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Akashi Mikazuki
Akashi pro
Name Akashi Mikazuki
Kanji 三日月 明石
Romaji Mikazuki Akashi
Race Human (Psysis)
Birthday October 20
Age 28
Gender Male
Height 6'1"
Weight 176 lbs
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Black Dawn
Xcution (loosely)
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Leader of Black Dawn
Previous Occupation College Student
Team Black Dawn
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Atticus Walker
Previous Partner Unknown
Base of Operations Osaka City
Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives Unnamed Parents
Education Osaka University
Status Active
Main Skill Soul Fragment Power
"Darkness creeps along, a cold glare with a kind smile, now the world will bow." - Seireitou-shishō

Akashi Mikazuki (三日月 明石, Mikazuki Akashi) is a male Human that had gained Psysis status after acquiring special powers. While having once attended Osaka University, he is known to have never finished out his doctoral program despite his gifted degree of intelligence in the hard sciences, such as Physics; coincidentally coinciding with the acquirement of his supernatural abilities almost nine years ago. Akashi is the founder and leader of Black Dawn, preferring to be addressed by them as "Teacher" (先生, Sensei) rather than commander; an organization dedicated to the reunification of the material and spiritual worlds, while also remaining loosely affiliated with Atticus Walker and the Xcution.


Akashi full

Akashi's casual appearance.





Powers & Abilities

Akashi spiritual power

Akashi's spiritual power.

High Spiritual Power: Despite his existence as a mere human, Akashi had been born with a remarkable spiritual perception, suggesting that he had always possessed an abnormally high level of spiritual power in comparison to the average human being. While he never consciously made an effort to control his strange power when he was younger, often disregarding the strange sights he would see, it was after he came into the unintentional possession of a soul fragment from the defeated Quincy King, Yhwach, that his attitude had drastically changed. However, it wasn't only his opinion of his strength, but also his very power which had tremendously skyrocketed to a level where he could be considered on par with a Gotei 13 lieutenant. Of course, as expected of great power, Akashi had to work exceedingly hard to master it, even to the point that he stopped attending classes altogether in order to focus on his unique capabilities. He continued to demonstrate his incredible power by his repeated experiments on Shinigami and Hollows alike that he crossed paths with, learning how to better refine his skills, while subsequently conditioning his spiritual pressure to become a force to be reckoned with. In relation to his soul fragment ability, Akashi's spiritual power took on a significant lightning elemental attribute, manifesting as a ferocious electrical discharge that surrounds his person whenever manifested. By learning how to release it outwards, Akashi could even momentarily paralyze individuals that came within a close enough radius of his person. His spiritual power is great enough that he can continue to fight with his lightning ability against multiple Gotei officers, even when a handful of them were capable of performing either Shikai or basic Kidō spells, for an extended period of time without becoming visibly exhausted. However, despite how intense his reiatsu can be, the feeling that it gives off is notably cold and lonesome. It has the effect of sending a chill down a person's spine and even go as far as to frighten weaker individuals into submission once they look into Akashi's eyes.

Akashi dodging

Akashi effortlessly dodging a sword slash.

Soul Fragment Power

Born in Akashi near the beginning of the Sainen Period, his special power indirectly granted to him following the demise of Yhwach is the absolute materialization and manipulation of lightning. The very nature of lightning and electricity around Akashi follows him as though he were its sovereign, regardless of its original orientation, which makes it possible for him to perform variety of feats that he has himself mastered over the course of nine long years of training.

What makes Akashi's lightning so unusual yet dangerous is that it possesses an innate characteristic of connections. His lightning operates by connecting souls together, usually between his own and his victims. When he first came to discover his power, it was through the unintentional murder of a Shinigami that was trying to kill him after sensing faint traces of Quincy power within him. Once his lightning started to strike the Shinigami, at least by how Akashi managed to reason, their hearts had momentarily connected and this allowed Akashi to see through the Shinigami's mind; his life, thoughts, history, and experiences were all readable by Akashi in that moment. His eyes were widened in shock at the horrors that only a Shinigami who has lived many through many human lifetimes would ever see. The evils of humanity, the horrendous actions taken by all sorts of people, and the monstrous behavior of the ones known as Hollows, were all suddenly viewed by the fragile mind of this young adult. It began to twist his psyche as he learned to better control his power, and through repeated cases of trial and error, Akashi came to better understand the nature behind his powers. He could choose when his lightning would allow his heart to resonate and when it would not. His control had also improved drastically, performing miraculous feats such as absolute brainwashing with ease.

Akashi Soul Lightning

Akashi initiating Raibu.

Raibu (雷体, "Thunder Dance"): The most basic expression of his power, Akashi generates forth lightning around his person as well as his immediate vicinity and then directs them as powerful bursts of surging electricity that can cause grievous injury. Being a man so fond of the arts, he considers this method of using his powers to be very beautiful and fitting of the man who will bring about change, hence why he gave it such a name. In the beginning, he needed to direct the flow of lightning with his body movements, which is the reason why he had to meticulously enhance the degree of his martial arts training, but eventually came to use the ability with such ease that he merely needs to will the lightning to move and strike for it to actually do so. This allows him to deal with opponents that are physically too fast for him to actually keep up with in melee combat.

Akashi Soul Lightning 2

Akashi unleashing an attack.

  • Raibu — Tori (雷体・受け, "Thunder Dance: Attack"): Named for the individual in martial arts training that executes an attack during a sparring session, Akashi merely channels the lightning to violently strike at those obstacles before him in a magnificent display of electrical carnage.
Akashi defense

Akashi defending with lightning.

  • Raibu — Uke (雷体・受け, "Thunder Dance: Block"): Focusing the lightning, Akashi can parry his opponents by utilizing the force of electricity itself as a concussive element to neutralize an attack.
Akashi healing

Akashi stimulating his cells to further healing.

Unnamed Healing

Akashi Shindo Chushin

Akashi preparing to use Shunrai Hashin.

Shunrai Hashin (瞬雷破心, "Instantaneous Lightning Destruction Heart"): By honing his electrical power on a conceptual level and focusing it through the spiritual medium, Akashi is able to direct his lightning power through the soul of any victim he lays a hand upon. In doing so, a burst of discharge is sent coursing through their bodies but leaves no physical injury. Instead, the shockwave aims for the being's spiritual core; that which allows them to perform such feats as Kidō. By striking the spiritual center of a victim, he can cause an intensive paralyzing effect that can almost completely in most cases seal away the being's spiritual energy by frying the spirit core. Little by little, the being will begin to go through the process of experiencing the loss of spiritual power due to the fact that they simply are unable to tap into their core. This renders such feats as Kidō and other feats on the spiritual level for those victims nearly impossible. However, for beings with enough spiritual power and control, they can prevent total shut down from being paralyzed at their core, enough so that the effects of Akashi's technique are only temporary at best. He uses this ability to have his followers believe he is capable of rejecting a person's powers as he pleases, making him appear to be a god in human form, and he has proven his skill with the technique by even stripping away the powers of low-ranking Shinigami officers on a whim.


  • "No matter what the circumstances, humans are always an interference... even at the very end."
  • (Toward the Shinigami) "As the ones who attempt to impose the greatest order, it is only fitting that you are dealt a proportional chaos."

Behind the Scenes

While not confirmed, the author has stated that this character will become a significant antagonist in the site's Fanon Canon project. Akashi is loosely based upon Negan, an incredibly dangerous individual who is portrayed as a villain from the comic book series, The Walking Dead.

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