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Name Akane
General Information
Race Soul
Gender Female
Professional Information
Affiliation Imawashī
Team Imawashī
Base of Operations Reikai
Personal Information
Status Active
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Not yet revealed

Akane (茜, deep red), formerly a trainee with the Ryū Order, is a member of the resurgent Imawashī. She is part of the division responsible for the destruction of the Six Directions, and thus takes orders from Dastan Shiba.


Akane is a green-haired young woman with red eyes, who is the same age as Kentaro. The latter gulped upon seeing her again, as he remembered her looks, her body, and the time they spent together. She typically wears a pair of black trousers that she tucks into her black leather boots, with a green hoodie.[1]


Although little of her personality was touched upon by Kentaro the genuine surprise he showed upon seeing her with the Imawashī made it clearly apparent she wasn't one to normally associate with such groups.[1]


Akane was once a junior member of the Ryū Order. She trained at the Yuengiri Academy in Horiwari, and was part of the same class as Kentaro Hiroshi. In the words of Kentaro "they had a thing", prior to Kentaro dropping all to travel around the Human World, leaving her behind in the process.[1] She subsequently left Horiwari sometime afterwards without a backwards glance, later showing up as a member of the reformed Imawashī.[2]


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Part IV

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Testing the Waters arc

Braving the Waves arc

Powers and abilities

High Spiritual Energy: Akane was one of three individuals pointed out by Kensei and Shūhei to be on-par with typical Lieutenant-class Shinigami.[1]

Kidō: Akane fired an unknown Hadō spell that was ultimately blocked by Kentaro's defensive usage of Niten.[2]


Akane's Zanpakutō has yet to be seen.

Behind the scenes

References and notes

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