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Akio Sakuhara (作原秋男, Sakuhara Akio) is a Pstryker known for his defection during the Rise War which drastically turned its tide. 


Akio is a tall, muscular young man who has spiky orange hair, red-orange eyes and a usually calm disposition. However, when provoked, Akio's berserker personality is unleashed, and his Pstryker powers skyrocket. 




Powers and Abilites

Akio is a master Megamorph

Akio dual nature

The Duality of Akio; his kind side and his berserker side

Sakuhara group 2

The faces of the Sakuhara Group

Sakuhara group

The Sakuhara Group during the Rise War

Akio's during the ar

Akio's softer personality emerges during the Rise War

Akio war 3

Akio impressing his team during the Rise War

Akio blast

Akio unleashing Multiple Reiatsu Bombs during the Rise War

Akio axefist

Akio Pstryking to forge an axe on his forearm during the War

Akio during war

Akio battling fellow body-Pstrykers during the war

Akio personality

Akio's berserker personality during the War

Young Akio

A younger Akio before the War

Akio shinkei

Akio upon transforming

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