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Akurai Tomoshibi is the 3rd seat of the 2nd Division. He is the Detention Unit Leader of the Omnitsukido


Akurai is bold, stubborn, and cold. He is overly confident of his skills and doesn't like to fight weak opponents. He is a loner who feels his role is more played doing nothing.


He wears a dark purple shirt without sleeves and a hood. He has a white undershirt and a long pair of pants. The legs are baggy and he wears white socks with sandals.


Swordsmanship Specialist- As a member of the Omnitsukido, he is skilled at Sword combat. He is not as skilled as others in this department but he is somewhat good.

Kido- He has slight knowledge of Kido, but seems to only be able to use low level Kido.

Flash Steps- As a member of the Omnitsukido, he is a mastera t using Flash Steps. He was taught by Yourochi before her exile.

Hand to Hand Combat- He is skilled in this department, being taught by Yourochi before her exile. He is especially skilled at a boxing style.


His zanpakuto is called Taiyou Hanshakyou (literally Solar Reflector). The handle has a light yellow grip and a circular shaped guard with a design in the middle. The release phrase is "Kussetsu!" (literally Refract!).

Shikai- In Shikai, Taiyou Hanshakyou becomes a regular sword with a yellow glowing blade. The blade gives off an energy wave made of light. The handle also looses the guard.

Shikai Abilities- In Shikai, Taiyou can use the light from the handle to lengthen the reach of the blade. This also does more physical damage. The wielder also gets a sudden burst in Reaitsu.


  • His name and zanpakuto are opposite of his personality
  • He serves as Kisuke Uruhara's replacemnt.
  • He formerly was the 6th Seat, and was trained by Yourochi and Soifon.