Doll's Special Ability:

  • Ertrinken (German for "Drowning"): Pee-Pee clims the enemy and covers his nose and mouth, making him sofucate.

  • Urin (German for "Pee"): Pee-Pee pees on the enemy. The pee can change its properties (pressure, pH, color, smell, taste).

  • Shape Shanging: Being a body of water, Pee-Pee can change its shape and mass.