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General Information

This article, Allbann Ladislao, was added by Davidchola2 who determines its usage on this wiki.

Allbann is the Privaron Espada #106 and the former sexta (6th) Espada.


Allbann uses black clothes based on genie clothes: a sirwal, a small waistcoat and white curved boots with black socks. His Hollow remain is the white detail on the top of his pants. His Hollow hole is located on his abdomen. He has a living flame on his head called HiHi (火火, Fire Fire).


He is a very arrogant person and loves to fight. He hates weak people that can't fight with him with their full power. He is also very childish and excited when he has the opportunity to fight. HiHi is a very cute flame that is very fond of Allbann and he is also fond of HiHi. Allbann seems to talk with HiHi as if it was a person (Ex: "Let's go, HiHi! He seems strong!").


Whip: Allbann uses a whip instead of a sword.

Powers and Abilities[]

Swordsmanship Master: Allbann is not exactly a swordsmanship master due to his use of a whip, but he manages his whip perfectly.

Cero & Bala: His Cero has a special feature: it's made of fire. It is devastating and due to its properties instead of destroying instantly it burns slowly but spreads throughout its range. His Bala is also a fireball that is charged in his index and middle fingers or on his fist.

Immense Spiritual Power: He holds a huge amount of Spiritual Power.

Hand-to-hand Combatant: He also attacks weapon-free even though it is not used as a main melee attack.

  • Tag-team attacks: Allbann uses HiHi as a fighting partner. He commands HiHi to use fire to attack.

Second Being[]

Quemadura (Spanish for "Scald", Japanese for "The Burning One"): Just like Coyote Starrk, Allbann has another being that is part of him, but he didn't divide his soul, he joined forces with what killed him: fire. When he turned an Arrancar, he created a living symbol of his death by remembering his death: HiHi.

  • Resurrección: Its release command is "Fire, be my weapon. Nature, be my victim. I'll burn whom interferes. (火、私武器となる.性質,私被害者なる.私が妨害誰焼くよ, Hi, watashi buki to naru. Seishitsu, watashi higai-shanaru. Watashi ga bōgai dare yaku yo.): In this state, his hair fuses with HiHi, turning into a dark blue spiky hair (looking like flames). His pants gain three bone reinforcements coming out of his hollow remain, one in the center front, one in the center left/right (depending of the leg) and one on the center back.

Resurrección's Special Ability:

  • Ardiente: This technique starts by Allbann rotating his whip over his head. Then he pulls it and slams the tip on the ground. In a 20 meters range the ground starts burning.
  • Fire Augmentation: In this state, he releases much more fire than before, even leaving fiery footprints.


  • Allbann's aspect of death is Fire (Burned).