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Eternal Blossom Spirit
For Crow
Name Eternal Blossom Spirit
Kanji 永遠の花スピリット
Romaji Arana Angami
Race Shinigami
Birthday North America, Oklahoma
Age 27 (Shinigami)
Gender Female
Height 6' 0"
Weight 114lbs
Blood Type B+
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society

Gotei 13

Previous Affiliation Cheyenne Tribe (In Life)
Occupation Fourth Division
Previous Occupation Cheyenne Tribeswoman (in life)
Team 4th Division Medical Squad
Previous Team Unknown
Partner Unknown
Previous Partner Deceased Older Sister
Base of Operations Soul Society

Human World

Personal Status
Marital Status Single
Relatives All Deceased
Education Shiro Academy
Status Alive, Active
Shikai Imala (lit, Cheyenne for Disciple)
Bankai Misae (lit, Cheyenne for White Sun)

Aiyana Angeni (Lit, Cheyenne for Eternal Blossom Spirit, 永遠の花スピリット) is a Shinigami that had been apart of the Native American tribes in North America while in her life. Now; in death, she wishes to become a strong part of the Gotei 13. Strong in will, and devout in heart, Aiyana is a true, if not somewhat odd and unorthodox Shinigami.






Ominotago (lit, Cheyenne for Beautiful Voice, 美しいボイス) is the plant-type Zanpakuto of Aiyana Angeni. Being quite a large and overly-heavy blade, Ominotago has a bulky frame, a curving copper colored hilt with a sapphire near the bottom. The blade itself is massive, and has two curves in it's form, once near the bottom, and once up higher of the middle section. Emblazoned with tribal symbols, Aiyana is considerably proud of her Zanpakuto and it's capabilities.

Shikai: By saying the word; "Learn Quickly", Aiyana can activate her Shikai, and unleash the potential within. When this is done she may have access to many abilities. When this is done; it's special abilities compromise that it may create plants and spores of various kinds, mostly focusing on the defensive or supplementary.

  • Konzetsu Suru: (Lit, Japanease for Uproot, 根絶する) By concentrating her energies into the ground around her, Aiyana will cause mushrooms to form around her feet. These mushrooms will stay alive until she leaves the immediate area around them, but new mushrooms will keep growing where she stands/walks while the ability is activated. These mushrooms will continue to grow and grow while Aiyana stands still; and once grown to a large enough build; will explode into a cloud of spores. These spores outpour into the area around her, healing her wounds, and giving her additional awareness, while taking away from the foe's sense, and enhancing into them a sense of delerium.
  • Rakuyō: (Lit, Japanease for Fallen Leaves, 落葉) When Aiyana chooses, she may create a burst of energy from her body, sending out a wave of pressure into the skies above. Once done; the energy will take shape into autumn leaves of various bright summer colors, yellow, orange, brown, purple, and red. These leaves once hitting the ground or a person's body, it will explode into the various colors, and create an air of calming and drowsiness. This drowsiness can lead to sleep; and enough leaves are sure enough to cause the area to be coated in the sleepy supplement.