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Akumira Valltrono
Race Arrancar
Birthday May 3
Gender Male
Height 179 cm
Weight 64 kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Kaguro's Arrancar Army
Occupation Kaguro's Special Fracción
Team Special Fracción
Previous Team 11 11th Division
Partner Doi


Base of Operations Jardines del Infierno
Personal Status
Resurrección Not revealed...

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Akumira Valttorno (アクミラ ヴァルトロヌ, Akumira Varutorono) is one of Kaguro's Arrancar and one of his Special Fracción.

He was once a Shinigami from the 11th Division, but ran away and joined Kaguro when he first stepped outside Hell.


He has blonde hair and dark blue eyes, with a scar going through his left eye. His Hollow hole is located on his belly button. He uses a small top that reveals his belly and part of his chest. He uses puffy pants and the standard Arrancar sandals with the black socks. His Hollow remains are unknown. He has a scar on his eye, unknown how he got it.


He is very cocky and arrogant. He seems to be friend of Alldric Chelute, probably due to their similar personality. He is proud of working directly under Kaguro and doesn't like people that talk to him as if they don't care.

He showed to be analytical during battle and knew how to create formations during big battles. It is, although, a trait that was never hoped to come from him, especially due to his attitude and approach to others.

Powers and Abilities[]

Master Swordsmanship Specialist: He uses a small wakizashi of about 45 cm. He uses the sheath of a katana, because when fighting a Shinigami his sword broke. He later fixed it, but turning out to be smaller. He is very fast with it, using it as a dagger, trying to stab the opponent. He is able to stab an opponent 5 times per second. He was able to keep up with a Captain like Masujiro Tagawa.

Hierro: Like most other Arrancar, his body is protected with his spiritual pressure. He was able to effortlessly block a Captain's attack with only the back of his wrist.

Cero: He fires his Cero from his mouth. It's a blue Cero with no special characteristics.

Sonído: Although his level of Sonído is unknown, he could keep up against a Captain.


It was a pink-handled katana, with silver square tsuba and white sheath.

  • Resurección: Not revealed...