Akuma-Zukku 悪魔布

Demon/devil Cloth

Kenshi's Zanpakutō

Its a Kidō and cutting(mainly cutting)

is always active

It looks like a normal Zanpakutō with a tightly bound cloth that is as sharp as diamond edged steel

Shikai Abilities

Zukku-Tsume 布爪

Cloth Claw/nail

Launches a claw shaped cloth that can cut or grab what ever I want from any distance and I can still use my Zanpakutō normally

Akuma-Rinten 悪魔回転

Demon/devil Rotation

Spins the cloth bound to Akuma-Zukku at the speed of sound and the cloth can absorb any energy, wind, water, fire, lightning or gas based attack and it expands depending on the power and then fire the same type of attack back at to source


Zukku-Koutetsu 悪魔布甲冑

Cloth Armor

My body is wrapped in tightly bound cloth with 2 large stripes of cloth going over my shoulders with magic looking writing on them.

Bankai Abilities

Akuma-Zukku now has a mind of its own so it will protect me with indestructible cloth shield even if I don't know of the attack and can retaliate with out my command (Yes like Garra's sand) by launching a spike shaped cloth or thousands of nearly invisible threads that can completely destroy weaker beings.

Akuma-Zukku can also absorb any energy, wind, water, fire lightning or gas based attack and amplifies my powers

Akuma-Zukku can turn into and shape I wish.

Akuma-Keiji 悪魔黙示録

Demon Apocalypse

The cloth leaves my body and forms a large evil demon, that is out of my control as it lashes out on whatever it can.