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If we truly succeed today, I'll shine light upon ubiquitous darkness.

—, Akio Hikaru

Akio Hikaru
Akio Hikaru1
Race Human (Quincy)
Birthdate January 8
Age 21
Gender Male
Blood Type AB
Professional Information
Affiliation Thus Society
Team Agent "Pure Noble"
Epithet Bright Expand
Personal Information
Quincy Abilities
Spirit Weapon Mizudori Kotodama (Pistol)
English Voice Ben Sawin
Japanese Voice Kaito Takeshi

Akio Hikaru (昭夫ヒカル, Hikaru Akio) is a Quincy Agent "Pure Noble" within the Thus Society.


Akio is a very tall pale muscular young man of average height with grey eyes and has short messy black colored hair. Unlike the most standard Quincy uniforms, white, form-fitting and high-collared tunics he wears a Quincy agent black suit and tie or a grey coat over his suit.

Akio's weapon (like most Quincy Agents) is a Spirit Weapon Pistol as he calls "Mizudori Kotodama, 水色言霊" meaning light blue soul.


Durning missions, Akio takes his work on eliminating what his objective is very seriously, works with all his intelligence to get the job done. However his pride also leads him to take actions too far, leading to arrogance  and sometimes being short tempered. He has great adherence to determinism, or the belief that actions are predestined to take place. This view feeds his disdain for humanity because he believes that even if humanity wanted to change, they were poisoned with a destiny that they could never possibly overcome. Feeling above this poisoned destiny, Akio feels no shame in putting lives in danger or threatening to destroy an entire city because humanity is doomed either way.

As a member of the Agent "Pure Noble" of the Thus Society, Akio is shown to have compassion for his fellow members even insulting them when they are hurt. He has and keeps his loyalty towards the Thus Society and the Quincys.


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